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Use a product name generator to come up with a killer moniker 

Did you know that streaming giant Netflix was once called Kibble? Yes, like the dog food.

Why Kibble? According to Netflix co-founder and former CEO Marc Randolph, “you want to pick a pre-launch name (called your “beta name”) that is so bad, that when you get close to launch and you’re starting to get desperate, you won’t just give in and use the beta name.”

OK, but how do you come up with a good one? Randolph believes ‌great product names need to be:

  • Evocative of the service being provided
  • Easily pronounceable
  • Short and easily spelled
  • Not already taken

It’s no simple task to think up a product name that meets these criteria. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend using an AI-powered product name generator. 

Here’s how’s Product Name Generator works:

Step 1: Explain your product

The Name Generator tool is located under the “Brainstorming Tools” section of’s list of Tools. Click on it to open the interface. 

Use the “Describe your product” field to feed the generator with as much useful information about your product as possible. 

Explain what your product does, who the target audience is, how it’s different from competitor products, and any other information the AI can use to generate unique product name ideas.  

When you’ve finished, click the “Create Copy” button (shown above) to generate product name ideas. 

‍Step 2: Evaluate the generated product names

In just seconds, the name generator creates a list of ideas based on your input. 

Check out the product name suggestions to see if any of them sound like a good starting point. To create more names, scroll down to the end of the list of proposed product names and click on “Make More.”

Click the “Copy All Results” (shown above) if you want to copy all the generated product names. You can then paste them from your clipboard into another document or share them with coworkers. 

‍Step 3: Save the product names that have potential

Any time you see a generated product name that might be a good starting point, click the “Save” button ‌below it. This automatically sends the product name to your “Saved” tab so you don’t lose track of the names you like most. 

Click on the “Saved” tab whenever you want to see the full list of your favorite product name suggestions. 

If you’ve had a change of heart and want to get rid of a name that you saved previously, click the “Remove” button under the product name you want to nix. (See above.)

Step 4: Generate new product names from your favorites

We mentioned the “Make More” feature earlier, which adds more ideas to your original list of generated names. also has a “More Like This” button that allows you to generate new ideas based on a single product name you particularly like. 

To try it out, click back on the “Create Copy” tab (if you’re currently on the “Saved” tab). Find a suggested product name you like and click the “More Like This” button below it to create new suggestions based specifically on that one. 

The generator creates additional content that can help you create a slogan, motto, or any other supplementary content you may need once you’ve decided on a product name. 

Step 5: Consider these factors to decide on a name that works 

AI tools like our Product Name Generator can help you brainstorm and kick your creativity into gear, but you may not get a name suggestion that perfectly fits your product. 

‍Narrow down your favorite suggested product names before taking these key elements into consideration to craft the perfect product name. 

Your brand values 

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 44% of consumers choose products based on how well the company's values align with their own. 

With this stat in mind, try to create a product name that reflects what your brand cares about. To start, write down a list of ten words that best describe your product—the values that form your brand identity. 

Say you’re running a local water park, and the first ten words that come to mind are “fun, exciting, safe, family-oriented, community-centric, affordable, inclusive, welcoming, trustworthy, caring.” 

Which name exemplifies these values more, “Dave’s Wet ‘n’ Wild Family Park” or “Highland Water Sports Central?” The first one sounds like a family place that fits your values perfectly, while the second sounds like it’s geared toward more serious water sports enthusiasts.

Your target audience

Find a product name that resonates with your target audience. If you’re aiming at younger customers, brainstorm product names using youthful jargon. Lululemon is a good example of a brand name that attracts younger buyers. Its focus is on sounding fun and playful without worrying about having an actual meaning.

Take, for example, two makeup brands that target different age groups. Kinship is a “plant-based” makeup company that targets Gen Z. The name evokes feelings of inclusion and community. Covergirl‌, on the other hand, targets an older demographic of women, evoking feelings of glamor and high fashion with its company name. 

Customer feedback 

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential product names, it’s time to test them out. Put your favorite options in front of your customers and ask them for feedback through surveys. It’s not uncommon that customers associate names with ideas and concepts that are completely surprising and different from what the business owner expected. 

If you still don’t have customers, pool together a group of friends, family, and peers. Make sure that the group is as demographically diverse as possible. Send them a presentation that introduces your product and explains your mission and vision, and then ask them which product name they believe is the best option. 

Power your creativity with’s product name generator 

Don’t worry if you don’t find a product name that’s perfect immediately. Stay with it and keep experimenting. 

If you get stuck, let technology help you out. An AI-powered product generator is easy to use and can make brainstorming your product name fun again if you’ve hit a creative wall.


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