February 19, 2024
February 21, 2024

How to Write Personalized Follow Up Sales Emails (+ Templates)

A great initial sales email is a fantastic start, but you’ll really start seeing results when you master the art of crafting engaging, personalized follow-up sales emails.

So why don’t more sales teams use follow-up sales emails effectively? 

Well, scaling emails across multiple clients can be a daunting task for sales and marketing teams. It’s tough to maintain a personalized touch while juggling a large volume of contacts. 

You don’t have endless hours to spend fine-tuning the wording and second-guessing the timing of every individual follow-up email, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up. 

With the right strategies and tools, you can get incredible results.

We’re going to look at how exactly to put together successful follow-up emails, and we’ll be giving you some AI tips along the way. 

Why? Because HubSpot found that 96% of marketers say personalization increases the likelihood of buyers becoming repeat customers — and 77% of marketers using generative AI finds it helps them create more personalized content. 

With just 31% of sales reps currently using AI to craft outreach messages to prospects, you can get way ahead of the curve here. 

But even if you don’t want to use sales AI tools or AI prompts, this guide is still for you. We’re going to look at what to say in follow-up sales emails (with examples of great subject lines, intro paragraphs, and CTAs) as well as covering when best to follow up. We’ll give you templates you can use and tips on how to scale your follow-up emails using AI.

Tip: We used these AI prompts with Copy.ai’s software and with a specific brand voice selected. 

How to Craft a Compelling Follow-Up Email in Three Parts

Crafting compelling follow-up sales emails is key to driving more conversions. Here’s how to put your email together, step by step.

Subject Line: Customize for the Scenario

Your subject line has a lot of heavy lifting to do, and you may want to A/B test different options to see which results in the best open rates. 

Let’s take a look at some typical follow-up situations and run through examples of great sales email subject lines.

1. General Follow-Up

You’re sending a general email to check on a prospect. Perhaps they’d sounded interested but they haven’t yet bought anything, or they’d made a purchase in the past but they haven’t bought anything in a while.

Here are some great examples of general-purpose subject lines:

  • [Prospect's Name], Elevate Your Results with Proven Strategies - Let's Connect!
  • Hi [Prospect's Name], Ready to Take Your Success to the Next Level? Let's Chat!
  • [Prospect's Name], Unlock Your Full Potential - Let's Discuss Your Goals!

AI Prompt We Used

“Provide 3 subject lines for a general follow-up email, personalized to the prospect.”

Tip: Including the prospect’s name or their industry helps make your email instantly look more personal and relevant to them.

2. After a Trigger Event

Something exciting has happened, and you want to follow up with prospects or past customers to let them know about it. 

Let’s say your company has just launched a new product. Here are some subject lines you could use:

  • Hi [Prospect's Name], Introducing [New Product]: A Game-Changer for [Prospect's Industry]
  • [Prospect's Name], Don't Miss Out on [New Product] - The Solution You've Been Waiting For
  • [Prospect's Name], Elevate Your [Specific Process/Outcome] with [New Product] - Let's Discuss the Possibilities

AI Prompt We Used

“Provide 3 subject lines for a follow-up sales email after the emailer has launched a new product. Include personalization.”

3. After No Response From Previous Emails

It’s always disheartening when your carefully crafted emails to hand-picked prospects are met with stony silence. 

Following up appropriately can make the difference between losing a sale and winning a lifelong customer. 

If this is the last email you plan to send, it’s what sales professionals often call a “breakup email”.

These types of subject lines can work wonders. 

Keep in mind your brand voice here. If your company (and audience) is serious and sedate, you don’t want to use an overly cutesy subject line.

  • [Prospect's Name], Are You Still Interested in Improving [Specific Business Outcome]?
  • Hi [Prospect's Name], Are You Ready to Boost Your [Specific Metric] with Our Expertise?
  • [Prospect's Name], Let's Get Back on Track to Achieving Your [Specific Goal]

AI Prompt We Used

“Provide 3 follow-up sales email subject lines to use after no response to previous emails. Include personalization.”

Pro Tip: Use AI to Craft Your Subject Lines

Writing sales subject lines can be so tricky. 

You know how crucial it is to get the subject line right (you don’t want decision-makers to delete your carefully crafted email without even opening it) … but you don’t want to spend hours on every subject line.

AI can be a huge timesaver here. 

We’ve included the exact prompts above that we used for our examples, but you can get Copy.ai to generate email subject lines based on any quick description (like “follow up after sales conversation”). 

Introduction Paragraph: Provide Context and Connect

Your email introduction should be short and to the point. 

Mention any previous interactions to remind the prospect who you are, and to create rapport: this should improve your response rate. 

Again, think about your company’s brand voice and your relationship with the prospect to decide on the right tone. Focus on how you can help the prospect, addressing their pain points.

Here are a few examples:

  • Hi [Prospect's Name], I wanted to follow up on our previous conversation and offer additional insights to help you overcome [specific challenge]. Our expertise in [industry] can streamline your process and drive remarkable results.
  • Hi [Prospect's Name], Just checking in to see if you had any further questions or concerns regarding [product/service]. We've helped numerous professionals like yourself achieve [specific outcome], and we're eager to do the same for you.
  • Hi [Prospect's Name], Hope all is well since we last connected. I wanted to share some exciting updates and success stories from clients who implemented our [product/service]. Let's explore how we can bring similar value to your business.

AI Prompt We Used

“Write the first paragraph of a follow up sales email. Keep it to no more than 40 words. Give 3 different options.”

Email Body: Include Valuable and Detailed Information

The body of your follow-up email needs to give your prospect enough information to take action,  without being overwhelming.

A long email will get skimmed or ignored, so keep it to the point, and focus on the details that will be most valuable for your prospect.

Keep your email body to 2-4 short paragraphs, and explain the key benefits of your product/service to your prospect. Make sure there’s a clear value proposition.

Here are a couple of examples, plus the AI prompts we used for each:

Example 1 (Copy.ai): 

Since our last conversation, Copy.ai has evolved even further, with new features and enhancements that can supercharge your writing process. From generating engaging blog post ideas to crafting captivating marketing copy, Copy.ai has proven to be a game-changer for businesses like yours.

As a gesture of our commitment to your success, we're offering an exclusive discount for our esteemed customers. If you're ready to take your writing to the next level and unlock peak efficiency, simply reply to this email, and I'll personally assist you with the next steps.

AI Prompt We Used

“Write an example follow-up email, using Copy.ai’s product as the example.”

Example 2 (Fictitious product “HR Solutions”): 

Imagine having an HR assistant who can process mountains of paperwork at lightning speed, provide valuable insights into employee performance, and even predict future staffing needs! Well, with HR Solutions, that dream becomes a reality. It's like having the entire Avengers team of HR professionals at your disposal (minus the spandex - unless you're into that).

We've received rave reviews from business owners who have experienced the incredible benefits of HR Solutions. They're saving precious time, optimizing their team's productivity, and ensuring compliance with a snap of their fingers. The flexibility and power of HR Solutions are truly game-changing.

AI Prompt We Used

Write an example follow-up email, using the fictitious product “HR Solutions”.”

Conclusion: Add a Soft CTA

You don’t want to be overly forceful or pushy in a follow-up email, or you risk turning off a prospect entirely. 

A hard CTA might ask “can we schedule a call next week?” or “let me know a good time for a 30 minute call” or “here’s my phone number: call whenever is convenient”. 

A soft CTA (call to action) is an easier and gentler ask, making it more likely you’ll get a “yes” and move the conversation forward. 

Instead of specifically asking for the prospect’s time or money, you’re encouraging them to learn more or offering to share a helpful resource.

Here are a few examples:

  • Is this something you’d like to explore?
  • Would this solution be interesting to you?
  • Can I send you some case studies of how other [prospect industry] companies have used [product]?

AI Prompt Used

“Give me 3 examples of a soft CTA for an email, but make them very short (5-10 words max), encouraging the reader to [insert your desired outcome here].”

Note: You’ll need to add information about your unique CTA to this prompt.

When to Send Your Follow-Up Sales Emails

The timing of your follow-up sales emails can make a big difference to your success rate. So how do you find that sweet spot between following up so soon (and so often) that you annoy the prospect … and following up so late (or so little) that they’ve completely forgotten about your product?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution on knowing when to touch base, but in general, it’s a good idea to:

  • Send the follow up to your first email within a couple of days after your first contact with the prospect, so they know you’re thinking of them and you’re keen to help.
  • Space out subsequent follow-ups based on the prospect’s response. If they seem eager, you might check-in again after 3-4 days. If they reply to say “I’m slammed this week” then give it a full week before following up again.

Follow-Up Email Templates (Follow-Up Email Examples)

Want to quickly put together a whole follow-up email? 

Just pick one of these sales follow-up email templates and add in your company name, product details, and so on.

1. Template for a Cold Follow-Up Email

If you’ve reached out to prospects with a cold email (an email to someone who you’ve not met or been in touch with before), then it can be tricky to know how best to follow-up. Even if your initial email didn’t get a response, a great follow-up could turn things around.

Here’s a template you can use. You can adjust the language to make it more or less formal, depending on your brand.

Tip: Want emails that are pitch-perfect for your brand voice? 

Use Copy.ai’s Brand Voice feature (you can add multiple different voices to suit your various brands, products, and/or audiences). You can also easily switch out words in the templates, e.g. using “hello”, “hey”, “dear”, or whatever suits your style.


Hi [Prospect's Name],
Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to drop you a friendly follow-up regarding my previous email about [Your Company/Product/Service].
I totally get that you're super busy, but I wanted to make sure my message caught your attention. Have you had a chance to review it? I'd love to hear your initial thoughts or any questions you may have.
Based on your industry and challenges, I genuinely believe our [solution/offerings] could be a game-changer for [Prospect's Company]. We've helped similar businesses achieve [specific outcomes/goals], and I'm excited to explore if we can do the same for you.
If you're open to it, let's schedule a quick call to dive deeper into your unique needs and see how we can assist. Or, if you prefer, I can send you more info or share success stories from other companies in your shoes.
I totally get the struggle of finding the right solutions, but I'm here to make life easier for you. Just let me know the best next step or if there's someone else I should connect with.
Thanks for considering [Your Company/Product/Service]. Looking forward to your response.
Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Title]
[Your Company]
[Your Contact Information]

AI Prompt We Used

“Create a template for the first follow up email after a cold email. Use a medium casual tone and keep it concise.”

Tip: Track metrics for your cold follow-up email, like the open rate and reply rate, and tweak it to continually improve as you carry out more email outreach.

2. Template for Warm Follow-Up Emails

If you’ve already had some engagement with a prospect, either in response to your cold email or before sending your first warm email, then you’ll want to use a warm follow-up email.

Warm Follow-Up After Connecting With a Prospect

Here’s a template you can use for your first follow-up after a conversation:

Hi [Prospect's Name],
Hope all is well since we last spoke. I wanted to follow up and continue the conversation we had about [discuss specific topic/product/service].
It was great connecting with you and gaining insight into your goals and challenges. Based on our conversation, I believe we can help you overcome [specific challenge] and achieve [desired outcome].
I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few key points we discussed:
  • [Highlight key pain point/problem]
  • [Propose your solution and its benefits]
  • [Demonstrate how your solution has helped similar companies]
It's clear to me that you and your team are determined to [achieve specific goal]. With our expertise and tailored approach, I genuinely believe we can support you in reaching that outcome.
I'd love to schedule another call to delve deeper into your requirements and answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, feel free to let me know if there's any additional information you'd like me to provide.
Looking forward to taking the next steps with you and helping you succeed.
Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Title]
[Your Company]
[Your Contact Information]

AI Prompt We Used

“Create a template for the first follow-up sales email after a conversation with a prospect. Use a medium casual tone and keep it concise.”

Some other lines you could include, as applicable, are:

  • Hopefully you got my voicemail about…
  • You asked about pricing and…
  • Last time we spoke, you mentioned you were having difficulties with…
  • You might remember we met at [e.g. networking event].

Warm Follow-Up to Encourage an Existing Customer to Purchase a New Product

What if you want to follow up with a customer who’s already purchased … and you’ve got a new product that would help them get incredible results? Here’s a warm follow-up template you can use:

Hi [Prospect's Name],
I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to quickly circle back on our previous conversation and share some exciting news that could benefit [Prospect's Company or Industry]. We recently launched our latest product, and I believe it has the potential to revolutionize how you [specific process/challenge/goal].
[New Product] is specifically designed to [briefly summarize how it solves a key problem or improves a process]. We've received great feedback from similar businesses in [Prospect's Industry or Niche], and I believe it could provide significant value to your team as well.
Here are a few key features of [New Product] that could make all the difference for your company:
  • [Feature 1]: [Briefly explain how it solves a problem or improves a process]
  • [Feature 2]: [Briefly explain how it streamlines workflow or enhances productivity]
  • [Feature 3]: [Briefly explain how it saves costs or time]
I know you're probably busy, but I wanted to make sure you're aware of this exciting new tool and its potential to help [Prospect's Company]. Would you be open to a quick call to discuss how [New Product] aligns with your company's goals? Alternatively, I'm happy to simply provide you with more information or even set up a demo if that would be of interest to you.
I understand there are a lot of options out there for [specific industry or process], and it's important to find the right solutions that fit your unique challenges and needs. That's why our team has put in extensive research and development to make sure that [New Product] is not only effective but also easy to use and integrate into your current workflow.
Let's explore how [New Product] can make a tangible difference for [Prospect's Company or Industry]. Looking forward to your response.
Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Title]
[Your Company]
[Your Contact Information]

AI Prompt We Used 

Create a template for a follow-up sales email after the company has launched a new product that would be useful for the prospect. Use a medium casual tone and keep the email short and to the point.

Warm Follow-Up Email After a Product Demo

Let’s say you’ve demo-ed the product for a prospect who seemed interested … but they didn’t want to sign up on the spot and you haven’t yet heard more from them. Here’s a template you can use to encourage them to take action.

Hi [Prospect's Name],
I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to extend my gratitude for taking the time to attend the recent demo of [Product]. It was fantastic to showcase its capabilities and discuss how it can transform [Prospect's Industry/Process/Challenges].
Based on our conversation and your feedback during the demo, it's clear that [Product] has great potential to address [specific pain points/challenges] and bring notable benefits to [Prospect's Company]. I believe we're onto something here!
Now that you've seen [Product] in action, I'd like to offer you an exclusive opportunity. If you decide to move forward with [Product] within the next [timeframe], I'm thrilled to offer you a [discount/extended trial period/customized package] as a token of appreciation.
Here are a few key reasons why [Product] is the right choice for you:
  • [Highlight a key feature/benefit]: [Briefly explain its impact on productivity/revenue/cost savings]
  • [Highlight another key feature/benefit]: [Briefly explain its ability to streamline processes or improve efficiency]
  • [Optional: Highlight a unique feature/benefit or success story]
I understand that investing in a new solution is a significant decision, and you may have some questions or concerns. That's perfectly natural! I'm here to address any queries you may have and help you make an informed decision.
Shall we schedule a call to discuss any remaining questions and explore the next steps? Alternatively, please let me know if there's any additional information you'd like me to provide to facilitate your evaluation of [Product]. I'll be more than happy to assist.
Thank you again for your time and attention during the demo. I'm genuinely excited about the potential impact of [Product] on your business. Let's work together to achieve your goals and overcome your challenges.
Warm regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Title]
[Your Company]
[Your Contact Information]

AI Prompt We Used

“Create a template for a warm follow-up email after a product demo. Use a medium casual tone and keep it concise.”

Find Out How to Scale Your Follow-Up Sales Emails with Copy.ai

Staying on top of follow-up sales emails is a tough challenge for any sales team — and it’s easy to just leave potential customers’ details waiting in your CRM. 

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