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How to use a TikTok caption generator to create copy that converts  

Where do people go when they need info online? You might think Google—but for many Gen Zers, the answer is TikTok.

A recent TechCrunch report showed that nearly 40% of Gen Z prefer to use TikTok and Instagram instead of Google to figure out where to eat lunch. 

TikTok is the fastest-growing app today. Insider Intelligence believes that TikTok’s ad revenue will be greater than YouTube’s (which is owned by Google) by 2024.

So, if your company is not advertising on TikTok, now is the time to start. Even though the visuals are most important, the captions and descriptions you write play a huge role in the success of your posts. 

With our free TikTok caption generator and our premium copywriting tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI), you can pump out creative and catchy video descriptions that convert like crazy.

Copy.ai’s TikTok caption tools 

Our free and paid AI TikTok caption generators are excellent tools for brainstorming TikTok video descriptions and captions.

Free TikTok caption generator

Want to generate TikTok captions without leaving this page? Scroll up to the top and give our free TikTok caption generator a shot.

Enter what the video is about and what action you’d like the viewer to perform after watching your TikTok. Now click the “Create Copy” button to see what the generator can do.

The free TikTok caption generator creates five captions based on your query. Click the “Copy” button next to any of the captions to save them to your clipboard.

Premium AI generator tools 

If you want more than five caption ideas, try out our premium copywriting tools for free. You get 100 free credits when you sign up and another 10 every month for no cost. Within the Copy.ai app, you can use any of our 90+ tools to continuously ideate off a single query until you’re satisfied with the results. 

To show you how you can write amazing TikTok captions with Copy.ai, we’re going to use the Instagram Captions premium tool, since Instagram and TikTok captions are very similar in style. 

Open the Copy.ai app and find Instagram Captions by using the search box in the “Tools” menu on the left. 

The interface will appear once you’ve clicked on the tool. Explain the TikTok post you want to create as clearly as possible in the “What is your post about?” field. 

Use the “tone of voice” feature to choose one that best fits your brand and target audience. Friendly, professional, relaxed, luxury, and persuasive are just a few of the tone of voice options Copy.ai offers.

Once you have chosen your tone of voice, click “Create Copy” (shown above). After a few seconds, the caption generator will create a list of ideas for you.

To generate even more captions, scroll down to the bottom of the list of ideas and click the “Make More” button.

Use the “Copy All Results” button (shown above) to copy all the generator captions to your clipboard.

If you see a caption that you really like, click the “Save” button to move it to the “Saved” section to create a list of your favorite ideas. 

Click on the “Saved” tab to see every caption you’ve saved at any time.

To remove captions from the “Saved” tab, click the “Remove” button located under each idea. 

We’ve shown you the “Make More” feature, which creates additional captions based on your original query. Now try the “More Like This” option, which uses a single caption and ideates new copy based on that idea.

Jump back to the “Create Copy” tab, find a caption that speaks to you, and click the “More Like This” button below it to generate similar ideas.

Continue using “More Like This” to create even more supporting copy for each generated caption idea you like.

Follow best practices to create TikTok captions that convert

Once you have a few TikTok captions you like, use these best practices to experiment with your copy to see what types of messaging convert best over time. 

Use analytics to understand your audience

Create captivating captions by tracking which videos get the most engagement via TikTok Analytics (available to Pro users) and emulating captions for your most popular content.

In the “Followers” tab of TikTok Analytics, you can see the gender distribution of your followers, their locations, what videos they have watched, what time of day they are most active, and more. These demographics make it much easier for you to tailor your captions to your audience. If your audience is younger, use jargon that they use. If the audience is older, make nostalgic pop culture references they’ll understand and connect with. 

Check the “Overview” tab to see how your account has been performing over the last weeks or months based on likes, shares, profile views, and more data. Switch to the “Content” tab to specifically see which videos are getting the most traction. 

Monitor this data as you experiment with your content to easily track what types of TikTok videos and captions speak to your audience best.

Ask questions via TikTok Q&A

TikTok users ask questions to increase engagement. The trick is to experiment with the type of questions you are asking to see what your audience really responds to. Use questions to network and expand your reach by tagging influencers, friends, and other creators in your questions. Whenever your questions get answered, you’re getting free user-generator content to share too. 

Questions also make it easy for you to collect feedback in a way that’s more fun, interactive, and engaging than sending customer surveys. 

To unlock the TikTok Q&A feature, head to your “Creator tools” page and then tap on “Q&A.”

Use the right hashtags 

Use trending hashtags in your TikTok captions to help your content get seen by a wider audience. Use TikTok’s Discover tab to monitor what hashtags are trending and see which ones popular competitors and key influencers in your industry are using. 

The hashtags you use should also be memorable and easy to spell to encourage others to use them. You should also avoid hashtag overkill. Sprout Social recommends including 3–5 per post. 

However, make sure that the hashtags you are using are relevant to what you are promoting. Don’t use viral hashtags that have nothing to do with what you do—they should align with your company and what your target audience expects to see from you.

Stay creative with AI-powered copywriting tools 

According to their own ultimate guide for creatives, TikTok encourages regular posting, recommending brands post 1–4 times a day

Thankfully, tools like our free TikTok caption generator and premium AI-powered tool stack can help social media marketers keep the creative juices flowing and pump out exciting and entertaining content daily without burning out. 

Use these free AI writing tools to brainstorm new unique caption ideas and angles so your TikTok content doesn’t become stale and repetitive. These tools can inject fun into the writing process when you need an extra shot of inspiration now and then. Sign up to try out 90+ AI-powered writing tools for free.

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