October 11, 2023

How to Use The CopyAI Ultimate Marketing Guide

Unlock your creativity and do more with less effort using CopyAI's Ultimate Marketing Copy Guide

If you're looking for some fresh words to woo your audience, or if you need a little help putting together your emails, blog posts, and social media content, look no further than: CopyAI's Ultimate Marketing Copy Guide.

Every business needs to write a lot of words to get the word out about their products and services, and to connect with their audience, so why not take advantage of AI technology that is now available to all of us?!

Today we are going to walk step by step through an example of how to create some awesome Valentine's Day content for your company, product, or brand!, so you can see exactly how to use the CopyAI Freestyle tool along with the Ultimate Marketing Copy Guide.

We will cover show you:

  • How to use the Ultimate Marketing Copy Guide to write faster
  • Tips for creating your own CopyAI “Mad Libs”
  • How you can request new use cases to be added to the guided

But before we get started….

What is the Ultimate Marketing Copy Guide

The Ultimate Marketing Copy Guide is your guide to creating valuable and authentic marketing copy for your brand using simple templates to jumpstart your thinking and get the best results from CopyAI using simple Mad Lib like templates.

It has over 25 “one click templates” that you can drop directly into your CopyAI account and use to write copy for your business. 

Whether it's for selling services, engaging with your audience, or just showing up more effectively online, the Ultimate Marketing Copy Guide has a use case for you.

Blank page? No problem. This guide has you covered.

Now, on to the good stuff!

How to use the Ultimate Marketing Copy Guide to write faster

It’s February and that means Valentine’s Day, so what better way to engage your audience than to speak to the topics they are already thinking about this time of year.

To show you how you can take advantage of the Ultimate Marketing Copy Guide, we are going to cover 5 steps to creating a Seasonal / Holiday Event Post.  

Let’s do this!

Step 1: Browse to https://copy.help

Here you will find an overview to the guide and a brief intro video from our co-founder Chris Lu.. 

But, the real magic is when you scroll down. 

You'll find over 25 different marketing ideas or use cases that you can use to get started writing. The use cases are organized by the type of marketing copy you are most likely to need (email, website, video, case study, social media).

Step 2: Pick the template you want to use

Next, decide what you want to accomplish or choose the example that inspires you. 

For example, let's say you want to create a welcome email for a new course. You would choose the "Welcome / Confirmation Email" use case.

Today we are choosing the Discount or Special Promotion Post

Once you have found the use case you want to use, click on the URL in the URL column. When you click the link it will open up your CopyAI account and create a new project with today’s date. We recommend you start by renaming the project, so you can find it later.

Note: If you’re not logged in to Copy.ai, you will need to come back and click it again! If you are logged in, it should take you directly to the Freestyle tool and pre-populate with inputs.

Once inside your CopyAI app, you will notice that we have pre-populated the Freestyle tool inputs for you.

Every one of the templates in the guide will give you something similar, but targeted for that particular use case.

You are not ready to move on to the next step and start customizing the inputs for your business.

Step 3: Complete the template for your business

The next step is to complete the “Mad Libs” template. 

Sounds scary, right? Don’t worry—this part is simple. 

Just replace everything in square brackets with your own information, then click “create copy.” This might take a couple of tries if you realize you need to change a word or two—but the tool will see that and update it for you automatically.

Here is how we did this for Wild Heart Yoga, a local yoga studio in Austin, Texas. 

On their website you can see that they are offering a New Student Special Discount, 10 days for $10.  We had the idea of pumping off this offer with a thematic tie to Valentine’s day and promoting it on social media.

Here is how the CopyAI input looked after we customized it for their business.

If you are following along and trying this out for yourself, you will notice that we added the line

“Start with a thematic tie-in to Valentine’s Day”.  This is the fun part of CopyAI where you get to be creative.  We borrowed this idea from the Seasonal/ Holiday / Event Post template and added it into the Social Post template.  

Reminder: Do not let these templates constrain you, rather let them fuel ideas on how to communicate with the AI to get better results with your marketing copy and accomplish your business goals.

If you want to watch how we did this live, you can check out the video here and follow along.

Step 4: Click “Create Copy” to generate ideas

Once you’ve completed your template it’s time to create your marketing copy by clicking, you guessed it,  “Create Copy”.  

This is the point where CopyAI works behind the scenes for you. And if you are wondering what happens when you mash that button, we are going to tell you.

in 2019, a super-computer studied 10% of the internet. Because of this, CopyAI is able to derive benefits, pain points and desires of your audience and then weave it into a narrative that your audience will respond to. 

Bottom line, it understands how to make your marketing copy more compelling and speak to the desires of your audience. 

Frankly, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but just know when you click the Create Copy, you will be 80% down with getting your marketing copy written.

You will just have to edit it a little bit (as much as you feel comfortable with) and then you can add it to your website, social media channels, etc.

Now with CopyAI, as a business owner or marketer you can just get your writing done, even if you don't know exactly what you need. Just give it a few inputs and iterate from there.

Step 5: Review the Results

The last step is to review the results.  

Check out how creative the AI is with Yoga and Valentine’s day.  It came up with interesting phrases like “We’re wild about you!” or “Flip your heart over”, “Here's to us and here's to you. This valentine's day we are celebrating you”.

Perfect tie ins for the Valentine’s Day holiday!

Spend some time here reviewing the results and looking for the copy stands out to you and feels most like your business. 

Here are a few additional quick tips to help your review process:

Swap out placeholders

Sometimes the AI will fill in places or facts to build a better story in the copy. You should consider those points as placeholders. You as the editor should review and correct or fill in the details as necessary. 

Give the AI more context to better results

Pay attention to what the AI is picking up on. For example, for Wild Heart Yoga, we mentioned Austin, Texas. The AI was picking it up and using it as a person's name.  This should be a clue to back to your input and further specify what it is.  You could say something like, “in the city of Austin, Texas” to make it clearer for the AI.

Writers point of view

Pay attention to the point of view the AI is writing from. Is it using you, we, or I?  To change it up, just add an input like “write in 2nd person point of view”.

Choose your own adventure

If you want to say things in a different way or try different angles, this is a great place to get started. Use any outputs you like to further direct the AI into different directions.  Remember CopyAI is your creative assistant. 

Think broader than the 1 thing you came to write.

If you see several outputs you like, consider saving them for different posts, maybe once a week.

Congratulations!  You are now a CopyAI Ultimate Marketer.  Go forth and create amazing content that your customers will love.  

P.S - Check how we did our own CopyAI email tie in for Valentine’s Day

How you can create your own CopyAI Mad Libs

Today I went to the zoo. I saw a(n) (adjective) (Noun) jumping up and down in its tree.

Ok, maybe not exactly Mad Libs, but you get the idea.  Experiment and create your phrases that you have noticed to work really well with the AI.  

Create a project in CopyAI and use the editor to save your favorite inputs and assemble your own ultimate marketing copy guide.. 

Here is a list of six variations that you can try out for your business:

  • [Group of people] have a problem [their problem]
  • A [customer] wants a [result] so we use a [mechanism]
  • I help (target person) to (achieve X) so that they can (outcome).
  • This is a [what it is]  that does [what it's for] for [who it's for]
  • For people who believe [who it's for] , who want [goal] , my work creates [change]
  • [Group of People] struggles with [action] because [reason]

How to request a new use case

Sharing is caring!  

If you find some success with using a template of your own or you have a use case that you would like us to add to the Marketing Copy Guide.  

We want to hear from you!  Post your request in the CopyAI Official Facebook Group.

Thanks so much for reading, we hope you found this helpful.

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