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This free Paragraph Rewriter tool will re-write your paragraphs according to the instructions provided by you, so that you can get a unique version of your content.


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How to Use a Paragraph Rewriter Tool to Write Unique Content

When you’re not sure how to write something and you want to reach your target audience,’s paragraph rewriter is here to help. 

With our artificial intelligence-powered tool, you can create engaging, plagiarism-free content that speaks directly to your audience with the click of a button

‍Ready to see in action? No need to scroll, you can jump right into the paragraph rewriter tool now! 

Step 1. Enter the paragraph you’d like to rewrite

You will be prompted to enter the paragraph you are rewriting. You can input up to 1,000 characters.

Here are two suggestions we recommend to get the best results:

  • Give us detailed information to get the most accurate results; our rewriter works best when you add details and context to your paragraphs.
  • To help our rewriter generate relevant paragraphs, speak to your audience’s pain points and interests.


When you enter characters fewer than 40, the box at the bottom of your page alerts you by saying, “Short input. Try to provide more details for better copy results.”

You can always keep an eye on your word count using the character counter at the bottom right of the text box. This is where you can see how many characters you’ve already inputted as you write.

Step 2. Select or add the tone you want to use

The paragraph rewriter allows you to input your own tone or choose from a list of predetermined ones like bold, witty, or empathetic. Once you choose the tone, hit “Create Copy.”

Step 3. Review the paragraph rewriter tool’s suggestion will generate around ten (or more) suggestions based on your inputs and tone. Make sure you provide with enough context, our paragraph rewriter will generate more content if you’re detailed! All of the copy generated is unique and uses proper sentence structure, ensuring your content is trustworthy. 

Tip: To copy text that you like, select “Copy” from the menu. If you find a paragraph you want to use in another document, click “Save.” Any text you save can be found under the “Saved” tab.

Choose “More Like This” if you see a rewritten paragraph that you like but want to see other similar alternatives.

When you select “More Like This,” the site will generate a list of additional paragraphs below your original inputted content. All your “More Like This” options are highlighted in green.

If there are any suggestions you don’t like, click “Remove” to delete them from your list.

Step 4. Modify the rewritten paragraph(s)


Our Paragraph Rewriter will help you generate new paragraphs that align with the tone you’ve selected. You may have to tweak or rephrase the results to match your brand, but you’ll have options to choose from. If you don’t like the results, change your selected tone and generate new options. If you need to adjust a paragraph, use the text box next to the Paragraph Rewriter Tool.

Use these paragraph writing best practices when you’re modifying the copy:

  • Proofread: It’s unlikely’s copy will have any serious grammatical errors. However, please proofread the text to ensure it aligns with your style guide and is free of any off-brand punctuation or spelling. For instance, some brands prefer “eCommerce” over “e-Commerce” and vice versa.
  • Consider the flow: is not a human, so you may need to make some adjustments to your paragraph structure to make it sound like your brand. To test for readability, read your copy out loud to hear how it sounds.
  • Speak directly to your intended audience: Your copy should show how your brand or product can help your reader. Focus on the needs, challenges, or interests of your target audience. Write as if you are having a conversation with that reader.
  • Vary your language: While you can always click “more like this,” you can also use an online thesaurus to find synonyms and avoid repeating phrases. This variation will help you engage your reader.

Use a paragraph rewriting tool to generate compelling content for your audience's Paragraph Rewriter Tool is a blog writer's best friend. It helps you create engaging and unique content for your blog, email newsletters, social media posts, and more. You can find other free AI writing tools and templates here.

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