Business Plan Templates: How To Write & Examples

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3 Examples of Business Plan Templates

Simple Business Plan Template

[name of business] is a new business that will provide [description of problem that the business solves].The business will solve this problem by [description of how the business will solve the problem].

The target market for this product or service is [description of target market for this product or service].The business plans to reach its target market by [explain how you plan to reach your target market and make money].

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Business Plan For A Startup Template

[Company name] is a startup that is focused on solving [problem] in the [market].The executive team behind [company] is made up of [name], who has been working in the field of [field] for over 20 years.

The team has already begun to build the product, and it will be ready to launch in the next few months.The company has plans to raise $[amount] in funding, which will be used to scale the business and continue to develop new features.The company plans to focus on [market] first, then expand into other markets.

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Business Plan For A Food Truck Template

Hi [Name/Bank],

My name is [name], and I'm the owner of [name of food truck]. I'm so excited to share with you my food truck business plan.My food truck, [name of food truck], is a mobile restaurant that sells [food truck menu]. We sell our fare at special events, festivals, and at catering gigs.

Our target market is people who are looking for healthy and delicious food that's not too expensive.I'm starting my food truck business because I want to share the joy of eating great food with everyone. I've been cooking for years, and I think that the world needs more tasty and healthy options for people who want to eat clean but don't want to sacrifice taste or quality.

We're going to promote our business by participating in local food truck festivals and getting the word out through social media and word of mouth.

We'll also offer coupons on our website and send out newsletters to our mailing list of loyal customers.In terms of financials, we estimate that we'll have expenses of $[number] in year one, which includes startup costs, with projected revenue of $[number].

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How to use’s business plan template

To access the business plan generator, click here. You’ll need to be logged in to see the template. 

You’ll be directed to a page that prompts you to fill out the main points of your template: 

  • Your business name 
  • Describe the problem your business solves
  • Describe how your business will solve that problem
  • Target market description
  • Revenue model description

Try to be as descriptive as possible when filling out these points. The more details you add, the easier it will be for the free template tool to create your business plan format.

Let’s say you’re writing a business plan for a hair salon. Here’s how you might fill out each category:

  • Business name: Shear Charm Salon
  • Problem description: The closest hair salon to our location is a 20-mile drive that takes well over half an hour, even without heavy traffic.
  • Solution description: We will be a centrally-located destination for people and families of all ages, backgrounds, and styles to come for haircuts and other haircare services.
  • Target market description: Men, women, and children, from babies to older adults.
  • Revenue model description: We will offer services that include basic cuts, color, extensions, styles, and treatments, as well as a wide array of hair care products for retail sale.

Then, choose a tone. You can go with friendly, persuasive, and professional or something else, depending on what you’re going for.

If you submitted this information in our template, here’s the copy that the tool would generate: 

If the options provided aren’t ideal, you can have the tool generate a few more examples. 

From here, you may want to tweak the generated copy to personalize it even further. You can add more information about the services and products you’ll be offering or go into more detail about the business itself.

Whatever type of business you’re starting, a simple business plan should include certain parts that detail your operational plan and business model.

The 7 parts of a good business plan

Our business plan generator is a great jumping-off point, but you may decide that you want to organize the copy into sections. Headers can help readers scan the plan and quickly find the section or details they need. If you would like to add headers, consider organizing your business plan copy under these sections.

Executive summary

The executive summary is where you will compel the reader to see the value of your business. Include your mission statement. Express the purpose of your business plan—are you trying to secure funding? Are you making a plan for your team to have a go-to resource for business information?

Company description

Properly introduce your company in this section. Explain the history of your company, share details about what problem(s) your company is solving, and where you see your business going in the future.

Market analysis

Lay out your competitors as well as your target audience. How are you going to effectively corner the market with your product or service? Spell that out in this section, and be sure to do your research.


This section is all about the “how” of your business—its structure and how responsibilities are handled and by whom. Providing an organizational chart of your management team and company is always a helpful visual for the reader and your team. Include timelines for your planned goals.


The marketing plan section will describe how you plan to grow your business by attracting new customers. List the ways your marketing strategy will use social media to reach people in the area where your business is located, as well as any plans for marketing in local publications. Include a brand messaging document, so the reader knows where you stand, and conduct market research, so you can reach your target audience in the best way possible.

Goods and services

Let the reader know what product(s) you’re selling and its benefits to customers. Include any statistics about the demand for what you’re offering, the pricing of the goods, and a breakdown of the product, like how it works. You should also list plans for future products or expansions. 

Financial projections

Lay out your financial plan by listing your expenditures and revenues. Be realistic about your finances and forecasts—don’t overextend projections and potentially set yourself up for failure if you don’t reach them. Shareholders want to see how you plan to make a profit, as well as how you plan to handle any financial setbacks. Be sure to include income statements, financial statements, and cash flow statements.

Reach for new heights for your business with’s business plan template

Whether you’re a startup or a new business, all business owners can use’s free business plan template to create a roadmap for success by telling the story of your business and where you plan to take it.

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