Top 10 alternatives for content generation

Three years ago, in 2020, our team launched, a web application that offers high-powered AI (artificial intelligence) for marketing, and sales. Since then, our company has grown rapidly and quickly evolved its technology, positioning ourselves as a leader in the AI content creation industry.

And while is one of the most advanced AI copywriting tools, it's certainly not the only one. If you're interested in exploring the market, there are a few alternatives you can try before committing to our tool (though we think you'll be happy with our platform).

Top 3 alternatives

Built atop the GPT-3 language model similarly to, these three alternatives come closest to what offers in terms of scope, options available, features, and copy quality.

1. went through some branding issues—changing its name from to and finally settling on Despite the early identity crisis, this tool is the most competitive alternative on the market.


Useful integrations: works with several tools that content writers and entrepreneurs absolutely love and need, including:

  • Surfer SEO is one of the best-rated tools that content writers use when optimizing their content for search engine success. The tool is built into’s interface and works seamlessly, but it’s only available if you purchase the more expensive plan (Boss Mode). Jasper’s Starter Plan does not include the integration.
  • Grammarly checks your grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and more. It gives a variety of helpful suggestions that can improve your writing.
  • has an integrated plagiarism checker that runs on one of the most popular plagiarism tools, Copyscape. However, it’s important to note that plagiarism checks are an optional add-on and that searches cost $.03 for the first 200 words, plus $.01 for each additional 100 words. recipes:’s recipes are pre-built workflows that make creating content easier. Both’s team and its users create these templates for a variety of use cases.

Strong community: has a community of almost 60,000 users in their Facebook group. It’s a great place for users to learn about content writing best practices and connect with other users who can answer questions and offer tips on how to use to its full potential.

Excellent knowledge base: The Academy is’s knowledge base where users can find training articles, expert-led guides, video tutorials, courses, and more to help them learn how to use


Repetition: Generated copy can get repetitive when using, especially if you are writing a lot of copy. From a user perspective, you’ll need to manually tinker with the copy significantly to create more diverse results.

Inaccuracy: often generates quotes and statements on a certain topic that are presented as factual. But since they are AI-generated and pulled from a variety of sources, you need to vet the information. Direct quotes and statistics, which marketers love to use to support their content, will have to be fact-checked if they were created using

Steep learning curve: Jasper is more difficult to use than other AI writing tools because the AI engine needs you to input commands like “Write some blog post titles about [TOPIC]". It takes a while to get used to this process and formatting style.

Expensive: The Starter plan, which is $29 per month, only lets you write 20,000 words. If you’re a content marketing team that writes a lot of long-form content, this word count is probably not going to cut it. The Boss Mode plan increases the word count to 100,000 a month, but it costs $99 per month.

Credit-card requirement: You need to provide your credit card information in order to start your free five-day trial, which can be off-putting to marketers who want to quickly test several tools with no strings attached.


As we already mentioned, marketing and content teams that write a lot of blog posts and white papers are going to have to pay a considerable amount for Jasper. The Starter plan that costs $29 per month will likely only work for teams that focus on short-form copy like Facebook ads and product descriptions.

Teams that write long-form content will likely have to pay at least $99 per month for the Boss Mode plan. As soon as they break the 100,000 word Boss Mode limit, monthly subscription prices skyrocket to $280 per month and more.

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Copysmith’s product is built for e-commerce businesses (unlike and, which have broad use cases). Can you use the tool to write both short and long-form copy for any type of business? Sure. But Copysmith highlights their product description and e-commerce ad campaign writing features.


Collaboration tools: Marketers can easily tag team members on copy they’ve created to get timely feedback. also lets you export and share your content in a variety of formats, including TXT, PDF, CSV, and DOCX.

Numerous integrations: Copysmith integrates with popular tools like Faze SEO Checker and Zapier, but also Microsoft Word, Google Ads, and eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to streamline workflows for bigger teams.

Language options: No other AI content generator has more language options than Copysmith. While most support about 30 languages, supports content creation in 60+ languages.

Plagiarism checker: A plagiarism checker is available, but like with, each plan has limits, and you’ll have to pay extra if you run out of credits.


Narrow focus: Copysmith’s writing templates are clearly focused on eCommerce and paid advertising teams. And while there are long-form writing tools, and Jasper’s blog writing tools are better in terms of ease of use and output quality.

Limited number of templates: Chief competitors like and offer 100+ different templates. Copysmith only has some 30+ options available.

Pricing does a good job of offering pricing options for a variety of team sizes and needs, starting with a very favorably priced Starter plan that’s just $19 per month.

The professional plan doesn’t give users any features that the Starter plan doesn’t include, but you do get eight times the writing credits and five times the plagiarism checks for three times the price of the Starter plan.

Larger teams can also create an Enterprise plan that’s tailored to their needs. However, there is little transparency on Copysmith’s website on what the pricing for Enterprise users would look like.

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3. Rytr

Rytr doesn’t have as many content generator tools as or, and the quality of writing is sometimes lacking, but the tool does cover a wide variety of use cases.


Plentiful tone of voice options: Rytr offers 20+ tones of voice to choose from when writing content, which is more than most alternatives offer.

No credit card needed for free trial: You can sign up to check out Rytr in seconds using your Gmail or any social media account and start working with it right away—no credit card information needed.

Can improve existing content: Like Grammarly, Rytr’s platform can clean up writing to improve readability.

Solid knowledge base: Rytr offers a comprehensive knowledge base full of training articles and videos. The company also hosts a community on its website where users can ask questions and get direct assistance from its team. Rytr also encourages its community to submit feature requests and suggestions and gives users visibility into Rytr’s product roadmap, so they know what new features are on the horizon.


Inferior quality: You’ll need to dedicate a lot of time to editing content created by Rytr, especially if you are writing blog posts with it. Sentences are often confusing, and the AI-generated content rarely flows naturally.

Limited number of templates: Rytr only offers some 30+ templates. If they want to compete with and, they are going to need to triple that number.


Rytr’s unlimited plan is only $29 per month, which is similar to what,, and’s basic plans cost. This pricing makes Rytr one of the best options for solo marketers and content writers with smaller budgets.

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7 other alternatives to

A big boom in AI writing tools occurred after the release of the GPT-3 language model in 2020, giving marketers and copywriters a plethora of tools to try out. And while most aren’t as powerful and broad in use as and its top competitors, there are plenty of good options for those looking for niche tools that focus on specific types of copy creation.

1. Simplified

Simplified is first and foremost a design platform, but it does offer AI tools that help designers and marketers create copy together.

Pros: Simplified is mobile-friendly and boasts many integrations. However, a majority of the integrations (outside of Shopify and Google Drive) are tailored to visual and design-focused teams (Pixabay, Brandfetch, Storyblock, Pexels, Unsplash). Simplified also has a strong community and quality collaboration tools.

Cons: As a design tool, it doesn’t have nearly as many copy creation tools as and its chief competitors, and the quality of the output is not as strong in terms of clarity, originality, and cohesion.

Pricing: The price for Simplified increases as you need more words per month. The AI content writing tool is packaged with graphic design, video editing, and social media publishing tools. If you’re only using the writing features, it makes little sense to choose Simplified over similarly priced tools that have better, more diverse writing tools and far more templates.

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2. Writesonic

Writesonic is a solid alternative that offers generators for creating ad, landing page, blog, and product description copy.

Pros: Writesonic offers plans that allow up to four team members to work on content projects at the same time. There are word count limits for each plan, but there are no limits on how many different projects you can create. It also supports 20+ languages, has a built-in grammar fixer and a readability checker, and offers an SEMrush integration that helps marketers optimize content for search engines.

Cons: Writesonic offers some 50+ templates for types of content. Both and offer more than double that amount.

Pricing: It’s interesting to note that Writesonic also offers annual payment plans. The pricing plans offer diversity and options for single users and teams. Pricing is similar to what most competitors charge. Writesonic offers a credit system instead of charging by character or word count.

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3. Anyword

Anyword focuses on writing short-form marketing copy that converts. The tool couples data analysis features with its AI writing tools to help marketers create copy that will resonate with their target audiences. It’s a popular tool for marketers who want multiple versions of ad or landing page copy for A/B testing.

Pros: Anyword's performance score prediction tool performs a data-driven analysis of your marketing content and gives it a grade based on its potential to engage and convert your target audience. Anyword also allows you to create SMS marketing content, which sets it apart from other alternatives. With a premium plan, Anyword's platform will even automatically optimize on-site copy to boost conversions.

Cons: The tool’s focus on “data-driven conversion” limits the scope of what types of marketers can use it. The tools available for creating long-form content are not as good as the ones and other top alternatives offer. Also, the advanced features that really set the tool apart from similar ones are only available on the Enterprise pricing plan. There are no collaboration options offered in the cheaper pricing plans either.

Pricing: If you want to use the advanced tools that set Anyword apart from other AI content generators, you’re going to need a big budget. In fact, the top features (ever-learning predictive scores and analytics) are only available on the Enterprise plan, which starts at $999 per month.

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4. Wordtune

While Wordtune is often mentioned in the same breath as alternatives, it is actually more of a Grammarly alternative. It checks your grammar and can help you rewrite and improve your copy to match the tone and flow you want to achieve.

Pros: If you’re a journalist, academic writer, or content marketer looking to improve your writing, you might enjoy using Wordtune as a Grammarly alternative.

Cons: Wordtune doesn’t offer any templates or use cases, and it’s only available in English. The tool helps you at the end of your writing process, not the beginning. It doesn’t help you generate content from scratch—it helps you polish your already-written content.

Pricing: The tool’s premium plan is only $9.99. The premium plan gives you options for rewriting your content, changing the tone of your writing, and shortening or expanding already written content.

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5. ClosersCopy

The biggest distinction between ClosersCopy and other alternatives is that it does not use GPT-3—ClosersCopy uses its own proprietary AI technology for generating content.

Pros: ClosersCopy offers a whopping 900+ templates and offers content in 120+ languages. ClosersCopy also has integrated SEO tools and an advanced text editor built into the app.

Cons: ClosersCopy does not offer any free options. You need to sign up and pay for the tool in order to try it out. However, it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the app. And despite ClosersCopy’s claims that their technology is better and more suitable for writing marketing content than GPT-3, reviewers have noted that the AI engine is often buggy and unreliable.

Pricing: ClosersCopy’s tool is a bit more expensive than most. As mentioned, the app is the only alternative that does not offer a free plan. The least expensive plan (Power) is $10 more expensive than and’s most basic plans and gives you just 300 AI runs and 50 SEO audits per month.

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While it uses AI technology, does a better job at repurposing existing content than it does at creating new content. It's another tool that compares more closely to Wordtune and Grammarly than it does to

Pros: does a good job of spinning existing content into new, original content—and it can improve the clarity and quality of your content, much like Wordtune. also integrates with Copyscape to make sure that the rewritten content is 100% original.

Cons: While it helps you rewrite, improve, and expand existing content, does not generate new and original content from scratch like and its main competitors do.

Pricing: There are only two pricing plans, a regular one and an enterprise plan. However, you can save $30 a month if you pay the regular plan annually instead of monthly. When you’re paying annually, the monthly price is similar to what you would pay for, albeit for an entirely different type of AI writing tool.

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7. Article Forge

Article Forge is designed for marketing teams that want to create content quickly and in bulk. The tool can create articles from scratch, and it focuses almost entirely on long-form content—articles and blog posts.

Pros: Article Forge quickly creates long-form articles that are 100% original and checked by Copyscape. The tool can also connect to your content management system (CMS) of choice and automatically post the new articles it creates.

Cons: You can only create long-form articles with the tool.

Pricing: There is no free plan, but you get a free trial to check out Article Forge. If you like Article Forge, you can choose between a $27 with a word limit or a $57 plan that has no word limit attached to it.

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What about

Like most of its competitors, uses the GPT-3 language model to create human-like textual content and offers 100+ templates in 25+ languages. However, there are a few important distinctions that set apart from other AI writing tools.

Dive deeper: vs.

Many alternatives claim that they want to do all the writing for you— doesn’t. Our mission is to empower writers and make it easier for them to be both creative and productive.


100+ templates: never stops adding new templates and use cases to the application. There’s even a freestyle tool that lets you generate ideas for use cases that might not be available.

Generous free options: Some alternatives give you a free trial and that’s it. gives free users renewable monthly generations for no charge. If you don’t need additional content generation, that’s fine— lets you use the full-featured app for free (with generous limits) every month.

Easily tailored and customizable: The tool truly responds to every bit of information you provide it. For example, after generates ideas based on your initial input, you can save the ones you like best and use the “More Like This” feature to generate new ideas based on your favorites. The suggestions delivers get more specific with every new input the tool receives from you.

Blog Post Wizard: This long-form blog post creation tool from is an absolute game-changer, enabling you to create a detailed first draft in a matter of minutes. Every part of the outline generates—the main sections, the subsections, the talking points under each section—is editable. And every time you make an edit, you’re providing with more data it can use to continue guiding you towards a finished product you’ll love.

2022-05-03 11_06_27-Create Copy - CopyAI.png

Easy-to-use interface: The tools are all listed on the left sidebar and are easy to navigate. Once you enter a specific use case or template,’s clear user experience does a great job of guiding you and explaining how the tool works using tooltips.

No credit card required: doesn’t ask for your credit card information until you are ready to purchase a premium plan. You can sign up and use your free content creation credits every month with no strings attached for as long as you’d like.


No integrations with SEO tools: Most alternatives integrate with popular SEO tools like SEMrush or Surfer SEO. has yet to offer a similar feature.

No built-in plagiarism checker: While doesn’t have a built-in plagiarism checker, the team guarantees content originality. Tests performed with have shown that results will almost always come back with 0% plagiarism scores when put through a tool like CopyScape.

Pricing’s pricing is competitive and in line with what its most serious competitors like and charge. The Pro Plan starts at $49 per month ($36 per month if you’re billed annually) and includes unlimited words per month. However,’s Free Plan is especially appealing because it gives users a free account to test out all the features. And if active users still don’t want to buy a premium plan, they’ll get 2,000 words that renew each month to continue using the tool for free. free alternative: what are your options?

One of the great things about is that it has a great free plan that’s perfect for marketers or solopreneurs that don’t need to create content in bulk.

Even if you’re not sure about signing up to check out the app, offers great free AI generators integrated into their website that allow you to try the tools out and get a feel for how they work. We offer a Linkedin headline generator, meta description generator, website call-to-action generator, hook generator, and much more. Most of these free AI writer tools are accompanied by blog posts that give you best practices and tips on how to combat writer’s block and write the type of high-quality content that you are looking to generate with as your AI writing assistant.

If you like what you see, you can sign into the app, and you’ll have 2,000 free words a month to use their premium tools for no cost.

Get started with for free makes it really easy for marketers and copywriters to test out the app. Sign up for via Google, Facebook, or email to start using it right away.

New users get 2,000 words every month to use as they wish. will never ask for your credit card information until you’re ready to sign up for a premium account.

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