Personalized Prospecting

Personalized prospecting with AI can revolutionize your go-to-market strategy by enabling hyper-personalized outreach at scale. AI-driven lead enrichment provides deep insights into prospects' businesses and pain points, empowering your sales team to craft tailored messaging that resonates, convert more leads to opportunities, and ultimately close more deals faster – maximizing sales productivity and cutting down on the GTM Bloat disrupting your team!
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Close more deals with less

AI Sales OS automates lead enrichment, opportunity analysis, CRM hygiene and more. It integrates with your CRM, recommending next steps to advance deals effectively. The OS works 24/7 in the background to execute workflows, freeing up your team to concentrate on closing deals, not busywork.

Personalized Email Writing

Instantly identify and gather data on your most promising prospects, eliminating hours of manual research. Now, busy sales and marketing teams can build their pipelines in a fraction of the time, without the GTM Bloat that slows you down. Ideal for any organization looking to rapidly accelerate GTM velocity and drive revenue growth.

Instantly harvests relevant prospect data
Quickly build a robust sales pipeline
Speed up GTM processes to increase sales

Find Prospects

Supercharge your lead data with AI-driven enrichment, providing your sales team with deep insights into each prospect's business, challenges and needs. This workflow enables hyper-personalized outreach at scale, helping busy revenue teams convert more leads to opportunities and close deals faster. GTM AI is the secret weapon for any organization looking to maximize sales productivity and GTM velocity.

Employ AI to deeply understand each prospect
Tailor communications at scale
Leverage insights to expedite the lead-to-opportunity transition

Lead Intelligence (AI Enrichment)

Harness the power of GTM AI to automate account research and develop laser-focused strategies in a fraction of the time. This workflow enables busy marketing teams to efficiently gather comprehensive account intelligence and craft personalized engagement plans at scale, optimizing GTM velocity. It's ideal for any team looking to boost conversions with targeted, insight-driven prospecting.

Dramatically reduce account research time
Create customized engagement plans for each account
Target prospects more effectively with insight-driven strategies

Account Intelligence

This workflow streamlines the creation of compelling, insight-packed battle cards, enabling product marketers to efficiently arm sales teams with the competitive intel they need to confidently position your product and close more deals. By automating the research, analysis and formatting of battle cards, this workflow saves product marketing teams hours of manual effort, empowering them to enable sales at scale.

Automate the creation of insight-rich battle cards
Provide sales teams with the competitive intelligence needed to win
Facilitate sales enablement across the board

Input copy examples that reflect your brand's unique voice

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20 Seats
Unlimited Words in Chat
3K Workflow Credits

Input copy examples that reflect your brand's unique voice

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20 Seats
Unlimited Words in Chat
3K Workflow Credits

Today, go-to-market (GTM) teams often find themselves bogged down by inefficient processes and manual tasks, leading to what we call "GTM Bloat." This bloat slows down operations, drains resources, and ultimately impedes revenue growth.

But there's a solution on the horizon: GTM Velocity, a state of optimized efficiency and agility that allows teams to move faster and achieve more with less.

The benefits of automating personalized prospecting are numerous.

First and foremost, it frees up valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual research and data management. This increased efficiency allows your teams to focus on strategic, high-value activities that drive real business impact.

Plus, our AI-powered platform ensures scalability, enabling your teams to manage a large volume of tasks simultaneously without a linear increase in labor or time investment.

Finally, our platform's advanced AI capabilities ensure consistency and data-driven personalization across all outreach efforts.

Each email, battle card, and engagement strategy is tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your prospects, significantly improving engagement rates and conversion rates compared to generic outreach.

Instantly Harvest Relevant Prospect Data at Scale

Gathering data on potential prospects is a painstaking, time-consuming process when done manually.

Your sales and marketing teams have to spend countless hours scouring the web, digging through company profiles, news articles, social media posts, and more – just to uncover a few critical insights about each prospective client.

But what if you could instantly harvest all the relevant data you need with the click of a button?

Our cutting-edge AI prospecting platform does exactly that. It automates the entire data gathering process, sifting through millions of online sources to compile comprehensive profiles on your ideal prospects.

Within seconds, you have access to up-to-date intel on company details, key decision makers, product needs, business challenges, and more.

This frees up your team from tedious research tasks, allowing them to reallocate their time and energy towards higher-value activities like nurturing relationships, crafting tailored messaging, and driving sales conversations.

By leveraging AI to do the heavy lifting of data collection at scale, you'll operate with unprecedented efficiency and velocity in your go-to-market efforts.

AI-Driven Enrichment for Deep, Actionable Insights

Our cutting-edge AI doesn't just gather data - it analyzes and enriches that information to uncover deep insights about each prospect's unique business challenges and needs.

This level of enrichment enables your team to craft highly targeted messaging that speaks directly to a prospect's pain points and goals.

No more generic, one-size-fits-all emails that get lost in the noise. With our AI's guidance, every interaction can be tailored to resonate with the specific individual on the other end.

The results? Increased engagement, higher conversion rates from leads to opportunities, and an accelerated sales cycle.

Your sales productivity will soar as you close more deals in less time. And with a steadily growing pipeline of promising prospects, you'll be firmly on the path to explosive revenue growth.

Embrace AI-driven enrichment and leave go-to-market bloat in the dust.

Turbocharge Sales Enablement with Auto-Generated Battle Cards

In today's fiercely competitive landscape, your sales warriors need to be armed with the sharpest competitive intelligence to outmaneuver rivals and claim victory.

However, the traditional process of manually creating battle cards is a painstaking, effort-intensive endeavor that drains precious resources.

Enter our AI-powered solution, which streamlines the creation of these critical sales assets with unprecedented speed and precision.

By automating the research and synthesis of competitor data, we empower your sales teams with up-to-the-minute insights into your adversaries' strengths, weaknesses, and strategies.

No more endless hours spent poring over disconnected data sources – our AI does the heavy lifting, distilling the most pertinent competitive knowledge into comprehensive battle cards.

With these powerful tools at their fingertips, your sales champions can rapidly adapt their tactics, counter objections, and highlight your unique value proposition with laser-focused precision.

This accelerated sales enablement translates into a swifter path to closed deals, outpacing your competitors at every turn.

Conquer GTM Bloat with the Efficiency of Automation

As the first-ever GTM AI platform, we're revolutionizing how go-to-market teams operate by conquering the bloat and inefficiencies that have plagued marketing and sales for too long.

By automating personalized prospecting workflows with cutting-edge AI, our platform unlocks unprecedented levels of efficiency, scalability, and data-driven personalization - the trifecta for achieving true go-to-market velocity.

With our AI handling repetitive, time-consuming tasks like data collection, analysis, and content creation, your team is liberated to focus on high-value, strategic activities that drive revenue growth.

Gone are the days of manual research and generic outreach; our platform provides deep, actionable insights that power hyper-personalized engagement at scale.

The benefits are clear: increased operational efficiency, reduced labor costs, streamlined sales enablement, and ultimately, accelerated revenue growth through more successful prospect interactions.

It's time to leave the bloat behind and embrace the future of go-to-market with our AI-powered platform.

Don't let inefficiencies hold your team back any longer. Join the GTM velocity revolution by booking your demo today!

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