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Gather crucial data around customers from a LinkedIn URL for more personalized outreach.

What is Lead Enrichment with

Lead enrichment uses tailored workflows to automate and improve the process of gathering detailed information about prospects on LinkedIn.

Here’s how it functions within the context of workflow automation:

  1. Integration with CRM: The process begins by integrating your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with This integration allows for an automatic tracking and/or uploading of new inbound leads that need to be enriched.
  2. Workflow Triggers: Once set up, specific workflows are triggered whenever a new lead is created. You can also manually enter the lead's LinkedIn URL (like you can from the form above). Once you've gone fully automated, however, you'd want to make it so that each time a potential client or contact is added to your CRM, the enrichment process begins.
  3. Data Collection: The AI-driven workflows then enrich these leads by pulling comprehensive information from LinkedIn profiles, such as social profiles, work history, skills, and interests. It even collects recent news on the lead's company to provide a complete picture.
  4. Use Case Identification: Beyond collecting information, the system also analyzes and identifies potential use cases based on the lead’s role and industry. This aids in personalizing the sales approach by understanding the specific pain points and challenges relevant to the lead.
  5. Refinement: As you provide feedback or examples of ideal lead intelligence, the workflows refine their searches and parameters. This means the AI learns from your input to improve future lead enrichment.
  6. Export and Utilize: Finally, you can export the enriched data back into your CRM. This enriched information enables personalized engagement with prospects, tailoring communication in a way that directly addresses their needs and interests from the first interaction.

In short, LinkedIn enrichment through workflows offers a way to automate the collection of rich, relevant data about prospects. This enables more meaningful connections, helping to target the right individuals with the right message at the right time.

How Lead Enrichment Worked before AI

As a dedicated sales professional, you're well aware of the relentless pursuit to hit and exceed quotas.

The painstaking task of manually sifting through countless LinkedIn profiles and Google searches to find the golden prospects is not just time-consuming, but can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Without a doubt, the traditional methods of prospect research and lead enrichment are costing you something much more valuable than money—your time.

Imagine spending those hours, that could have been used closing deals, on repetitive tasks that barely move the needle.

That's the reality of manual prospecting and lead enrichment. Not only do you risk burnout, but the lack of personalized outreach could mean missing out on potential leads. In today's competitive market, a generic approach just doesn't cut it anymore. What you need is a way to understand your prospects deeply—their needs, skills, interests, and the latest news about their companies—to make that first connection impactful.

How LinkedIn Enrichment Works Now

Introducing Lead Enrichment with, the first-ever GTM AI Platform. Lead Enrichment from workflows can use various data points such as a LinkedIn profile, an email address, or a company domain (URL).

Here's how lead enrichment works for each:

1. Enrichment from a LinkedIn Profile:

  • Data Extraction: The workflow starts by extracting data from LinkedIn profiles, which often contain a wealth of information such as employment history, education, skills, endorsements, and network size.
  • Content Analysis: An AI-powered workflow can analyze the content of the LinkedIn profile, including posts and activity, to determine professional interests and recent developments.
  • Social Insights: Additional data such as group memberships and shared connections provide further context for the lead, revealing potential engagement avenues.
  • Resulting Action: This data can then feed into CRM systems, enabling personalized outreach by highlighting shared connections, commenting on posts, or tailoring the pitch to the lead’s demonstrated skills or interests.

2. Enrichment from an Email Address:

  • Identity Verification: When a workflow starts with an email address, the first step often includes verifying the identity and validating the email.
  • Data Aggregation: An AI workflow will reference public databases that can link the email address to a professional profile, providing information such as job titles and company details.
  • Resulting Action: With an enriched profile from an email, a sales rep or marketer can understand the lead's professional background and position within their company, which can influence the communication strategy.

3. Enrichment from a Company Domain (URL):

  • Company Information: AI workflows can scrape data from the company’s official website, gathering information like industry, size, location, and products/services offered.
  • Public Records: If available, public financial records can be pulled to understand the company's performance, which might influence how it's approached in the sales process.
  • Recent News: Latest press releases and news articles can provide context on recent company developments, strategic directions, and challenges.
  • Resulting Action: With an understanding of the company, sales or marketing can craft pitches and content that address the company's current state, such as providing solutions to recently highlighted challenges.

In all cases, the information gathered by the workflow needs to be clean, organized, and integrated into the existing CRM or marketing automation tools to ensure that the sales or marketing team can act upon it efficiently.

The integration of this data into existing systems allows for a seamless transition from prospecting to active sales engagement, ensuring that the team has the most relevant and actionable information at their fingertips.

Who's it for?

Sales Managers

Sales reps can tailor their outreach based on the enriched data derived from a prospect’s email, company domain, or LinkedIn profile. This means crafting messages that resonate with the prospect’s specific interests, challenges, and professional background, therefore likely increasing response rates.

Sales Representatives

Sales managers can use insights derived from enriched data to guide coaching and development. Understanding what types of leads convert best and why helps managers train their teams to look for and engage with similar prospects efficiently.

Account-based Marketing Teams

ABM teams can use enriched data to create highly targeted and customized marketing campaigns. Knowing a prospect's specific role, industry, and interests allows for crafting messages that are likely to captivate and convert.

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