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How to create attention-grabbing social media copy using a hook generator

When it comes to getting people to “slow their scroll” on social media, the words you write are just as important as the images that accompany your posts. If you want to grab the audience’s attention, you need to write a strong hook to kick off your post.

As the word implies, the first sentence of your post is the worm on your fishing hook. You’re not going to reel in interactions without it. The hook must engage your audience and make them want to read on.

But writing a stimulating hook isn’t always easy. Social media marketers must continuously test new approaches to see what types of hooks their audience responds to best.

Speed up the process of brainstorming and writing social media hooks with’s free hook generator. Here’s how the tool works:

Step 1: Describe the topic of your post

Look for the “Tools” list on the left side of the app. Scroll down to find “Social Media Tools.” When you click on this phrase, you’ll see the “Hook Generator” tool listed below. Click on it to open up the interface.


To use the tool, all you need to do is describe your social media post in the "What is your topic?" section. Be sure to include as much information about the post as you can to generate detailed, varied hooks.


You can also select a tone of voice that best coincides with your brand and the nature of the social media post you’re writing.


All set? Click the “Create Copy” button to start generating hooks.

Step 2: Check out the generated hook ideas

In just a few seconds, the hook generator will produce a list of ideas based on the information you submitted.


If you want the tool to create more hooks, go to the end of the list and click the “Make More” button to fire up the hook generator again.


Under the “Make More” button, you’ll see another button—"Copy All Results." This button copies all of the generated hooks to your clipboard so you can paste them elsewhere, like a spreadsheet.

Step 3: Save the hooks you think have potential

Click the “Save” button below any hook that you like, and it’ll be sent to the tool’s “Saved” section.


When you want to check out the hooks you liked, all you need to do is click on the “Saved” tab to see the entire list of promising hooks.


You can also “trim the fat” later by using the “Remove” button. Say you saved 15 hooks you liked and want to narrow it down to the five best ones. Simply click “Remove” under the hooks that aren’t good enough to remove them from the “Saved” section.


You can also copy all of your saved hooks to your clipboard with the “copy all saved results” button (see above).

Step 4: Use the best hooks to generate even more

Say you’ve narrowed the suggestions down to five hooks you think could work for your social media post. However, you’d like to see more similar suggestions. Use the “More Like This” button to do that.

Though similar, the “More Like This” and “Make More” buttons aren’t the same. The “Make More” button adds new hooks to the originally generated list of hooks. It’s located at the bottom of the main list of suggested hooks.

The “More Like This” button is located under each individual hook in your original list. Click it to generate new suggestions based on that particular hook.


Keep clicking “More Like This” to get additional hooks for every new suggestion the generator creates.


Experiment with this feature to further develop and refine your hook. It can also help you brainstorm your entire social media post and give you great supporting ideas that can follow your hook.

Step 5: Use these best practices to refine your hooks

A hook generator can provide you with a great starting point and theme for your social media post. It can help you try out different angles and keep your creative juices flowing when you feel like you’ve run out of ideas.

Let’s say you’ve used the hook generator and decided a hook that focuses on color could work really well for promoting your blog post about interior design trends. For example:


A hook generator is a great starting point for writing your social media post, but you may decide you want to add your own flair to the generated text. To spice up your hook and give it some extra kick, give these best practices a try.

  • Use statistics. Do a little bit of digging to find an interesting fact related to your topic that’ll catch the reader’s attention.
  • Start with a strange fact that’ll intrigue readers and encourage them to read on. For example, you might write in a post about interior design, “In Chinese medicine, the liver is associated with spring and the color green.” Now you’ve sparked the reader’s curiosity as they wonder what this organ has to do with interior design.
  • Quote someone famous to grab your audience’s attention and bring a sense of credibility to your post. Going back to the interior design example, you might quote the painter and sculptor Paul Gauguin: “Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams."
  • Leave out a key detail to pique your audience's curiosity. For example, you might write, “Use these 5 colors to rejuvenate and re-energize your living space,” in a caption that leads to a linked blog post. Readers who are curious to know these colors will be motivated to click the post.
  • Ask a question to encourage interaction from followers. For example, you might ask, “What color do you associate most with spring?

Don’t be afraid to try out different angles and have fun with your hooks to vary your social media posts so your audience doesn’t always know what to expect.

Use a hook generator to keep your social media posts fresh

Maintaining a presence on social media is hard work. According to Hootsuite, you should be posting 3-7 times a week on Instagram, 1-2 times a day on Facebook, and 1-5 times a day on Twitter and LinkedIn for the best results. That’s a lot of posting!

A hook generator is a great tool for marketing and social media professionals who need to write a ton of copy. It provides them with an easy way to get a little bit of outside inspiration now and again to keep their social media posts fresh and their readers engaged and coming back for more.  

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