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Free webinar title generator (+ tips for getting more signups)

You’ve just planned a webinar that you can’t help but be proud of—it answers all of the questions your target audience has about the topic.

But you can’t rely on amazing webinar content alone to get attendees. To attract an audience, you’ll need an eye-catching webinar title.

Here’s how our webinar title generator tool can help.

Step 1: Enter your webinar details

To start using our free webinar title generator, open the Copy.ai website. Click on “Resources” from the top menu.

Select “Free AI Writing Tools,” the third option on the dropdown menu.

This button will redirect you to the free AI-powered copywriting generators page. Look for the “Webinar Title Generator” in the Tools list and choose it.

You’ll now see the Webinar Title Generator interface. Enter your main webinar topic and what attendees will learn at the event.

The more details you give, the better our tool’s title suggestions will be.

From there, click the ‘Create Copy’ button and let the Webinar Title Generator do the rest.

Step 2: Go through the generated webinar title ideas

The webinar title generator will instantly give you a list of ideas based on the information you put in the form.

Look at the generated titles and see if you like any of them.

If you want to get more titles, adjust the details you filled in earlier and tap on the “Create Copy” button again. The tool will deliver another set of titles.

You’ll also see a “Copy” button on the right side of each webinar title suggestion, which lets you copy anyone you like and paste it into another document. This functionality is helpful for marketers who prefer working in a separate app or who plan to share webinar title ideas with coworkers.

If you'd rather work within Copy.ai, our free tool lets you edit every suggested webinar title and change up the structure by simply clicking on the text.

Step 3: Refine your webinar title

A webinar title generator is a great starting point, especially if you're experiencing writer's block. Ultimately, you know your webinar better than even the best AI tool. You may find that the generated titles are close to what you want but still need a bit of finessing.

Create a webinar title that converts with these tried and tested tips.

Consider your audience

With a clear understanding of your audience, you’ll be able to craft a webinar title that addresses their interests and pain points. A title that tells people what they’ll gain from the event will get them to register—and actually show up! They might even share the webinar with other like-minded people.

Say you’re putting together a webinar on improving Facebook ad returns, and digital marketers are your target audience. A title like “How to boost Facebook ad returns without breaking the bank” will likely attract marketers trying to maximize their ad budget.

Keep your title short and punchy

Grab potential attendees’ attention with a brief, strong title. Short titles will also help with SEO. According to Moz, most search engines only display 50-60 characters in a title tag. Stay within this character limit, and you can rest easy, knowing your title won't be cut off.

To keep your title short, you may be tempted to squeeze in words that exaggerate the webinar content. Don’t fall into this trap—the best webinar titles are clear and concise without being sensationalist. Attendees will be disappointed if your webinar fails to meet its title’s promise.

Remember that Facebook ad returns webinar? “How to boost Facebook ad returns without breaking the bank” and “Boost Facebook ad returns by 5,000%” are both potential title ideas. They’re both short and punchy, but the first is realistic while the other is bogus.

Ask others for feedback

Run your title ideas by a small selection of friends or fellow organizers who are willing to share constructive feedback and help brainstorm on the best option.

Tell them what the webinar is about and the areas you’ll cover. Ask for their title suggestions or show them the ideas you already have to get their opinions.

Together, you can play around with the titles, choose favorites, and eventually settle on one.

Step 4: Boost webinar signups with these best practices

A great webinar title is only one part of getting people to attend your webinar. Beyond coining a catchy title, drive webinar signups through your website and network.

Create a landing page for the webinar

On the landing page, share details on the webinar, including date, time, what attendees will learn, speakers, sponsors, and partners.

Do some keyword research on your webinar topic, so you can include relevant keywords in your landing page copy.

Add a countdown to the page to build anticipation and give site visitors a sense of urgency to sign up. A software developer or free website countdown plugin can help with this.

And, of course, craft a catchy call-to-action (CTA) that drives page visitors to sign up for the webinar. Copy.ai’s CTA generator is a great place to start.

Ask guest speakers, sponsors, and partners to promote the webinar

Guest speakers, sponsors, and partners all have a stake in your webinar—whether it's to grow their brands or drive conversions. By asking these stakeholders to share your webinar with their network, you’ll:

  • Improve webinar reach and create a ripple effect of signups.
  • Drive credibility—the more people who talk about the webinar, the more interested potential attendees will be.

You could ask guests and partners to retweet your company's tweet about the webinar or send them the digital event flier to share on their LinkedIn.

Share the webinar with your email lists and social media followers

People who already have some level of interest in your business will likely register for your webinar faster than those who don’t.

Encourage your brand’s existing followers and contacts to sign up for the webinar via email and social. You can also ask them to invite others in their network to join.

Use a webinar title generator to spark creativity!

Whether you’re a beginner or veteran marketer, organizing a webinar is hard work—from confirming speakers to finalizing dates and, of course, choosing a compelling title. The last thing you want is for a wave of writer’s block to hit.

Copy.ai’s free webinar title generator is the perfect side-kick to help you get your creative juices flowing and make writing fun again!

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