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24 Magic Tactics That Get Higher Quality Views on TikTok

Soniya Jain
November 20, 2022

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok is becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger audiences. Because of its quick-paced videos and easily digestible content, TikTok is an excellent platform for creators to reach new audiences.

However, getting noticed in the sea of TikTok is hard. So all that effort you put into making a great video ends up collecting dust. TikToks algorithm is unlike other social media platforms.

In this complete guide on how to get more views on TikTok, you will learn:

  • What counts as a TikTok view?
  • 24 ways to increase your TikTok views by targeting the correct crowd
  • Tips for achieving a high completion rate on TikTok
  • Common mistakes to avoid when making TikTok videos

Let's get started on getting you more TikTok views!

What counts as a TikTok view?

Views beging counting immediately after your video starts playing. So if a viewer watches the first three seconds but then stops watching, that counts as a view. It doesn't matter if they close the app or not.

Every time your video auto-plays or loops, you receive a new view. Similarly, if a viewer watches your video more than once after watching it previously, it also counts as a new view.

24 tips to increase your TikTok video views

If you're trying to grow your TikTok following, one of the most important things you can do is increase views on TikTok.

The more views your video gets, the more likely people will see it and possibly increase your TikTok followers. This is especially true if you make videos relevant to a broad audience—like comedy videos. If people can relate to your content, then it's more likely that they'll watch your videos and start following you.

On the flip side, you can strive for smaller niche content that will build a tribe of loyal followers that will help you grow your following.

So how do you get more and higher quality views on TikTok? Here are some tips:

1. Identify your target audience

Knowing your audience is critical to success on any social media platform, and TikTok is no different. If you're trying to reach a teenage or young adult audience, you'll need to create content that appeals to them. 

Even within these different market segments, there are niches that will build that loyal tribe of followers you seek.

2. Engage with your audience

Once you know who you're trying to reach, engaging with them is crucial. TikTok is all about building relationships and connecting with people. This means responding to comments and messages and interacting with other users' content.

3. Create quality content

The key to success on TikTok is creating high-quality content that people will want to watch and share. This means filming exciting videos that are creative and unique, using filters and effects judiciously, and editing your videos carefully before posting them.

4. Spread the word with hashtags

TikTok hashtags
Source: Later

Hashtags are a great way to reach new people on TikTok, as they allow you to be discovered by users searching for specific topics. If you use relevant hashtags in your posts, you'll be more likely to show up in search results and get more views, likes, and engagement.

Strive for hashtags that fit your customer or followers ideal profile. To be clear, you would not advertise a guitar in a gardening magazine, It’s not your target market. 

Hashtags should be fitting for the people you want to view your content because they are already into what you’re creating. Sacrifice volume for quality and you’ll benefit greatly when compared to generic or high volume hashtags.

5. Post regularly

A regular posting schedule on TikTok helps you grow your following. This doesn't mean you need to post every day, but try to share new content regularly so that people know they can expect new videos from you regularly. This will help ensure that users keep coming back for more. 

Feed your tribe their desired meals and they will reciprocate with love, affection and loyalty.

6. Keep your videos short and sweet

People's attention spans are shorter than ever, so it's wise to keep your videos relatively short (under 60 seconds is ideal). Otherwise, you risk losing people's interest before they even get a chance to see what your video is about.

7. Create eye-catching visuals

TikTok Filters
Source: Lifewire

Since TikTok is all about short videos, you must ensure that your visual content is eye-catching and engaging. This means using bright colors, exciting graphics, and creative filming techniques to grab people's attention.

8. Keep up with the latest trends and challenges

A challenge is when someone posts a video with a specific theme, dance, or set of instructions that other TikTok users copy. These challenges usually go viral and attract a lot of attention. By following these TikTok trends and posting your own challenge-related videos when they are popular, you can get more people to see your content.

9. Start a TikTok influencer campaign

TikTok users with a large following can use their influence to promote your brand or product in their videos. This is called influencer marketing, an effective way to reach out to potential customers on TikTok. You can search for popular TikTokers in your niche and then contact them directly to see if they're interested in promoting your content. This is a great way to get more people interested in what you offer, and it can be very effective if done correctly.

10. Set up a TikTok Creator or TikTok Business account

TikTok Creator or Business account
Source: Backlight

These two account types are designed for businesses and creators, respectively. They both have access to TikTok's powerful marketing tools, which you can use to reach out to potential customers on the platform. If you're serious about using TikTok for business, these are the accounts you should create.

11. Go live on TikTok

Going live on TikTok‍
Source: SocialPilot

This is a great way to attract new followers, especially if you're doing something interesting. TikTok Live also allows you to respond directly to questions from your audience in real-time, which adds a personal touch that can help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

12. Timely posting of your video

Best time to post on TikTok
Source: TikFree

You're more likely to get views on your video if you post it when your TikTok audience is most active. For example, if you have a teen audience, the best time to post is after school hours and on weekends. You can find out when most of your followers are online by looking at their profiles and seeing what times they usually post their own videos or watch others' videos.

13. Showcase yourself on the For You page

For You page on TikTok
Source: Izood

The For You page is the first thing people see when they open TikTok. It shows them a personalized stream of videos based on their interests. When you post a new video, it will automatically appear on the For You page for your followers and other users who have similar interests as yours. The more engaging your video is, the higher chances it has of getting featured on the For You page.

14. Add relevant tags

Tags are like keywords that describe your video. When you use relevant tags, your videos have a higher chance of being discovered by users searching for those specific terms. You can add up to 10 tags per video. For example, if you created an informative video about making a good cup of coffee, you can use relevant tags like #coffee #howto #tipsandtricks. Try to be as specific as possible for the best results.

15. Upload multiple videos a day

If you only upload once a week or every two weeks, your viewers will forget about you and go elsewhere! The key here is consistency—the more often you post, the more likely people will come back again and again. You don't need a lot of videos, but the more you upload, the more likely you are to get found by people looking for content related to your niche.

16. Collaborate with your friends

Collaborating with your friends is a great way to get more views. When you tag each other in videos, not only will you show up on each other's For You pages, but you'll also be able to share audiences. If one of your friends has a large following, some of their fans will likely check out your page, too—and vice versa! 

You can also comment and react to each other's videos, which will get your pages in front of many more people. Collaborating with other creators is a great way to build a community around your content.

17. Keep your videos on the same theme

When people first visit your page, they won't have yet seen any of your TikTok content. So, if you're a beauty guru and one of the first videos on your TikTok is about gaming, people might not have an incentive to watch more of your content. 

Make sure all of your videos are cohesive so that people know what to expect from you when they first visit your page!

18. Comment on other users' videos

Comment on other users' videos, but don't spam them with a generic comment. 

For example, if you are commenting on a video about how to play the ukulele, don't just say something like "great video!" or "wow." Instead, try saying something like, "I am learning ukulele myself, and I love your tips," or "that is so cool that you can play that song already! I wish I could do it too." 

Try to comment on videos that are similar to yours. For example, if you make animal videos, try to comment on other animal videos. This way, you might attract new users to your own content.

19. Complete your profile

Your TikTok profile is one of the most important things as it is a direct way for you to communicate with your audience. To make sure that you are getting the most out of your account, complete all the information it asks for in full. This includes your name, age, gender, and location. You should also add a description of who you are and what kind of content you post so that others can find you easier!

20. Choose the right song for your video

Music for TikTok videos
Source: Social Media Examiner

The song you choose for your video can make or break it. If you are having trouble finding the perfect tune, consider using TikTok's built-in music library, which has various genres to pick from. You can also look up popular songs currently trending on the app so that your video will be more likely to show up on people's For You pages!

21. Create original videos

Creating unique and original content is the best way to stand out on TikTok. Don't copy other people's ideas or styles! Instead, think about what makes you different from other users and try to highlight those aspects in your videos. Don't be afraid to experiment with different types of content, even if they aren't popular yet!

22. Cross-publish across platforms

Another great way to get more views on TikTok is by cross-publishing your videos on other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. This will help you reach a wider audience and could even lead to some of your followers from other platforms checking out your TikTok account!

23. Include a caption

Alt text - Caption on TikTok
Source: 3 Play Media

Captions are essential on TikTok because they give users a way to understand your video without having to watch it. This is especially useful for those scrolling through the app quickly who don't have time to watch every video. Include a few keywords in your caption so people can easily find your videos when searching on TikTok!

24. Identify a duet partner

Alt text - Duet on TikTok
Source: The New York Times

Duets are a great way to get your videos seen by more people and to also interact with other TikTok users. Duet with someone who has similar followers and is willing to do so! This will help you both gain new followers and likes, and it's just a lot of fun.

There's no doubt that, if used correctly, TikTok can be a powerful tool for marketing your business or product. By following the tips above, you'll be on your way to success on this popular social media platform!

Tips for achieving a high completion rate on TikTok

The average completion rate on TikTok for 30 seconds videos is 60-70%. This means that if you have a video 30 seconds long, only half of the people who start watching it will actually finish it.

TikTok algorithm favors videos with higher completion rates–which means they are more likely to be seen by users. Achieving a high completion rate makes your videos more visible and can lead to further success on the app.

There are a few things you can do to improve your completion rate:

  • Make your content engaging from the beginning (hook them in those first few seconds!)
  • Keep your video length between 15 and 60 seconds
  • Use TikTok's editing tools to cut out any dead space or lulls in your video
  • End your video with a call to action or something that will leave viewers wanting moreKeep your audience in mind when editing (don't lose their attention)
  • Use captions or other text forms to hook your audience in while scrolling
  • Make videos that are simple and fast to replay

There you have it! By following these tips, you can increase your TikTok completion rate and get more people to watch your videos. So go out there and start making those engaging, awesome videos.

Common mistakes to avoid when making TikTok videos

Inconsistently posting videos

Not having a consistent posting schedule can make it difficult for your followers to know when they can expect new content from you. If they don't see any new videos from you for days or weeks at a time, they may start to lose interest and stop following you altogether. 

Creating and sticking to a posting schedule will help keep your fans engaged and ensure that they always have something new to look forward to seeing from you.

Not trying anything new

Taking the same approach over and over can get boring, mainly if your audience is used to seeing something different each time they watch one of your videos. If you want to keep them interested in what you're doing, try mixing up your content. 

You can do this by adding unique effects or filters, experimenting with different angles or locations, and collaborating with other people on TikTok.

Submitting low-quality content

Even if you try many different things, you might still end up with mediocre content if the quality isn't there. To avoid this, ensure your videos are shot well and edited for maximum impact. Pay attention to your video lighting, audio quality, and resolution; you can also add filters or effects to make them look more attractive. 

You might have to spend a little more time creating each clip this way, but this will help ensure that everything that ends up on your profile is high quality.

Violating the community guidelines

Your account may be suspended or even banned if you violate the Community Guidelines. Some things that can get you in trouble include posting violent or graphic content, spamming other users, and posting nudity or sexually explicit material. 

If you're unsure whether something is allowed on TikTok, it's always a good idea to check the guidelines before uploading anything.

Posting only promotional content

You'll likely be suspended or banned if you only post promotional content on your account. This is because TikTok is supposed to be a platform for users to share their original videos and connect with others, not a place for businesses to advertise themselves. Instead, create a TikTok ad to promote your business to your target audience from time to time.

If you want to promote your business on TikTok, ensure that most of your content is non-promotional and that you're only promoting your business in a way that doesn't spam other users.

Overusing hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get your content seen by more people, but using too many TikTok hashtags on one post can make it less likely for users to see it. This is because TikTok's algorithm recognizes when a user overuses hashtags and will push that content down in the feed. 

So, if you're using more than 3-5 hashtags per post, consider using fewer so that your content doesn't get buried beneath all the other videos.

Final thoughts on how to get views on TikTok

TikTok is a great platform to showcase your talent, but you still need to put in the effort and create content that will get noticed.

Following the tips in this guide can increase your chances of becoming a TikTok sensation!

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