Esthetician Job Description Templates: How To Write & Examples

esthetician job description

Frequently Asked Questions

How to write an esthetician job description?

Need to write an esthetician job description? Here are 3 simple steps to get started:

1. Gather the information you need to know.

Before you write anything, you need to know who or what you're writing about. The more specific you are, the more personalized you can make your content.

Here's our suggestions for writing an esthetician job description:

Company name: [name of company]
Company mission: [e.g. provide high quality skincare services, etc.]
Role description: [e.g. provide skincare services, etc.]
Typical day description: [e.g. meet with clients, perform skincare services, etc.]
Good candidate description: [e.g. licensed esthetician, friendly personality, etc.]
How to apply information: [e.g. email resume and cover letter to email address]

2. Determine the structure of your output.

The structure of your content is just as important as the content itself. The structure of your content is how you're going to arrange the information in the content to make it easier for the readers to read and understand.

Introduce the company and describe its mission
Describe the role of an esthetician at the company
Explain what a typical day looks like for an esthetician at the company
Describe what makes a good candidate for this role
Provide information on how to apply for this role

3. Write the content or use to help you get started. Once you have your structure down, you can start writing the content.

3 Examples of an esthetician job description


At [company name], we believe that skincare is about more than just removing wrinkles and blemishes. It's about taking the time to focus on your skin and your body, to make sure that you're putting the right products on your face and body to make yourself feel confident and beautiful. That's why we're looking for an esthetician to join our team!

As an esthetician at [company name], you'll be responsible for providing high quality skincare services to our clients. You'll meet with them one-on-one to discuss their specific concerns and needs, and then perform any necessary procedures. You'll also be responsible for educating them on how to properly care for their skin at home.

We're looking for someone with a friendly personality who is passionate about skincare. If you're licensed and have experience as an esthetician, that's great! If not, we'd still love to hear from you—we're always looking for new talent!

To apply for this position, send your resume and cover letter to [email address].


[Company name] is a skincare company that provides high quality services to clients. The role of an esthetician at our company is to meet with clients, perform skincare services, and make sure that the services are provided in a professional manner.

A typical day for an esthetician at [company name] involves meeting with clients in order to discuss their needs and expectations. After that, they perform skincare services on their client. Once the service is complete, they will send the client on their way with some helpful tips and information on how they can continue to take care of their skin at home.

A good candidate for this role is someone who is licensed as an esthetician and has a friendly personality. They should also be able to communicate clearly with clients and make sure that everyone is comfortable during their visit.


[Company name] is looking for an esthetician to join our team. We're a high-quality skincare clinic that provides a range of services to help our clients achieve the best skin of their lives.

As an esthetician at [company name], you'll be responsible for providing skincare services to our clients. You'll meet with clients to discuss their needs, perform services such as facials and microdermabrasion, and educate clients on skincare best practices. You'll have the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients from all walks of life, from athletes to retirees.

This position is open to licensed estheticians only, so please include a copy of your license with your resume and cover letter when applying. We're looking for friendly, outgoing individuals who are passionate about skincare and helping others achieve beautiful skin.

Why should you write an esthetician job description?

1. An esthetician job description can help you identify the key duties and responsibilities of the role.

2. It can also highlight the necessary skills and qualifications required for the role.

3. Finally, an esthetician job description can provide potential candidates with an overview of what the job entails and help them decide if it is the right career for them.

Who needs to write an esthetician job description?

-Spa owner
-Spa manager
-Spa director
-Spa esthetician
-Spa assistant
-Spa receptionist
-Spa technician
-Spa therapist
-Spa coordinator
-Spa consultant

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