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Create super-engaging Instagram captions with this AI powered Instagram caption generator. This free AI powered Instagram caption generator will create the perfect caption for your photo and help you get more likes, followers and comments.

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How to use an Instagram caption generator to create catchy copy for your posts

Certainly, the visual aspect of your posts takes priority on Instagram. But your Instagram captions also play a huge role in getting people to stop scrolling and focus on your post.

A well-written caption can encourage likes, comments, shares, and even website visits from your Instagram bio. And according to the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, the time people spend with Instagram photos and Instagram stories is a very important factor that the Instagram algorithm takes into consideration when ranking content.

To write great Instagram captions for your brand, experiment to see what types of captions your audience responds to best over time. An Artificial Intelligence-powered Instagram caption generator can be a great tool for helping you kick-start this process and get your creative juices flowing.

Here’s how you can use our Instagram caption generator to get started:

Step 1: Enter details about your Instagram post

Once you’ve entered the app, you can find the Instagram Captions tool on the Tools list, under Social Media Tools. Click on “Instagram Captions” to open the tool.

You’ll now see the Instagram Captions interface, where you can submit information about the post you want to create.

How to write captions for instagram with CopyAI

Answer the question '“What is your post about?” in as much detail as possible. The more information you provide for the Instagram caption generator, the more relevant the tool's suggestions will be.

A good instagram caption starts with the question 'What is your post about?

From there, pick a tone of voice (friendly, relaxed, adventurous, bold, etc.) that best describes your brand voice.

Your tone of voice on Instagram is important

Ready to go? Click the “Create Copy” button and let the Instagram caption generator do the rest.

Step 2: Browse through the generated ideas

In just a few seconds, the Instagram caption generator will create a list of ideas for you.

Use CopyAI to generate Instagram captions

Peruse the generated captions to see if any of them tickle your fancy. You’ll notice that the tool offers emoji suggestions as well!

If you want to see even more captions, click the “Make More” button. The generator will deliver another set of captions and add them to the originally created list of suggestions.

The best Instagram captions come from brainstorming many ideas

You also have the option of copying all of the suggested captions to your clipboard by clicking on the “Copy All Results” button (see above). From there, you can export the captions to another document.

Step 3: Save your favorite captions

If you see a cool caption that you love, click the “Save” button below it. This action sends the caption to your “Saved” tab, where you can see all your favorite ideas from the Instagram caption generator.


If you’re not excited about one of the captions you’ve saved after a second glance, no problem; click the “Remove” button to take it off your list of saved captions.

Step 4: Generate more captions based on your favorites

If you’ve found a caption that you really like and want to continue building on it, check out the “More Like This” feature our Instagram caption generator tool boasts. Unlike the “Make More” option—which adds more captions to the original list—the “More Like This” feature generates additional copy based on a particular Instagram caption.

Here’s how it works:

Return to the “Create Copy” tab and find the perfect caption; or at least one you think has a lot of potential. Now click the “More Like This” button below it to generate additional copy based on that Instagram caption.

2022-02-01 10_51_23-2022-02-01 Untitled.png

You can use these new caption suggestions to refine the original caption or even expand it. makes it easy to play around with your good captions by allowing you to edit every suggested caption by simply clicking on it.

Step 5: Experiment with caption elements to find what works best

Once you have a few captions you like, focus on experimenting with these three main elements of your Instagram captions to define and gauge what works best for your brand.

Word count

Instagram’s caption limit is 2,200 characters, but the captions are truncated at 125 characters—meaning the viewer must interact with the post and tap “more” to see longer captions in their entirety.

There’s no right or wrong word count for Instagram captions. According to a recent HubSpot/Mention study, around half of all Instagram posts have captions between 100 and 1,000 characters, which they consider the “sweet spot” brands should aim to stick to. However, the study also found that longer captions had better engagement rates.

Your ideal caption word count depends on your brand and your goals. Influencer and thought leadership profiles often use their captions as “microblogs” to boost time spent on the post and connect on a deep level with followers through long motivational captions.

However, a study by Quintly showed that for businesses using Instagram to connect with customers, short captions work better. The ideal length for driving more interactions is 1–50 characters.


No matter what industry you’re in, it’s worth considering sprinkling some emojis into your posts. Quintly’s report showed that the greater the amount of emojis used, the greater the Instagram post interaction.

Just make sure that the emojis you use make sense for your brand identity.

2022-02-02 10_38_17-Pizza Hut 🍕 (@pizzahut) • Instagram photos and videos.png
Image source

Emojis also serve as excellent visual bookends to the ideas and thoughts you’re sharing, helping you to stress the end of a sentence or create line breaks in long strings of copy.

2022-02-02 10_40_18-⏰ Gym Tips Posted Every Day!⏰ (@thetrainingmanual) • Instagram photos and videos.png
Image source


Hashtags on Instagram work like keywords do in Google searches. Users can search hashtags on Instagram, and they’ll see every trending post that uses the phrase with the pound sign.

Instagram permits you to add up to 30 hashtags per post. However, Quintly’s study found that fewer hashtags (from one to 10) tend to drive more interactions overall. The HubSpot/Mention study found that the optimal number of hashtags is just one and that “having eight or more hashtags reduced a post’s engagement rate by half as much compared to having no hashtags at all.”

Our takeaway? Use hashtags sparingly and diligently to find your target audience. Using broken hashtags or banned hashtags can lead to shadowbanning, HubSpot confirmed, meaning Instagram could hide or restrict your content without informing you that they have done so.

Whether you’re experimenting with length or emojis, make one change at a time, so it’s easy to identify the cause for performance shifts. To gauge whether caption changes are paying off, we recommend tracking:

  • Impressions: How many people saw your post.
  • Engagement rate: How many likes, comments, shares, saves, and any other interactions your posts received.

Along with changing one caption factor at a time, be sure to keep other elements of your Instagram posts as consistent as possible when experimenting. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tell if the caption adjustments led to the boost in performance.

Use an Instagram caption generator to stay creative

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut writing brand copy for Instagram. Thankfully, tools like Instagram caption generators exist to help you overcome your writer’s block and keep innovating.

Use these free AI writing tools to brainstorm new unique caption ideas and angles, so your Instagram content doesn’t become stale and repetitive. These tools can inject fun into the writing process when you need an extra shot of inspiration now and then.

Check out our guide on how to write great Instagram captions for your brand!

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