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AI for Marketing (15+ Use Cases & Insider Tips)

Zac Harris
February 3, 2023

Marketers are intrigued with the GPT-3 language model and its ability to create human-like textual content.

And understandably, many of us still have questions about this groundbreaking new technology.

Why do I need generative AI? What even is generative AI? How can I use it? Is it right for me?

We’re going to dive into all of these questions and more to help you get a feel for generative AI and visualize how it can specifically help you and your team in an attainable way. 

Let’s dive in!

The problem with scaling marketing content

Digital marketing is an expansive, integrated, and strategic process involving many channels, specializations, and personalizations. This sophistication has added layers of intricacy to marketing strategy, which has increased the need for even more marketing assets.

But creating those assets takes expertise, a mountain of time, and ample resources. And as your marketing needs continue to expand, you’ll require more production from your creative teams, which can burn them out and create unnecessary bottlenecks. 

So how can you continue to create the marketing assets you need for your emails, social channels, websites, advertising, and more, in an efficient, freeing, and professional way? 

Generative AI for marketing. 

What is AI for marketing, and how can it help?

AI (or artificial intelligence) has long understood the ability to analyze data and come forward with commonalities, definitions, and use cases. 

It hadn’t quite mastered the creative flare that humans have long provided organizations—the ability to analyze information and craft something unique. 

That is, until recently, when generative artificial intelligence became a reality. 

Generative AI analyzes existing information, like texts and images, to create a net new piece of content. This type of content could be email copy, social media posts, advertising campaigns, website copy, and even long-form blog posts.

The process takes seconds, and with the proper setup, it can be extremely useful to a marketing department.

What are the use cases for generative AI in marketing?

We understand that determining where to start with generative AI for marketing is half the battle. Because of this, we’ve chosen to break down all the marketing specializations and showcase how generative AI could help each one. 

In this section, we’ll go through each specialty, the use cases within each specialty, and even provide tips on how to get the most value when utilizing generative AI for each action. 

AI for Content Marketing

One of the main areas where generative AI can help marketing teams is content. From the outlining process to the actual long-form post, a generative AI tool can enhance your processes, alleviate writer's block, and save significant time. 

Copy.ai, for example, has generative AI tools that can help with…

  • Brainstorming
  • Outlining
  • Landing page copy
  • Titles
  • Introductions
  • Keywords
  • Conclusions

There is even a tool that can write an entire article from top to bottom for you. 

Within most of these tools, you will just need to provide some additional information to help AI craft a message to your liking. This information could be suggested tone, product description, general topics, loose titles, keywords, etc. After that, the generative AI takes over and provides you with copy that is easy to customize.

You can even use generative AI to simplify content you’ve already created! This is ideal for complex topics or writers who struggle with clarity or brevity. 

Insider Tip: Start small when diving into AI for content creation. The brainstorming and blog outline is a great places to start. This will help you combat writer’s block and get a feel for the tool simultaneously. Once you feel more comfortable and have a starting point, add your inputs to the “bullet point to blog” section. You’ll be blown away by what the tool can create!

Write a full blog post in under a minute with the Copy.ai Blog Wizard

AI for Digital Marketing 

One of the most well-known forms of digital marketing is digital advertising. In digital advertising, marketers are consistently expected to test multiple forms of creative and copy to see which messaging resonates and creates the conversions they are hoping for. 

Again, with an AI writing tool, marketers can become significantly more effective at creating that ad copy for multiple channels. 

Copy.ai allows marketers to craft…

  • Facebook headlines
  • Facebook link descriptions 
  • Facebook primary text
  • Google descriptions
  • Google headlines
  • LinkedIn ad copy 
  • & more!

It even allows you to create those multiple variants of your advertising copy you need for testing and optimization.

Insider Tip: When first starting with the tool, we suggest utilizing some of your best-performing ad copy as your input. This will help the tool create some similar copy. This will especially be useful for the variant template. 

AI for Email Marketing

Another area of marketing that requires a ton of help from your creative teams is email marketing. But yet again, requesting email copy from a team currently handling blog posts, site copy, social media copy, and more, can cause stress and burnout.

Email is a perfect opportunity to utilize generative AI instead. With its help, you can easily create many of the standard emails you need to run your business.

Some examples include…

  • Cancellation emails
  • Confirmation emails
  • Onboarding emails
  • Follow up emails
  • Thank you emails

The tool can even help writers and non-writers quickly craft one of the most challenging and important aspects of an email - the subject line! 

Insider Tip: We have an expansive YouTube channel with tons of educational content. One of our most recent videos dives into how to use Copy.ai to write a winning email marketing campaign. If you’re a hands-on learner, we highly suggest you check it out before diving into the tool! 

AI for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing takes consistency. And that consistency requires a ton of written copy. Additionally, with all the different mediums, and individual best practices, it can take your team a ton of time to complete that copy. 

Generative AI is a perfect way to help your team consistently post high-quality social media content to their brand and personal pages, on an effective cadence, with far less commitment.

And because each social media medium prefers different types of content, many AI products offer tools that can help you craft unique and optimized content for each medium. 

For example, Copy.ai offers writing tools that assist with...

  • Hashtag creation
  • Instagram captions
  • YouTube descriptions
  • YouTube video titles
  • TikTok brainstorming
  • & so much more!
Insider Tip: Copy.ai has created many value-packed resources on using generative AI to craft social media copy. One of our favorite resources is within our template’s page. There, you can find information on how to craft the best inputs for specific social media posts like YouTube video scripts, LinkedIn messages, and more! 

AI for Product Marketing 

Like content marketing, product marketing is another area that requires a ton of thoughtful messaging and copywriting work. And while many product marketers are writers at heart, as they’ve progressed in their careers, they’ve become more focused on more strategic work, which leads to less time for production.

But product writing is some of the most crucial work for your brand! 

With the help of AI, you can craft product content like…

  • Product descriptions
  • Value propositions
  • Web page copy
  • Feature/benefit copy
  • & more
Insider Tip: Because Product Marketing copy is so important to nail, we recommend becoming very comfortable with the tool before using it to complete this type of copy. Fortunately, Copy.ai has committed to providing users with ample educational content to help you do just that! One of our most valuable training opportunities is a live demo that we hold twice a week.

Visit the demo page to check out our upcoming schedule and get signed up today!

When should my company/marketing team invest in AI?

Yesterday! The great part about generative AI is that it has a low barrier of entry. It does not take weeks or months to set up. 

Additionally, many AI copywriting tools offer free trials and/or free versions of their product. This could be a great opportunity for someone on your team to spearhead the initiative, see where generative AI works best, and how much time is saved in the process. 

What are the major platforms in Generative AI? 

Aside from Copy.ai, the three major platforms in generative AI are Jasper.ai, Copysmith.ai, and Rytr. To learn more about each of the tools, their pros, cons, and pricing, check out the Copy.ai Alternative page. 

What makes Copy.ai's AI for marketing platform stand out?

There are so many reasons why over 4,000,000 users appreciate Copy.ai’s tool. From our exceptional ease of use to our quick set-up time and support quality, the product is hard not to love! We’ll only focus on some of our favorite reasons for brevity’s sake below.

Firstly, Copy.ai has hundreds of tools and templates that writers can use to create very specific content types. We even offer many examples and best practices to help users ensure that they use the tool in the best possible way. 

Additionally, Copy.ai works alongside you and learns your preferences. While the tool generates copy based on your initial inputs, you can save the copy you like best and select “More Like This” feature to see similar options closest to your preferred style as you progress. 

Check out the Copy.ai review page for a more in-depth breakdown of the tool from actual Copy.ai customers.

Why is Copy.ai the ideal Generative AI platform for marketing teams?

While many AI copywriting tools have long positioned themselves as replacements for writers, Copy.ai has not. Our team has designed the tool as an ally for marketers to help them save time, increase productivity, and become more strategic. 

The tool was made with marketers' pain points and needs at the forefront of the founder’s mind. This has led to the creation of a continuously evolving product that will eventually become even more lethal to a long-time user.

The Copy.ai templates are also relevant to all types of marketing and include prompts for projects within the content, product, partner, growth, and lifecycle specialties. It will impact multiple creators on your team and make them even more productive and effective. 

How to get started with Copy.ai for your AI Marketing needs

Copy.ai makes it incredibly easy for marketers and copywriters to test the app. Get started with Copy.ai via Google or an email address to begin using it as quickly as possible!

Additionally, all new Copy.ai users get a 7-day free trial of the Pro plan and 2,000 words every month to use as they wish.

Copy.ai will never ask for your credit card information until you’re ready to sign up for a premium account.

We're making AI even more valuable for teams in 2023!

Copy.ai is currently enhancing its workflow capabilities to automate many of the repetitive tasks your team is tackling daily. With this new release, every single member of your team will become more productive with our new ability to get work done at scale. 

Join the waitlist now to get early access to this product!

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