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How to create a great acronym: Free acronym generator + 3 tips

NATO. FIAT. NASA. Do you know the meaning behind any of these iconic brand names? Probably not. 

NATO stands for “North Atlantic Treaty Organization.” FIAT is short for “Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino,” the Italian automobile factory in Turin. NASA is the “National Aeronautics and Space Administration.”  

These famous abbreviations are all acronyms. If you want to create a product or company name that isn’t too long—one that’s catchy and easy to remember—creating a fitting acronym that rolls off the tongue could be exactly what you need. 

Not sure where to start? Consider using an AI-powered acronym generator, along with following these best practices. 

Use an acronym generator to help you brainstorm

Need help brainstorming acronym ideas? Whether you already have a name you want to shorten or you’re looking to create a catchy acronym from scratch, has free and premium tools that can help spark your creativity.

Free acronym generator

Scroll up to the top of this page to try out our free acronym generator.

Enter the topic and goal of your acronym in the provided fields and click the “Create Copy” button to see what the acronym generator comes up with for you.

Our free acronym generator creates five ideas based on the query you’ve entered. Click the “Copy” button next to any of the created acronyms to save them to your clipboard.

Premium AI generator tool

The free acronym generator has given us a great start. To ideate further, let's take our favorite idea from the free tool and plug it into’s premium tools. 

When you sign up for, you get 100 free credits to try out every premium tool within the application. Even if you decide not to purchase the app, you still get 10 free credits every single month to use our premium generators as you wish. 

To further develop our acronym ideas, we’re going to use the Freestyle tool, which is one of the most diverse tools in the application. Use it to ideate just about any type of copy you may need. 

To get started, open the app and find “freestyle” by using the search box in the “Tools” menu on the left. 

The Freestyle tool’s interface will appear once you’ve clicked on it. 

Since the Freestyle tool’s not programmed to generate a specific type of copy, clearly explain what you want to create and the main points you want to cover. 

To focus the results, we’re going to tell the generator we want to create an acronym. We’re also going to include one of the ideas generated by the free acronym generator tool in the “What are the main points you want to cover?” field.

The “tone of voice” feature lets you choose a tone that best fits your brand or organization. Some options available are friendly, professional, relaxed, and bold. Since we’re creating an acronym for a candy company, let’s use the friendly tone of voice. 

Now click “Create Copy” (shown above). The Freestyle tool will generate ideas for you in just a few seconds. 

To generate more acronym ideas, scroll down to the end of the list of ideas and click the “Make More” button.

The “Copy All Results” button located right under the Make More button (shown above) allows you to copy all the generated acronym ideas to your clipboard.

Whenever you see an acronym idea you like, click the “Save” button. The idea automatically gets moved to the “Saved” section. This is where you can create a list of all your favorite acronym ideas.

You can see the list of ideas you like most by clicking on the “Saved” tab at any time.

To remove acronym ideas from your “Saved” tab, click the “Remove” button located under the idea. You can also use the “Copy” button next to the “Remove” button to copy the idea to your clipboard.

You’ve seen the “Make More” feature, which creates additional ideas based on your original query. There’s also the “More Like This” option, which uses one generated idea to create additional copy based on that idea.

To try it out, go back to the “Create Copy” tab (if you're currently looking at the “Saved” tab), find an acronym idea you like, and click the “More Like This” button below it.

The “More Like This” suggestions could help you create other types of copy—like slogans, mottos, or mission statements—to complement your acronym. 

Thanks to the ideas generated with the free acronym generator and the premium freestyle tool as a starting point, we created an acronym that works—BITES—‍Boris’ International Treats & Exotic Sweets.

The acronym spells out an actual word (bites) that makes sense for a candy company. 

Understand the difference between acronyms and initialisms

You might think the FDA or the channel CBS are acronyms. Technically, they’re not. 

An acronym is a type of abbreviation where you pronounce the abbreviated letters as though they were a word, like NASA. FDA and CBS are both examples of initialisms—abbreviations that are pronounced as individual letters instead of words. 

Both acronyms and initialisms can work as business names. In this post, we’ll focus on the former. 

Spell out an actual word if possible

If you want to create an acronym that sticks, make it an actual word. Acronyms don’t have to be actual words, but they’re easier to remember when they are. A good example is D.A.R.E. 

The acronym is short for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Coupled with the organization's tagline, “to resist drugs and violence,” D.A.R.E.’s mission is clear—to dare (have the courage) to say “no” to drugs and violence. 

If you’re struggling to find a word, focus instead on creating an acronym that’s easy to pronounce. 

If your organization becomes popular, your acronym may just turn into a word. 

“Laser” and “radar” both started out as acronyms—laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, and radar stands for Radio Detection And Ranging. Over time, both became so well recognized that people commonly identify them as actual words even though they are actually acronyms.

‍Choose an acronym that reflects your organization's focus

Your acronym will be easier to remember and adopt if it's both an actual word and one that’s closely related to what your organization or company does. 

Consider the organization LEAD, which promotes lifelong learning initiatives. LEAD stands for Leadership, Education, and Development, and the word itself affirms the organization's mission of providing leadership in educational initiatives. 

PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society) is another great example. The acronym spells out a word automatically associated with animals. 

Spark your creativity with an AI-powered acronym generator

Sometimes, the hardest part of creative work is sparking an initial idea. If you need help thinking up a creative and catchy acronym but don’t know where to start, AI-powered copywriting tools can jumpstart the process for you. 

Use our free acronym generator to help you brainstorm initial ideas, and be sure to sign up for to claim 100 free credits and try out our 90+ premium copy generation tools. 

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