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Free SEO title generator (+5 tips for writing great ones)

An SEO title tag—one that is optimized for search—is a key component of any well-ranking website. According to a recent Ahrefs study, 92.6% of top-ranking pages have an SEO title tag. 

What is a title tag? 

The title tag is what appears in the browser tab when you’re viewing a website.

It’s also what appears in the search engine results pages (SERPs) if the Google algorithm doesn’t rewrite it, which it sometimes does

The ideal title tag shouldn’t just be optimized for search. It should also be attractive to your target reader since it shapes their first impression of your webpage. 

If you have a lot of webpages, you’re going to need a lot of appealing, SEO-friendly title tags. The good news is that there are now plenty of tools available to content marketers that can help them write unique and attractive and catchy titles faster than ever before. 

Our free SEO title generator can do just that.’s SEO title generators

Use our SEO title generators to quickly brainstorm and write unique title tags in bulk. 

Free SEO title generator 

To try our free SEO title generator, scroll up to the top of this page.

Enter the keyword you want to target for the webpage’s SEO title and what the webpage is about. Then click the “Create Copy” button to start generate titles. 

If you like any of the suggestions and want to copy them to your clipboard, click the “Copy” button next to any of the generated SEO titles.

Our free SEO title generator creates five SEO title tags based on your instructions. If you’re looking for something more robust, our premium tool just might do the trick. 

Premium SEO title generator 

If you’re looking for a more advanced tool that lets you iterate on ideas much further than the free tool, try our premium blog title generator tool. Sign up for a free account to access this tool and great SEO titles.

Here’s how to find and use our premium blog post title generator. 

Open the app and find “Blog Tools,” located on the “Tools” list on the left side of the app. Click on “Blog Tools,” and then click on “Blog Title.” 

You’ll now see the blog title generator interface. To start generating SEO title ideas, enter a description of what the webpage is about in the “Describe your blog topic” box. Let’s use the same description we used when testing out the free tool. 

You can also assign a “tone of voice” that best fits your company’s writing style and how you communicate with your customers. We’re going to use the “professional” tone of voice. 

Click the “Create Copy” button (shown above) to generate a list of options in just a few seconds. Most of the generated ideas are around 60 characters long, which is the maximum length for SEO title tags to appear fully in search results.

If none of the generated SEO titles spark your interest, scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the “Make More” button to create additional ideas. 

You’ll also see a “Copy All Results” button below the “Make More” button (shown above). This feature lets you copy all the generated ideas to your clipboard with just one click.

If you want to save an SEO title you particularly like, click the “Save” button ‌below it.

Whenever you save an idea, it’s immediately copied to the tool’s “Saved” tab. Click on the tab at any time to see all the titles that you have saved. 

Click the “Remove” button located under an SEO title idea if you want to remove it from the Saved tab. 

Another good feature to use for further ideation is the “More Like This” button, located underneath each generated idea. 

Not to be confused with the “Make More” button, the “More Like This” button takes a single SEO title idea and creates additional copy based on it. The “Make More” button—found at the end of the originally generated list of ideas—creates more ideas based on your original query.

To see how “More Like This” works, click on the “Create Copy” tab to get back to the list of SEO title ideas. Find one idea you like, and click the “More Like This” button below it.

You can even go one step further and generate more copy off of the newly generated copy since every new idea has a “More Like This” button of its own. 

5 tips for writing great SEO title tags

A great title strikes a balance between ranking in search and resonating with your target audience. When you manage both, your SERP and click-through rates (CTR) stand to improve. 

When using our generator tools, apply these optimization tips to write SEO title tags that both rank and convert.

1. Be aware of the title’s length and appearance

Title tags are afforded a 600-pixel width limit by Google, though this depends on the device that’s being used to view the page. If your SEO title exceeds that given space, Google is going to cut it off. 

Along with checking pixel width, keep your title tag under 60 characters—otherwise, search engines will cut it off on results pages. See whether your SEO title fits, both in terms of pixel width and character count, with Moz’s free title tag preview tool. It shows you what your SEO title will look like before you publish it. 

2. Include your company/brand name when possible

Tell searchers whose webpage they’re viewing by adding your company’s name to the end of your title tag. This naming helps boost brand awareness and encourages clicks from readers who already know and trust your brand. 

There’s one exception to this rule—long title tags. If your tag without your company’s name is already 60 characters, don’t add it to avoid truncation (see tip above). 

3. Keep your title tags unique

Duplicate titles confuse both the search engine and your readers—leading to lower rankings. Even if the content on the pages differs, identical SEO titles on two or more pages signal to Google that the content is the same. 

Google has directly said that it's important to have distinct, descriptive text title tags for each page on your site. According to the official recommendation, “Titling every page on a commerce site "Cheap products for sale," for example, makes it impossible for users to distinguish between two pages.”

If you do have duplicate title tags, Sitechecker provides a great tutorial on how to fix the issue.

4. Feature keywords upfront

Keywords are important, but it’s equally important to use them wisely. You should use your primary keywords right at the beginning of your SEO title, if possible. Use them naturally and avoid creating clumsy copy by forcing keywords where they don’t fit. 

Don’t be repetitive with keywords or stuff keywords. If your title tag consists of a list of six keywords, it’s not achieving its primary aim of informing Google and users of what’s actually on the page.

5. Be upfront about the page’s content

Google is important, but ultimately, it’s the user that you should be worried about most when writing your SEO title tag. 

A great title tag needs to offer something useful to the person reading it. Focus first and foremost on writing a title tag that succinctly describes to the user what they’ll see on your webpage once they’ve clicked the link.

If the title tag is a product page, describe what the product does. If it's a blog post, use words like "how" and "why" to explain to users what questions the page content solves.


Use an SEO title generator to write tags faster

The process of writing dozens or even hundreds of unique and intriguing SEO title tags was once a stressful proposition. That’s no longer the case, thanks to all the great technology available to webmasters and bloggers. 

AI copywriting tools especially are a great tool for brainstorming SEO titles in bulk while making sure that they don’t repeat and that they're engaging and informative for users. 

Sign up with today to try out our blog headline generator and dozens of other tools that can help you write better content faster. 

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