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Free blog title generator (+7 popular types of headlines)

Spoiler alert—there’s no such thing as a perfect blog post title.

Consider length. Backlinko says that "very long” headlines of between 14-17 words ‌outperform short headlines by 76.7% in social shares. But don’t forget that your blog title needs to be 50-60 to avoid getting cut off in search engine results.

A blog post title’s quality also depends on your goals. What works for increasing click-through rates might not work for social shares. And blog titles that get tons of social media shares might not be great for search engine optimization (SEO).

Because there’s no “right” title, you’re going to need to write quite a few before finding one that works for your blog post.

Thankfully, there are tools and strategies bloggers can use to consistently create and ideate blog titles using new angles and fresh concepts.

Our free blog title generator is one of them.’s blog title generators

Our free and paid AI-powered blog title generators are excellent tools for brainstorming headlines. 

Free blog post title generator

Want to generate titles right away? Scroll up to the top of this page to try out our free blog headline generator tool.

Enter the blog topic and what you’d like the reader to learn from reading your blog post. Click the “Create Copy” button to start up the generator.

The free blog title generator will create five blog headlines based on your input. You can click the “Copy” button next to any of the blog titles if you want to save them to your clipboard.

Premium blog post title generator

While our free tool only produces five ideas at a time, you can use our premium in-app tool to ideate endlessly off a single query.

Let’s take a look at how our premium blog title generator works.

First, open the app and find the tool by using the search box in the “Tools” menu on the left. If you search “blog title,” you’ll see that we have two tools you can use: a general blog title generator and one that specifically generates blog titles for articles that are written as lists, popularly known as “listicles.”

We’re going to use the general blog title generator tool.

The blog title generator interface will appear once you’ve clicked on the tool. Enter a description of your blog topic in the corresponding box. Be as specific as possible when writing this description to give the AI generator as much to work with as possible. also has a “tone of voice” feature you can use to choose a tone that makes the most sense for your brand and the writing style of your blog posts. Some options include friendly, professional, relaxed, and persuasive.

Now click “Create Copy” (shown above). After a few seconds, the blog title generator will create a list of ideas for you.

Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the “Make More” button if you want to generate even more blog post titles.

There’s also a “Copy All Results” button (shown above) that allows you to copy all the generated headline ideas directly to your clipboard and paste them elsewhere.

If you like a particular blog title idea and want to save it, click the “Save” button.

If you want to see a list of all your favorite headline ideas, click on the “Saved” tab to see every blog title you’ve saved.

You can also get rid of ideas from the “Saved” tab by clicking the “Remove” button located under each idea, or you can copy ideas to your clipboard by clicking the “Copy” button located right next to the “Remove” button.

Use the “More Like This” option to generate more copy based specifically on one of your favorite blog title ideas.

Keep in mind, this button and the “Make More” button aren’t the same. The “Make More” button creates additional ideas based on your initial query. The “More Like This” feature uses a single idea and ideates new copy based on that idea.

Here’s how it works:‍

To use “More Like This,” click on the “Create Copy” tab to get back to your original list of blog title ideas. Find one you really like, and click the “More Like This” button below it.

Use “More Like This” to find inspiration when writing your blog post intro, a meta description, or an SEO title for your post.

7 popular types of blog headlines to try out 

The best place to start when writing blog headlines is with tried and tested formulas. Play around with these catchy title types to find one that fits your blog post.

1. Numbers/Lists

A number at the beginning of the blog title usually indicates that the article is going to be a list. Lists are easy to scan and read because they present material in a simple, organized, and easy-to-follow format. This format is most associated with viral content creators BuzzFeed, who have been making a killing off listicles for over a decade.

Example: 8 popular types of blog headlines to try out

2. Tutorials

The cornerstone of content creation is answering questions your audience would likely ask. “How to” headlines mimic the way people search for answers—by typing “how to” and whatever it is they want a tutorial on.

Example: How to write a blog post headline that gets clicks

3. Comparisons

People love to compare things. They also love to read the opinions of others. Comparison headlines tap into a need readers have to understand the pros and cons of two similar things and make an evaluation of which one is superior.

Example: Listicles vs. how-to blog posts: Which works better?

4. Secrets

Headlines that promise you the secrets to doing something well or little-known tips are attractive. Exclusivity is always a desired feature, even with information. A good way to add this element to your content is by interviewing subject-matter experts to source little-known data and unique perspectives.

Example: 5 secrets to writing amazing blog titles

5. Experiences

People want to hear about experiences because it helps them relate to others. “What I learned” is a common way to start these types of headlines. It’s also common to see blog posts that warn readers of “common mistakes” the writer has experienced that others should try to avoid.

Example: What I learned from writing 1,000 blog titles

6. Boasting

If you want people to think that your blog content is the best, you can just flat out say that with words like “ultimate” or “essential” in your title. Blog posts that are billed as being written by experts and industry leaders are another good example of this type of blog title.

Example: The ultimate guide to writing a perfect blog title

7. Checklists

Checklists are super-efficient tutorials that give readers a very systematic way to learn. The promise a blog headline like this makes is that if you complete each step of the proposed process, your success is guaranteed.

Example: The ultimate checklist for writing killer blog titles

Experiment with blog titles to determine what works best 

A great blog title should do two things—appeal to your target audience and promise to provide value to them. By testing out different ‌types of headlines, you’ll get a better idea over time of which blog titles resonate most with the people reading them.

AI copywriting tools like our blog title generator are a great way to keep your blog headlines diverse and interesting. They allow you to test out blog title types and figure out ways to present similar concepts in unique ways.

Sign up with today to give our blog title generator a spin and try out over 90 other content generation tools to help you avoid writer’s block when writing your next blog post.

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