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How to use a free slogan generator to nail your company motto

The right slogan can work magic for a company, even taking a seemingly negative brand characteristic and making it work to the business’s advantage.

Belgium’s Stella Artois—whose beer had been synonymous with a higher price point since the early 1300s—introduced the slogan “Reassuringly Expensive” to the UK market in 1982, reframing the beer’s high price point to stand for premium quality and class.

Today, Stella is the best-selling beer brand in the UK, beating out more moderately priced Budweiser by over £100 million in 2021 sales.

So how do you write a company slogan that truly resonates with your audience and drives sales?

Start with an AI-powered slogan maker like’s Motto Generator tool. Use it to brainstorm various ideas and angles until you find a timeless, catchy slogan that captures your business’s identity and mission.

Here’s how our Motto Generator works:

Step 1: Define your company and product

Once you’ve entered the application, you can find the Motto Generator under “Startup Tools” in the Tools list on the left. Click to open it.


You’ll now see the Motto Generator interface, which is where you’ll supply the tool with the information it needs to start creating slogans. Enter the name of the company or product you want to create a slogan for and a description of your product in the corresponding fields.

Include as much information about your product or promotion as you can to help the free tool create a slogan that fits your brand.


Now, pick a tone of voice (professional, luxury, persuasive, relaxed, witty, etc.) that best describes your brand identity.


Ready to get started? Click the “Create Copy” button and wait a few seconds for the Motto Generator to work its magic.

Step 2: Check out the generated slogans

The Motto Generator has now created a long list of slogan ideas for you to have a look at.


Check out the suggestions the tool has created for you. If you want it to create even more suggestions, scroll down to the bottom of the list of created ideas and click the “Make More” button.

2022-01-28 11_53_51-2022-01-27 Untitled.png

If you want to save these slogan ideas elsewhere (like Google Drive or Microsoft Word), click the “Copy All Results” button located under the “Make More” button (see above) to copy them to your clipboard and paste them wherever you want.

Step 3: Save the slogans you like

Hopefully, the tool has generated a few slogans you really like. To move all your favorite slogans to their own section, click the “Save” button located below your favorite slogans.


Whenever you want to see your favorite slogans, click on the “Saved” tab to see the full list.


If you’ve fallen out of love with a particular slogan and want to take it out of the “Saved” section, just click the “Remove” button located below the slogan (see above).

Step 4: Generate new ideas based on your favorite slogans

The Motto Generator also boasts a “More Like This” button that allows you to generate new slogan ideas based on a slogan you’re particularly fond of.

We already discussed the “Make More” feature, which is different from the “More Like This” feature.

  • “Make More” creates additional slogans and adds them to the originally generated list.
  • “More Like This” generates new slogans based on a single slogan.

Here’s how “More Like This” works:

Click back on the “Create Copy” tab and find a slogan you think has promise. Click the “More Like This” button below it to generate additional slogans based on the one you like.


If you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with, this feature is the next best thing.

Step 5: Polish your slogan with these best practices

AI tools like our Motto Generator can give your creative process a bit of a kick and help you brainstorm ideas, but it may not provide a slogan that fits your brand to a tee. You know your company best, so we recommend taking the generator’s ideas and shaping them to become your own.

Once you’ve narrowed down your favorite candidates to a few slogans, keep these best practices in mind when choosing your favorite one and developing it further:

Stay on-brand and relevant

The last thing you want your slogan to be is confusing. Creativity is great, but your slogan must make sense and be relevant to your company/product and your target audience. Just by reading your slogan, people should be able to get a good idea of what your key demographic is.

Smirnoff’s 2014 “Exclusively for Everybody” is a good example of a slogan that misses its target. It’s an oxymoronic and confusing attempt at including everyone that leaves the campaign without a clear target audience.

Make it roll off the tongue

A great slogan sounds great when you hear it, so make sure that your motto is easy to say and pleasant to hear. Using rhymes in a slogan is one of the best ways to achieve this. Pringles’ “Once you pop, you can’t stop” and Bounty’s “The quicker picker upper” are good examples.

Another great use of rhyme is Gillette’s “The best a man can get” slogan. While the slogan doesn’t rhyme within itself, it does rhyme with the company name, making it almost impossible to hear one without immediately thinking of the other.

Remember your logo

Your slogan is almost always going to accompany your logo. Don’t settle on a slogan until you’ve considered how it looks alongside your logo and whether it fits.

A great example of a slogan that has a very symbiotic visual relationship with its logo is Walmart’s “Save Money. Live Better.” tagline. The slogan fits perfectly under the logo to complement it visually and hammer home the company’s mission of offering affordable products.

Keep it short and simple

Less truly is more when it comes to slogan writing. Think about some of the most famous corporate slogans you know, and you’ll realize that they almost never exceed six words.

One of the greatest examples of keeping it both short and simple is Nike’s iconic “Just Do It” slogan—three words that even children can understand.

Be honest

Is your slogan writing checks that your product or service can’t cash? Don’t hyperbolize when writing your slogans. If you’re not the #1 lawnmower dealer in the Midwest, don’t use that as a slogan—you’ll just disappoint customers.

One of the hardest things about writing a good slogan is demonstrating quality without being pushy and intimidating. Think about how you would pitch your product to a friend, not a board of directors.

Use power words

Power words are descriptive words that trigger emotional responses when read or heard. Often seen in slogans and calls to action, there are hundreds of power words that copywriters use to trigger psychological and emotional responses.

One of the most famous examples of using almost nothing but power words in a slogan is Calvin Klein’s “Between love and madness lies obsession.”

Test it out

Test your favorite slogans out to see which one resonates best with others. Send your favorite options to family, friends, business peers, and customers. Ask them to choose their favorite slogan without explaining any of them or providing context.

If your slogan needs explaining, it’s probably not a good one. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a clear winner after you’ve polled your audience. Take the insights you’ve gained from the survey and keep working at it.

Use a slogan generator to evolve your motto over time

You may not hit a grand slam when writing your first company slogan—and that’s okay! Keep working on it. Your product or service may also change over time, forcing you to create a new slogan that better aligns with your company’s new direction.

AI-powered slogan generators are great tools to keep in your arsenal to help you create new ideas and refine old ones. They are easy to use and can make brainstorming and developing perfect slogans a fun and painless process for everyone—from professional copywriters to writing novices. To try out’s Motto Generator and a slew of other powerful AI copywriting tools for free, create an account today

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