November 9, 2023

Writesonic vs. Jasper: Which is best for your team? [2023]

Writesonic vs. Jasper: Which is best for your team?

In this article, we’ll compare Writesonic and Jasper, two AI-powered content creation platforms.

We’ll take a look at:


  • Its features and benefits
  • Its drawbacks
  • Its pros and cons


  • Its features and benefits
  • Its drawbacks
  • Its pros and cons

  • a third AI platform that helps teams generate high-converting copy in seconds


Writesonic is an AI-powered writing platform that lets you create unique content using over 80 easy-to-use templates. Using Writesonic’s templates, you can create blog posts, e-commerce product descriptions, ad and marketing copy, website copy, and more.

When using Writesonic, you can choose to generate copy using one of Writesonic’s many templates or by using Writesonic’s Chatsonic product, a conversational chatbot with GPT-4 capabilities. Much like ChatGPT, Chatsonic lets you create content using your own prompts. You can also generate AI images using Writesonic’s Photosonic tool, which creates unique images based on your prompts.

Writesonic supports content creation in 24 languages, and is often positioned as the cheaper alternative to other AI-powered content creation platforms.

Features and benefits of Writesonic

Ease of use

Writesonic has over 80 templates available to users, letting you easily create anything from a blog post to a TikTok video script to landing page copy. As one Zapier writer put it, “The entire workflow boils down to something like select template > input details > get content. It varies a bit based on the template, but they're all straight to the point like this.”

This type of templated content creation makes it really easy for users to start creating AI-generated content — which can be helpful if you or your team are new to using AI-powered content platforms.

You can also use voice commands within Writesonic’s Chatsonic product, which is helpful for those on the go (or who simply prefer sending a voice note over a text).

Finally, Writesonic integrates with WordPress, Zapier, Surfer SEO, and Semrush, tools that are frequently used by content teams. This makes it easy to plug Writesonic into your existing tech stack without too much hassle.


There are two personalization options available within Writesonic. The first is their Brand Voice feature, which allows you to upload existing content onto Writesonic. The platform will then analyze the brand material in order to replicate your brand tone in Writesonic-generated content.

The second personalization option is available within their AI Article Writer 5.0 tool (which is available within select pricing plans). The AI Article Writer 5.0 tool lets you upload reference articles when you give the tool a prompt. The tool will then use these articles as references as it generates new content for you.


Writesonic has a few different pricing options available, including a free tier. With the free tier, one user can generate up to 10,000 words a month using GPT-3.5 (which is one of OpenAI’s natural language processing models, but not its most recent). For those who just want to dip their toes into AI-powered content creation or would like to trial a few platforms before committing, this is an attractive draw.

Drawbacks of Writesonic

Limited customization and personalization

While Writesonic has a Brand Voice feature, users report that — even when they upload examples of their brand voice — content doesn’t always feel very personalized. 

According to a writer on the Zapier blog that compared Writesonic to Jasper: “Writesonic also has a brand voice feature, but … I didn't notice any significant difference when I used it.”

A G2 review from June 2023 reported the same issue. “I would like the bot to be a bit more creative and try to remember the things I like most so that it can understand the style that I like.” Another recommends that you “adjust and infuse your own style and brand voice into the piece as part of the final edits,” after the content is created.

While other writing platforms allow you to save important information about your products, services, or brand in a central database, Writesonic doesn’t allow for that option, meaning it’s up to you to personalize every prompt you feed it (or add some customization in your own edits to its generated copy).

Confusing pricing tiers

While Writesonic gets points for offering a free pricing tier, its paid tiers can quickly get confusing. Beyond their free plan, here are the plans on offer:

  • Unlimited plan: targeted towards individuals and freelancers, this $20/month plan lets one user generate unlimited words with GPT-3.5. This plan does not provide access to features like Brand Voice, AI Article Writer 5.0 (Writesonic’s “factual and personalized article writer”), the Writesonic API, or bulk processing.
  • Business plan #1: targeted towards businesses and agencies, this plan starts at $19/month and allows one user to generate up to 200,000 words a month with GPT-3.5. As you add more users or increase the number of words generated a month, the plan gets pricier. It allows users to upload up to five Brand Voices, access the Writesonic API and bulk processing, and receive priority support. Once you start paying over $33/month, you receive higher quality image generation.
  • Business plan #2: also targeted towards businesses and agencies, this plan is similar to the first business plan. However, it starts at $19/month and allows one user to generate up to 33,333 words using GPT-4 — OpenAI’s latest natural language processing model. Just like the previous business plan, pricing increases as the number of users or words generated per month does.
  • Enterprise: targeted towards large businesses and enterprises, the pricing for this plan isn’t publicly available. It provides users with custom packages, single sign-on, custom AI model training, onboarding, and dedicated support.

While Writesonic’s pricing tiers might provide flexibility for some, its credit-based system can cause frustration for other users. As one G2 reviewer writes:

“The pricing model is ‘pay per word.’ Sometimes I generate an article, and it's not what I'm looking for, but it consumes the ‘total words’ from my account balance. I wish I had an opportunity to ‘save’ or ‘reject’ the results to preserve my total available word count.”

With AI-powered writing platforms, it can often take a few tries to get exactly what you’re looking for, which can make a credit-based pricing system frustrating.

“This app punishes users by the word,” wrote another G2 reviewer. “[It] makes me hesitate to submit the longest, densest submissions I know this app could make readable...only because I don't want to lose a month's worth of word use on a single item.”

Inability to create workflows

While Writesonic’s templates can be really helpful if you’re aiming to create specific types of content, Writesonic still doesn’t offer the ability to create automated workflows. Several AI writing platforms, like Jasper and, let you create custom content and marketing workflows, where you can “stack” successive prompts in order to have AI carry out an entire workflow (rather than just portions of it, one at a time).

Writesonic pros and cons


  • Writesonic lets you access over 80 pre-made templates, making it easy to create AI-powered content even if you’re new to the process
  • Offers a generous free plan, which can be great if you’re on a tight budget or if you simply want to trial the product
  • Integrates with many other content tools


  • Confusing pricing tiers
  • Limited personalization and customization options
  • No access to AI workflows


Like Writesonic, Jasper is another AI-based content creation platform that can generate both copy and images for users. With Jasper, you can choose to create content using one of Jasper’s 50+ content templates, their AI art builder, or their chatbot.

Unlike Writesonic, Jasper is trained not just on Open AI’s model, but a combination of a few others as well, including PaIM (Google’s natural language processing model), Anthropic, Cohere, and Jasper’s own model. According to Zapier, Jasper automatically chooses the AI model that it thinks will be the best fit for content needs.

Jasper’s pricing model is more expensive than Writesonic’s. It also doesn’t offer a free plan or a trial without inputting credit card information. However, it does integrate with many tools found in content tech stacks, such as Webflow, Google Docs,Zapier, SurferSEO, and Google Chrome.

Features and benefits of Jasper

Flexibility and customization

Compared to Writesonic, Jasper doesn’t offer as many templates for users to work off of. For those who are new to working with AI platforms, this might be limiting. For instance, within Jasper’s templates, users will only find templates for a blog post conclusion paragraph, intro paragraph, and outline (rather than a full blog post).

Image source: Zapier

To generate a full blog post, users can instead select to “Create new content” and then prompt Jasper using either:

  • Focus mode (where you write content alongside Jasper)
  • Chat mode (where you feed Jasper prompts and commands, like you would in ChatGPT)
  • Power mode (where you access workflows that string together multiple templates — like a blog post intro, paragraphs, and conclusion)

Working more closely with a platform like this can create outputs that are more curated to your audience and needs — especially if you’re a seasoned user who is comfortable writing detailed prompts.

Powerful AI image generator

If a large part of your content needs are making images, you’ll be in good hands with Jasper. Jasper’s art generator is flexible and allows you to specify the style, mood, and medium you want your art in. Jasper will also provide you with four image outputs every time you request an image, so you can choose your favorite.


Jasper’s Brand Voice feature allows you to teach the platform to write in your brand voice by uploading your style guide, product catalogs, company facts, and brand identity. 

Once you upload several pieces of content, Jasper will analyze your style and tone and let you generate content in the same style going forward.

Drawbacks of Jasper

Requires more hands-on tweaking

While Jasper’s flexibility allows more room for customization, it also means that it can be hard to nail your desired output on the first try. Getting the right content might require going back and forth with the platform a few times, tweaking your prompts to get the results you’re looking for.

“Honestly, I was a bit confused the first few times I used the tool—I had to head over to their boot camp to watch a few videos,” wrote one Zapier writer. “It may be too much for a newbie looking to generate a complete article from scratch.”

Jasper’s need for more hands-on guidance also emerges in G2 reviews. As one reviewer wrote, “I tend to use only one template, the Paragraph Generator, because it seems the only one really working for me and giving me the right results. Finding the others often seems too confusing for me, and I don't have time to learn them all.”

More expensive

Jasper’s pricing is definitely more expensive than Writesonic’s. First of all, Jasper doesn’t offer a free pricing tier — nor do they let you sign up for a free seven-day trial without inputting credit card details. Outside of that, their plans include the following:

  • Creator plan: targeted towards individual creators, this plan includes one seat. It lets you upload one Brand Voice and 50 Knowledge Assets to train the platform on your brand tone and style. It also includes access to SEO mode and Jasper’s Chrome extension. $49/month.
  • Teams plan: targeted towards small teams, this plan includes three seats. It lets you upload three Brand Voices and 150 Knowledge Assets. Teams users can create their own templates based on prompts that they frequently use, have access to Instant Campaign (a feature that lets you repurpose content into multiple marketing assets), and allows for user management. $125/month.
  • Business plan: Jasper’s enterprise plan doesn’t have any limits on its features, offers custom templates and automations, and gives users API access, advanced admin analytics, single sign-on and other security features, and onboarding and tech support. Its pricing isn’t publicly available.

Today, with the number of AI-powered writing platforms available, some users question Jasper’s higher price point.

“A year ago, paying a higher price for their premium plan was an obvious decision,” wrote one G2 reviewer in February 2023. “Other services are now available at significantly lower price ranges. … I find myself wondering: I'm paying 6 times more for Jasper than I would be for this other option, but is Jasper actually 6 times better?”

Jasper pros and cons


  • Jasper offers flexible ways to create content, which can allow for more customization once users learn to navigate the platform
  • Creates AI images
  • Has a plagiarism checker


  • More expensive than other AI content platforms
  • Can require extra tweaking to get desired outputs Generate high-converting marketing copy at scale, in seconds

If you’re still making up your mind between Writesonic and Jasper, we’d like to introduce a third option: (that’s us!). We’re an AI-powered content creation platform that makes it easy for teams and individuals to create high-converting marketing copy.

Here are three reasons we think you should consider when picking an AI content creation platform.

Seamless personalization

With’s Brand Voice feature, you can upload existing content to train our platform on your brand style and tone. Even better: you can create an unlimited number of Brand Voices with any paid account — because we understand that you might want to create distinct Brand Voices for different clients, products, or thought leaders when you’re creating copy.

You can also familiarize with details about your company’s products, services, and target audiences by uploading information into’s Infobase: an internal database that lets you easily reference detailed data in your content.

Infobase acts as a secure and easily accessible repository for your team, ensuring that the key information is always on-hand. With Infobase, your information management becomes smarter, faster, and more efficient. And in the end, you get prompts with more context and clarity without forcing you to type the same information over and over again.

Automated AI workflows with our AI Marketing & Sales OS

Like Writesonic and Jasper, lets you create content using dozens of templates, interactive chatbot, and prompt improver. Unlike Writesonic and Jasper, our Workflows feature is available on all paid plans, letting you build customized workflows that string together multiple prompts and scale your productivity.

Workflows also allows you to create multi-step, detailed workflows using natural language, making it easy and intuitive to seamlessly build workflows for your team. This provides a seamless and efficient way to generate various types of content simultaneously, such as blog posts, social media posts, onboarding emails, and more. The workflow can then be tailored to your specific needs, enabling you to repurpose text-based content and create multiple assets at the same time.

Affordable, transparent pricing

Like Writesonic, we offer a free plan that allows you to test out the basics of On our free plan, one user can generate up to 2,000 words a month, work on unlimited projects, and gain access to our chatbot, Chat by

Our next pricing tier is our Pro plan, which gives five users access to at $49/month to generate an unlimited number of words. On this plan, you can create unlimited Brand Voices and access our Prompt Improve feature (which automatically improves your prompts for better results), pre-built prompt templates, Infobase, and our API. You can also create content in over 95 languages.

Our next tier up is our Enterprise plan, which uses customized pricing but gives you access to unlimited seats, single sign-on, a private company Infobase, dedicated account manager, AI training and work enablement, and more.

Ready to learn more about and how it can improve your sales, marketing, and customer success workflows? Chat with our sales team to schedule a demo — or simply try out with our free trial, no credit card required.

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