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Competitor analysis from G2

Competitor Analysis: Uncover Their Value, Customer Sentiment and Winning Strategy

Competitor Analysis: Uncover Their Value, Customer Sentiment and Winning Strategy

About Competitive Analysis Template

What you get

This workflow provides valuable competitive intelligence to benchmark our offerings against key competitors. By analyzing competitor strengths and weaknesses from customer reviews, we can refine our value proposition and product roadmap to delight customers in areas where competitors fall short.

Gain valuable insights into the competition

This workflow provides actionable intelligence to guide your product and marketing strategy. By analyzing competitors' strengths and weaknesses from an objective, data-driven perspective, you can identify areas of differentiation and competitive advantage. The workflow streamlines competitive research, saving your team countless hours normally spent compiling information from various sources.

With clear insights into customer sentiment and competitors' value propositions, you're equipped to make strategic decisions that delight customers and outpace rivals. Regular competitive analyses ensure you stay atop industry trends and shifts in the competitive landscape.

Understand the customer perspective

This workflow provides invaluable insights into what customers truly value about competitors' offerings. By analyzing candid customer reviews on G2, you gain an unfiltered view of what delights and frustrates users.

This enables you to learn from competitors' mistakes and shortcomings while identifying strengths to emulate. With a keen understanding of customer needs and pain points, you can refine product positioning and develop features that wow customers. The end result is a product roadmap informed by real user feedback for superior customer experiences.

Benchmark performance and set goals

By evaluating competitors' market share, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction metrics, you gain an objective measure of industry benchmarks. Seeing where competitors excel fuels your team's aspirations, while exposing weaknesses presents opportunities to pull ahead.

With competitive intelligence, you can set ambitious yet achievable goals across all business functions. Sales, marketing, product, and customer success teams are aligned on growth targets rooted in real competitor data. This workflow enables regular tracking of metrics so you can continually assess progress against the competition.

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