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How to use a free product description generator for eCommerce

Online shoppers can’t touch and inspect an item before purchasing it. That’s why having clear and detailed product descriptions is so important in eCommerce. 

A recent Google survey showed that 85% of online shoppers find product descriptions and pictures very important when choosing where to buy from.  

Poor product descriptions can also lead to returns. A 2020 SaleCycle survey showed that 64% of customers returned an item they purchased because the product they received did not match the product description on the website. 

On the flip side, a good product description can help you: 

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Improve search engine optimization (SEO) and organic traffic 
  • Increase conversion rates   
  • Limit returns 

So how do you write a ton of engaging and unique product descriptions for your online store without repeating yourself? Use a product description generator tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to brainstorm and create new, exciting product content. 

Here’s how our product description generator creates AI content:

Step 1: Define your company and product

Log in to and locate the Product Descriptions AI tool. It’s ‌on the left side of the application interface under the “Tools” section. Click to open it.

The product description interface will appear. Use the corresponding fields to enter the product name you want to write a description for and describe the product in as much detail as possible. 

Choose a tone of voice that best describes your brand identity and makes the most sense for the target audience that you are addressing. offers an excellent variety to choose from (luxury, professional, friendly, relaxed, bold, etc.). 

Once you’ve chosen your tone of voice, click the “Create Copy” button located underneath (see above) to fire up the product description generator. 

Step 2: Check out the generated product descriptions

The product description generator creates a list of ideas for you to check out.

Turn the product description generator on again to create even more suggestions by scrolling to the bottom of the generated list of ideas and clicking on “Make More.”

To copy the full list of generated product description ideas, click the “Copy All Results” button ‌below the “Make More” button (see above). This copies all the generated product descriptions to your clipboard. 

Step 3: Save the production descriptions you like best

Scan the list of product descriptions to see if you like any of the generated options. When you come upon one you like, click the “Save” button underneath it to send it to the “Saved” section for safekeeping. 

Any time you want to see all of the product descriptions you have saved, all you need to do is click on the “Saved” tab. It’s ‌next to the “Create Copy” tab on the top-right corner of the interface. 

It’s just as easy to remove product description ideas from the Saved section. Just click the “Remove” button that’s below the idea (see above).

Step 4: Generate new descriptions based on your favorites

Use the “More Like This” button (found under each generated description) to create new ideas based on your favorite ones. 

The “More Like This” feature is slightly different from the “Make More” feature, which we already discussed. 

  • “Make More” adds new product descriptions to your originally generated list. 
  • “More Like This” creates new ideas based on one particular product description. 

Here’s how the “More Like This” feature works:

If you’re in the “Saved” tab, click back to the “Create Copy” tab and find a quality product description from the list that you really like. 

Click “More Like This” to create new product descriptions based on that one.

There’s a “More Like This” button under every new idea that’s generated, making it a really great tool for homing in on a specific style of writing recommended by the generator. 

Step 5: Optimize product descriptions using best practices

Our free tool is great for brainstorming new ideas when you lack inspiration. But after using the tool, you may still want to mold the copy suggestions into language that fits your brand voice. Follow these best practices to polish your product descriptions into copy that drives conversions.  

Establish purchase intent

Keep your product description writing relevant to your target customer by focusing on the problems your product or service is solving for them. Map out why your potential customers would want to buy your product and how owning it will make their lives better or easier. 

Turn your features into benefits to explain why your product is better than what your competition offers. This could be features like using recyclable and ethically-sourced materials, for example. 

Once you address purchase intent, consider the words and phrases you should be using when addressing them.  

Define your voice 

After determining the “who,” it’s time to figure out how you are going to speak to your target audience. What tone of voice makes sense for your brand and your target audience? 

The best tone of voice is the one that’s most persuasive for your target audience. If you’re selling skateboards, try a tone that’s fun, relaxed, and includes jargon and lingo that young people use and identify with. If you’re selling medical products, your tone could be austere and professional but also empathetic. 

As you've already seen, our product description generator has multiple tone-of-voice options ‌you can change with just one click.  

Structure descriptions to make them scannable  

Formulate your description in a way that allows customers to quickly and easily understand what they’re buying. 

Organize the information in a way that is easy to digest. Use short sentences, headings, and bullet points to make the product description scannable. 

With that said, an easy-to-read product description doesn’t have to be short. If you’re selling technical products like computers or microchips, for example, buyers are going to want to see a long list of specs. 

Optimize descriptions for search engines

SEO is as important for product descriptions as it is for marketing copy, blog posts, product pages, and landing pages. Whether you are using Shopify, Amazon, or any other eCommerce platform, there are plenty of SEO plugins that can make optimization for improving your rankings fast and painless. 

Use tools like Ahrefs’ keyword generator to identify popular primary and secondary keywords for your product description. Plug those keywords in whenever possible, but be sure to use them naturally and avoid keyword stuffing, a practice Google frowns upon.

Perform split tests to see what works best 

Like any other marketing content, product descriptions can be A/B or split tested. You create two variants of your product description and test them side by side to see which one people respond to better. 

In A/B testing, you’re showing visitors one of two versions and observing their actions to see which product descriptions convert better. Qualaroo offers an excellent resource for setting up A/B testing and figuring out which tools to use

Product descriptions are great for A/B because there’s so much you can try out—the format and structure, the length, tone of voice, keywords, and more. But for the best results, you should be testing one factor at a time. With every new test, you’ll gain more insights into what combination of characteristics leads to the best conversion rates.

A product description generator can help avoid repetition

One of the hardest things about writing compelling product descriptions is that they need to be unique. For eCommerce professionals who sell many similar types of products, avoiding repetitive descriptions is especially tough. 

An AI writing tool like our product description generator can help you break through writer’s block and stay creative, no matter how many similar product descriptions you need to write. 

To try out our premium AI product description generator and a slew of other powerful AI copywriting tools for free, create a account today

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