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This free sales copy generator will create high-converting sales copy according to the instructions provided by you, so that you can get a unique version of your content.


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How to use a sales copy generator to create sales copy that converts

Sales copy is everywhere. It's on billboards, emails and online ads and let's face it - it's the same old pitch: "Buy my product and you'll get all these benefits!" Most industry advice would tell you to sprinkle in personalization, but often times, the personalization is extremely basic (pointing out their role, when they started, etc.) and is incredibly easy to spot as "bot" written.

This approach isn't working anymore. Your prospects are being bombarded every day by messages just like these, they all sound the same, have basic personalization and end up in your prospects spam/trash folders.

Let's face it: writing sales copy is hard and a template that's been used 1000x over won't cut it. You can use our free sales copy generator to create compelling sales copy that stands out and converts. With one click, you can have a new piece a sales copy ready to go and each output will be 100% unique, every time.

Here's how our sales copy generator works:

Step 1: Describe your company and brand

Once you've launched the application, take a look at the Tools list on the left. Find "Sales Copy" and click to view eight different sales copy generators. Our most popular sales copy generator is the "Pain-Agitate-Solution" generator - click on that generator to begin.

You'll now see the Pain-Agitate-Solution interface, where you'll be inputting your brand name and a description of your product. Our generator will use this information to create sales copy following the Pain-Agitate-Solution format.

Try to be as specific as possible, we'll generate better outputs if you provide us with more information on your product/service.

Pro Tip: If you want prospects to book a demo, be sure to clearly state that in the "Describe your product" field.

Step 2: Select or add the tone you want your sales copy to use

After adding this information, pick a tone of voice (friendly, persuasive, etc.) that best corresponds with your brand and the action you want your prospects to take.

When you're ready to get started, click the "Create Copy" button.

Step 3: Review the generated sales copy ideas will generate around ten (or more) suggestions based on your inputs and tone. Make sure you provide with enough context, our sales copy generator will generate more sales copy ideas if you’re detailed!

Pro Tip: To quickly copy text that you like, select “Copy” at the bottom of the sales copy idea you like. You can always save your favorite ideas by clicking 'Save." Any text you save can be found under the “Saved” tab.

Let's say you find an idea that you like, but it's missing something. You can generate additional ideas based on the output you like by clicking 'More Like This" below the sales copy idea.

Step 4. Modify the sales copy ideas

Our sales copy generator will help you generate sales copy ideas that align with the tone you’ve selected. Now, we'll never claim to be perfect, so you may have to tweak or rephrase the results to nail your pitch. If you don’t like the results, we recommend that you change your selected tone, provide additional input and generate new options. If you need to adjust a sales copy idea, use the text box next to the sales copy generator.

Use these sales copy best practices when you’re modifying the copy:

  • Proofread: It’s unlikely’s copy will have any serious grammatical errors. However, please proofread the text to ensure it aligns with your style guide and is free of any off-brand punctuation or spelling.
  • Consider the flow: is not a human, so you may need to make some adjustments to your sales copy to make it sound like your brand. To test for readability, read your copy out loud to hear how it sounds.
  • Speak directly to your intended audience: Your copy should show how your brand or product can help your prospects. Focus on the needs, challenges, or interests of your target audience and how your brand/solution can help them. Write as if you are having a conversation with that reader.

Use a sales copy generator to generate compelling sales copy for your outbound sales efforts's sales copy generator helps you create engaging and unique sales copy for email, LinkedIn outreach and more. You can find our other free AI writing tools and templates here.

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