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Get noticed on LinkedIn: 5 writing tips + free LinkedIn headline generator

Whether you’re a freelancer looking for clients or seeking a full-time job, your LinkedIn profile matters. The platform is one of the most active social networks for professionals, so you want a profile that leaves a positive impression on recruiters and prospects.

An engaging LinkedIn profile starts with a thoughtful, compelling headline.

2022-04-14 09_54_01-Kimberly Butler - Manager, North America (Sales) - Culture Amp _ LinkedIn.png

We’ll show you how to make the most out of this short blurb at the top of your profile by coupling best practices and a LinkedIn headline generator.

1. Focus on what makes you special, not just your title

The “Experience” section of your LinkedIn profile covers your current and past job postings, so your headline shouldn’t just list your role (though it’s a good idea). Instead, explain your unique selling proposition (USP)—what differentiates you from everyone else on LinkedIn.

Think of the USP as a tagline for your personal brand. Explain what you offer and how you can help others. For example, the headline for a video editor might be:

Experienced video editor | Creating professional, attention-grabbing sales videos that convert

If you’re not sure what your USP is, read through positive feedback you’ve received from past co-workers and/or clients. Is there a common piece of input you could highlight? You can also find inspiration in the LinkedIn profiles of successful executives that work in a similar space to see how they articulate their company’s USP.

2. Use simple, clear language

While you might think that calling yourself an “account growth specialist” will make you stand out, the term will likely confuse recruiters and potential clients. Steer clear of jargon and use language that your audience understands.

Instead of using “account growth specialist,” you could identify yourself as a “sales associate” or “sales manager”—terms that are easily understandable. Use accessible keywords that will help the right people find you.

3. Use keywords sparingly

Including a few keywords in your LinkedIn headline is definitely a good idea. However, keywords shouldn’t take precedence over your USP.

Your job title is a good one to include. Base your use of keywords on what’s most important to you. If location is vital in your job search, then add your city or state as a keyword. If you’re fine working remotely, skip it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important; however, there are other sections of your profile (About, Experience) that can be optimized with the right keywords. Don’t try to fit every keyword into your 120-character LinkedIn headline.

Here’s an example of a good use of keywords in a LinkedIn headline:

Senior Content Creator at Company X | Helping companies connect with their customers through quality content | SEO | content strategy

And here’s what not to do:

Senior Content Creator at Company X | SEO | Content Strategy | Content Writing | Content Editing | Content Distribution | Content Creation

When writing your headline, focus less on keywords and buzzwords and more on what you actually do and what you can provide to other professionals.

4. List accomplishments without bragging

Let’s be honest—prospects and recruiters on LinkedIn care about what you can accomplish for them. Show them you can deliver tangible results by highlighting your past wins in your LinkedIn headline.

Here’s an example:

Director of Growth at Company X | $500k to $3M MRR in last 7 months | Magically turning startups into unicorns |

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between celebrating accomplishments and full-blown braggadocio. Obvious bragging on LinkedIn is not only off-putting—it also makes your claims less believable.

Refrain from showing off by describing concrete results instead of using subjective adjectives (think “proactive,” “superior,” “expert”). In the example above, the Director of Growth doesn’t just say they’re “high-performing”—they describe their MRR growth over the last seven months.

5. Don’t be afraid to be fun and casual

Just because it’s a professional network doesn’t mean you can’t add some Hawaiian Shirt Friday vibes to your LinkedIn headline.

Don’t shy away from having some fun and showcasing your personality in your headline; just be sure to keep it work-appropriate.

Remember, behind every LinkedIn profile is an actual person. Let your personal values shine to make connections with others who share them. Use emojis (sparingly), highlight your personal values, and don’t be afraid to be silly! Showcase your personality in your headline, for example:

Email marketer | The emails I send don’t end up in the trash! ⛔🗑️ | 547% increase in click-through rate | LGBT 🌈

If your role is clear and your USP is convincing, adding color and fun to your LinkedIn headline can only make it better.

6. Use a LinkedIn headline generator to get the ball rolling

If you’re still not sure where to start, use the free LinkedIn headline generator at the top of this page to get started.

Scroll up to the top of this page, enter a company name and description in the first text box and your job title in the box below. Now click the “Create Copy” button to fire up the generator.

2022-04-13 11_15_13-Free Linkedin Headline Generator _ No Login Required _ No Login Required.png

From there, the free LinkedIn headline generator will provide you with several ideas. If you like one, click the “Copy” button to add it to your clipboard.

2022-04-13 11_17_27-Free Linkedin Headline Generator _ No Login Required _ No Login Required.png

If you’re looking for a more advanced tool to write the perfect LinkedIn headline, the Freestyle tool with the app could do the trick. Let’s look at how it works.

First, open the app. Head over to the “Tools” menu on the left and use the search function to find the Freestyle tool.


The Freestyle tool will now appear. It will ask you to enter details related to the type of copy you want to write and the main points you want to cover. Provide as much detail as possible to help the tool deliver relevant results.

2022-04-13 12_57_16-2022-04-13 Untitled.png

Don’t forget to choose a tone of voice that best corresponds with your headline. “Professional” is probably your best bet since you’re writing LinkedIn copy, but feel free to experiment with other tones.

2022-04-13 12_59_11-2022-04-13 Untitled.png

All set? Click “Create Copy” to generate LinkedIn headline ideas.

2022-04-13 13_00_13-2022-04-13 Untitled.png

In a few seconds, our copy generator will provide you with a long list of ideas to help you craft the perfect LinkedIn headline.

2022-04-13 13_05_40-2022-04-13 Untitled.png

Click the “Make More” button at the bottom of the list if you want more ideas to be generated.

2022-04-13 13_07_51-2022-04-13 Untitled.png

The “Copy All Results” button (see above), located underneath the “Make More” button, sends all the ideas to your clipboard.

When you find an idea that sounds like it’s headed on the right track, click the “Save” button below it to send the idea to the “Saved” section. See all of your favorite generated ideas at any time by clicking on the “Saved” tab.


Remove ideas from the Saved tab by clicking the “Remove” button, or add any idea to your clipboard by clicking “Copy.”

2022-04-13 13_13_14-2022-04-13 Untitled.png

Another great feature of our generator is the “More Like This” option. It allows you to generate new ideas based on one you really like.

Don’t get it confused with the “Make More” button, which adds more ideas to the originally generated list and is located at the bottom of the originally generated list. Here’s how the “More Like This” feature works:‍

Click on the “Create Copy” tab and find a LinkedIn headline idea that you like. Now, click the “More Like This” button below it to generate additional copy based on that idea.

2022-04-13 13_18_40-2022-04-13 Untitled.png

If you find yourself stuck trying to write your headline, our Linkedin headline generator can help you get your creative juices flowing and write copy that draws people to your profile.

Update your LinkedIn headline as you grow professionally

Your LinkedIn profile should evolve with your career. Reevaluate your LinkedIn headline every six months or so to identify possible improvements.

Recruiters and prospects want to hear about your latest business conquests, so be sure to update your accomplishments regularly. Even if you don’t have any career changes or big wins to update your connections about, make incremental changes to your LinkedIn headline to assess what works and what doesn’t. 

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