Jasper vs Copy.ai: An honest & unbiased review (even where we lose)

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Comparing Copy.ai vs Jasper

Jasper (Boss)
$600/month (estimated)
Tools & Templates
90+ tools & templates
50+ templates
User Seats
5 user seats
5 user seats
Language Support
29+ languages
29+ languages

Why Teams Are Choosing Copy.ai over Jasper

Simplified Pricing

Copy.ai gives you unlimited text generation for only $36/month, with access to all our features. This includes 5 user seats, unlimited words, unlimited Brand Voices, 90+ content creation tools, and priority email support. Jasper’s lowest-tiered plan is $39/month and while it gives you unlimited word generation, it only comes with 1 user seat and 1 brand voice. They have a Team’s plan, too, with 3 seats and 3 brand voices, but this runs up to $99/month

Highest Quality Output

Copy.ai has established itself as one of the most reputable and reliable content generators on the market. But Jasper.ai is a strong option, too, and it’d be wrong to say otherwise. Both are model agnostic, meaning we both rely on more than just GPT-4 to power your content engine. That said, we have many customers who have switched platforms simply because they prefer the output from Copy.ai. We’re obviously a bit biased, so the best way to solve this is to see for yourself. Click here to try Copy.ai free (no credit card required).

Scalable for Teams

Copy.ai is the perfect solution for handling all of your long and short-form content writing needs. Both marketing and sales can create product assets in a fraction of the time it currently takes them. Blog or social media posts, landing pages, ad copy, sales emails, and all the little things in between are just a few clicks away for only $36/month. And when you try our Automated Workflows, you can create all of this content securely and at scale.

Smarter,  Automated AI Workflows

Jasper has something called “Campaigns” which allow you to create multiple marketing assets from a single brief. On the Creator plan, you get 1 to build one campaign. Copy.ai automates your workflows in a way that goes much deeper than marketing assets. Send personalized cold emails, drive traffic with programmatic SEO, write product descriptions in bulk, and produce compelling long-form thought leadership articles. With Copy.ai you could 100x your team’s efficiency – and that’s not hyperbole. 

Copy.ai vs Jasper.ai: An honest comparison

Recently, Jasper wrote a comparison review of our two platforms. Frankly, our team didn’t think it was entirely fair. More specifically, we took issue with the following chart:  

Note: The information from this image is NOT accurate.

We understand that competitor reviews are tricky, and it can be difficult to refrain from bias. 

But the image above isn’t biased—it’s flat-out wrong

Put aside the fact that it compares a Paid plan with our Free plan (which is odd considering our paid plan is more affordable and feature-rich than Jasper’s displayed plan); even still, there are several errors that misrepresent the value we offer. 

So we wanted to clear this up with an honest and accurate feature-by-feature comparison of everything shown in the image above. 

1) Brand Voices (FALSE)

The claim: Jasper writes in your brand voice and style, but Copy.ai doesn’t. 

FALSE! - Copy.ai gives you Unlimited Brand Voices at $36/mo. Jasper gives you one Brand Voice at $39/month. 

Both Copy.ai and Jasper have a Brand Voice that you can use to modify the tone of your output. This is beneficial to teams who want to keep messaging consistent across their entire organization, even when generating content by various writers/departments. 

Jasper says that Copy.ai doesn’t give you access to a Brand Voice, but that’s not the case. 

In fact, on our Pro plan, you have Unlimited Brand Voices at only $36/month:

Compare that with Jasper’s $39/month plan, where you get exactly one Brand Voice for your entire team. 

2) Infobase vs. Knowledge Base (FALSE)

The claim: Jasper allows you to add Knowledge Assets to further contextualize prompts, but Copy.ai doesn’t. 

FALSE! - Copy.ai has Infobase, which lets you upload unlimited entries. Jasper charges you more than Copy.ai to give you limited Knowledge Assets (50 total). 

In Jasper’s review, they mention that they have a feature to “upload knowledge to factually write about your business.” 

This is incorrect. Copy.ai has something called Infobase that allows you to do exactly that. 

With Infobase, you can add context about your business, editing guidelines, authors, etc. Then, with a simple “#,” refer back to that information in your prompts: 

It’s also worth noting that with Copy.ai, you get unlimited entries to Infobase, compared with Jasper which only gives you 50 knowledge assets. 

Plus, working with Jasper’s Knowledge Base is less intuitive. With Jasper, you apply context to the entirety of your prompt before starting the chat:

And since everything here in the Jasper dashboard is classified as “Company Info,” you can see how two separate Knowledge Assets could overlap and confuse a single prompt. 

But earlier, we said that we’d give you an honest review and try to remain as unbiased as possible. 

In the spirit of fairness, we should mention that Jasper currently lets you add Knowledge Assets via PDF or URL:

And that is pretty cool. 

Right now, with Copy.ai, you can add context via PDF, and raw text, but we haven’t found our users struggling with copy/paste. 

That said, CSV files, and URL links are on the roadmap. 

3) Up-to-date news & accurate info comp (FALSE)

The claim: Jasper has more up-to-date news and information than Copy.ai. 

FALSE! - Jasper has a partnership with Google Cloud, and that part is true. But Jasper does NOT have access to any special information as a result. 

Saying Jasper gets “up-to-date news & accurate information in partnership with Google” isn’t a fair portrayal of that partnership. 

Let’s clear that up. 

Jasper’s partnership with Google has two components: 

  • People can buy Jasper directly from Google Cloud Marketplace (which really affects Jasper’s bottom line, not Jasper’s users)
  • Jasper will have access to Google’s Vertex AI models (a planned integration that hasn’t been implemented yet) 

Our hats are off to Jasper for this partnership. That’s a big accomplishment, and we’re happy for them. 

But to suggest that this somehow gives Jasper access to more or better information is NOT accurate. 

Copy.ai scrapes today’s internet to bring you the same information you’d find when searching Google. Even when Jasper integrates with Vertex AI models, it wouldn’t be an exclusive partnership, meaning other generative AI platforms will have access, too.

In other words, as it stands today, Jasper’s partnership with Google Cloud equates to a new platform for their sales team and a possible AI model in the future. 

It in no way has access to more up-to-date information than Copy.ai. 

4) Workflows vs. Campaigns (TRUE-ISH)

The claim: Copy.ai and Jasper have features built for marketing performance and business use cases.

TRUE! - Both Copy.ai and Jasper offer these features. However, the biggest difference here that will affect marketing and business use cases is between Copy.ai Workflows and Jasper Campaigns. 

Let’s look at each in more detail. 

Copy.ai’s Workflows 

Workflows let you streamline the content creation process by repurposing a single text-based asset into as many other content pieces as you need. For example: 

  • Repurpose a blog post into social media posts for any channel 
  • Pull insights from sales calls or webinar transcripts, generate follow-up emails, and send all of that information to Slack for review 
  • Generate eBooks, white papers, press releases, and every other campaign you need to experience growth at scale 

And while we could tell you what it does all day, it’s much easier to see for yourself: 

Jasper’s Campaigns

Jasper created something similar but restricted exclusively to marketing purposes. For $39/month, you can create multiple assets from a single brief.

This is essentially a limited version of Copy.ai Workflows (Jasper also has something called “workflows,” but this is a longer process to guide you through building a single asset).

We call it “limited” because it only works for content repurposing.

Copy.ai Workflows, however, let you pull insights, brainstorm new ideas, generate outlines, run product descriptions or translations in bulk, and much more.

Jasper’s Campaigns can be helpful, but on the Creator plan (from the original review), you only get one campaign/month, so it wouldn’t be the best option for teams or larger use cases.

5) Chrome extension (TRUE)

The claim: Jasper’s extension allows you to use AI everywhere online. 

TRUE - Here’s the fact… Jasper does have a Chrome extension, and Copy.ai doesn’t. 

This is one area of Jasper’s review that they got correct. While this is on our roadmap, we haven’t made a Chrome extension a priority for two reasons. 

First, apart from writing emails, most of our users generate content for larger-scale campaigns. As such, the content gets built, edited, and shared from our dashboard for better collaboration (i.e., they really don’t need generative AI all that much outside of professional projects). 

We’re focused on helping these customers achieve team-wide goals first and foremost, and a Chrome extension for individual use doesn’t directly support that effort. 

Second, our team found this type of extension less helpful than you might think. 

Again, practically speaking, the biggest use case for a generative AI Chrome extension is responding to emails. And to do that right, you still need to play with the prompt, then edit the output. 

We believe the power of AI is in scaling content creation/distribution to reach higher growth in business, not mindlessly responding to your relatives about holiday plans. 

While Jasper’s Chrome extension can help with the latter, any impactful content would still likely be generated in your dashboard. 

6) Collaborate with your team & user management (FALSE)

The claim: Jasper allows you to collaborate with your team and manage users, but Copy.ai doesn’t. 

FALSE! - Copy.ai was built with teams in mind and gives Pro users 5 seats at only $36/month. Compare this to Jasper’s 1 user seat at $39/month. 

Copy.ai offers five user seats with every paid subscription. Plus, we have project folders that your team can access while still having private folders that only you can see. 

So yes, with Copy.ai, you can collaborate with your team and manage users.

7) Content Organization & Documents (FALSE)

The claim: Jasper allows you to organize your content, but Copy.ai doesn’t. 

FALSE! - Copy.ai DOES have project folders that you can use to organize your work. 

We even have a tab in the main dashboard that says My Projects where you can go add new projects or folders to stay organized: 

Our team used Jasper’s dashboard and could only find our projects at the document level without having the ability to create folders to organize them: 

In that way, you could argue that Copy.ai offers higher levels of content organization than Jasper

8) Enterprise Security (FALSE)

The claim: Jasper gives you enterprise-level security, but Copy.ai doesn’t.

FALSE! - Copy.ai is SOC 2 Type II compliance (the highest you can obtain for enterprise-level security). 

We’re an enterprise-level generative AI company… of course you get enterprise-level security

We’ve taken every precaution and obtained SOC 2 Type II certification. Click here to learn more about what this means for your security.

9) Uptime & Backlogs (FALSE)

The claim: Jasper offers 99% uptime, history backlog, and recovery, but Copy.ai doesn’t.

FALSE! - Copy.ai gives you the same reliability, insight into your history, and file recovery. 

Both software offers stellar uptime and access to your Chat history, allowing you to recover any lost content. 

Copy.ai even has a calendar where you can monitor any incidents and track how issues are resolved: 

And like all generative AI platforms, Jasper isn’t immune to these issues either. Here’s a recent snapshot of their incident reports: 

The bottom line? Copy.ai and Jasper both provide users with a reliable AI solution.

10) Customer Support (FALSE)

The claim: Jasper offers customer support and product training, but Copy.ai doesn’t.

FALSE! - Copy.ai DOES offer stellar support and product training. 

First things first, let’s get clear on the type of support Jasper is talking about here for the plan in their review: 

In terms of support, what we’re comparing here is email support. 

Copy.ai offers fast and reliable email support, too

We’re a small but mighty team, and we’ve been able to support over 10 million users since we started. In fact, here’s what one review had to say: 

Okay, but what about customer training? 

Reading the description from Jasper’s comparison chart, you might think that Jasper offers personalized training for each user. 

But let's see what Jasper is specifically referring to: 

Here, “product training” means informational webinars and on-demand content. 

Again, these are all resources Copy.ai offers, too

Here’s a link to our on-demand webinar page

Our team also holds weekly Office Hours to help you with specific questions, a YouTube channel, our Prompt School, Copy 101, a docs hub, and customer support. 

Copy.ai vs Jasper.ai: Other points to clear up

In their review, Jasper makes a few other claims that we wanted to address head-on. 

1) Copy.ai was built primarily for copywriting (FALSE)

We were actually built for ALL types of content, long-form included. Plus, since our platform scrapes the web, we can provide accurate and relevant sources for your blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, etc. 

You can use Copy.ai for long-form, short-form… basically any-form of content you want. 

2) Copy.ai was built with OpenAI’s language models (FALSE) 

In their review, Jasper makes the following claim: 

“Copy.ai is built on OpenAI’s language models. Jasper leverages those same models, including GPT4, but also uses models from Anthropic, visual models from Stability and more. Multiple models means greater reliability. If one model is having problems, for example, Jasper can automatically switch to another to keep your work from getting interrupted. A diverse range of models also means we can select the best model for each unique need.”

While Copy.ai does have access to OpenAI’s GPT-4, we are model agnostic just like Jasper (we literally use other models like Anthropic for the same reasons).

This part of their review is simply inaccurate. 

3) Copy.ai requires more editing (FALSE)

Jasper made the following claim in the first FAQ response: 

“Jasper's proprietary AI engine ensures high-quality content created by the best available language model, which means the content generated by Jasper usually requires less editing than Copy AI's output. Jasper also offers Brand Voice features which allows you to create content that's always in your company's style, as well as safety features that ensures your data stays private. Copy AI currently does not offer these features.”

We are model agnostic, just like Jasper, and pull from the best available language model, too.  We offer unlimited Brand Voices (compared to Jasper’s 1). And we offer the same level of enterprise security with our SOC 2 Type II compliance. 

4) Three false claims from the FAQ 

Jasper mentions three “cons reported by users” without citing any of the sources for the complaints. 

While we don’t know where the author was reading these reviews, we wanted to clarify each of these points for any users who have similar hesitations:  

Point 1: Limited customization - While Copy AI can generate quality content, it can be difficult to fully customize that content to suit your individual needs.

Copy.ai offers unlimited Brand Voices and unlimited entries to Infobase for only $36/month. Compare that with Jasper’s 1 Brand Voice and limit of 50 Knowledge Assets at $39/month, and it’s hard to understand why Copy.ai would be considered less customizable. 

Point 2: Lack of on-brand voice or tone - Because Copy AI doesn't offer personalization or customization, it's limited by the creativity and language it has been programmed with, which means that generated content may lack the unique voice or style unique to your business.

Again, that simply isn’t true. With Copy.ai, you can have unlimited Brand Voices to keep your style completely unique to your brand. 

Point 3: Lack of safety features - While Jasper offers features to keep your data private and safe, Copy AI does not currently offer these features.

Copy.ai offers the same security measures as Jasper (We’re SOC 2 Type II compliant), and will be GDPR compliant soon.

The bottom line: Copy.ai is the no-brainer solution for teams looking to scale with Generative AI

Here’s the TL;DR: Copy.ai’s AI workflow automation makes it a better solution for teams that want better results in less time. 

Jasper is a reliable AI tool, and it would be disingenuous to say otherwise. But our team was surprised by the comparison piece they wrote which doesn’t do our platform the justice it deserves. 

So here’s the real story: the biggest distinguishing feature from Jasper is a Chrome extension, mostly useful for responding to emails from your grandmother or that crazy uncle and not something you’d often use to build larger campaigns.  

Copy.ai, on the other hand, has distinguished itself with AI Workflow automation, a powerhouse solution for automated content at scale. While Jasper offers something similar with “Campaigns,” it’s limited to repurposing marketing content and has a high price point for the amount of content you can produce. 

That’s why Copy.ai is the clear winner for busy marketing teams who are hellbent on bringing big ideas to life and scaling their success! 

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