February 16, 2024

Free Newsletter Name Generator (+ 5 Naming Tips)

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to stay in touch with your target audience, it’s hard to beat email newsletters.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email delivers a return on investment (ROI) as high as 500%. Reports also show that email was the second most popular marketing channel for B2C brands in North America.

But before you can reach their inboxes, you have to get them to sign up.

Your brand devotees probably won’t need much convincing to sign up for your newsletter, no matter what you name it.

But for everyone else—from your lukewarm customers to people who have never heard of you—you won’t be able to lean on your business name to get a signup.

A good newsletter name sparks your audience’s interest and tells them what’s inside, all while striking the right tone. If you’re having trouble thinking of a compelling name—or just need a little inspiration—a newsletter name generator can help.

5 tips for coming up with catchy newsletter names (+ 15 real examples)

If you don’t already have a podcast, YouTube channel, or brand name to lean on, try one or more of these tips to create a newsletter name that gets readers’ attention and encourages signups.

Tell readers what’s inside

Write a newsletter title that tells your audience what they’ll be reading, so people who are interested in the subject will know what they’re signing up for (literally).

Play it straight by explaining exactly what the newsletter contains in its name. ParentData is a literal newsletter name since the email contains information about pregnancy and parenting. Letters from an American is another straightforward name for a newsletter about U.S. history and politics, written by an American history professor.

Or make a somewhat vague yet playful allusion to the newsletter’s subject. The writer of Your Local Epidemiologist isn’t necessarily every recipient’s local epidemiologist—but the newsletter does cover public health science for laypeople.

Use insider language

Use industry terminology in your newsletter name so your target audience can quickly recognize your newsletter as a helpful resource.

For example, Original Jurisdiction is a newsletter that includes commentary and analyses of the law and the opaque legal industry. People who work in social media will recognize the commonly used phrase Link in Bio, the name of a newsletter geared toward social media professionals and other folks who want to stay on top of the latest trends.

Be bold

Is your newsletter contrarian? Don’t be shy—lean into your personality and opinions with a cheeky name.

Welcome to Hell World is a descriptive title for a newsletter that offers essays on modern American life that let readers know the author’s take on the current state of affairs is less than rosy. In The Unpublishable, a freelance beauty journalist shares her most “unpublishable” stories—those that are critical of the beauty industry and that mainstream publications don’t cover.

Make ’em laugh

Your audience’s inboxes are full of emails that they immediately delete. Don’t bring more noise to their email—add some joy to their day with a funny newsletter name.

For example, Shan’t We Tell the Vicar? is a newsletter that offers personal essays and pop culture commentary. The name is a nod to one of the fake BBC show names the author includes in each issue. The author of Garbage Day, which features funny and interesting tidbits from around the internet, urges readers to “make your inbox a little less professional” by signing up for his newsletter.

Use alliteration, rhymes, or puns

Whether it’s a play on your company name or a nod to your area of expertise, wordplay can help potential readers easily recall the name of your newsletter.

Former Bloomberg Opinion columnist Noah Smith—somewhat ironically—named his newsletter about economics and culture Noahpinion. Of course, rather than “no opinion,” readers can expect to find the author’s feelings and judgments on various topics within.

The Power Plays newsletter is about sexism and inequality in sports. In addition to being alliterative and easy to remember, the name has a double meaning—“power play” is not just a hockey term; it’s also a tactic used to increase influence outside of the sports arena.

A newsletter name generator can give you ideas for a clever and catchy newsletter name like these.

Use a newsletter name generator to brainstorm ideas

Before you start using a generator, brainstorm keyword ideas that you want people to associate with your brand. For example, if you’re a landscaping company specializing in native tropical plants, you might try phrases like:

  • Native plants
  • Tropical florals
  • Flowers
  • Landscaping
  • Xeriscaping
  • Natural
  • Butterfly garden

Now, let’s look at how you can use Copy.ai’s newsletter name generator to turn those keywords into potential names for your newsletter.

First, open the Copy.ai app. In the left-hand menu, click on “Templates.”


You’ll find a variety of templates that you can use to create content. Scroll down to find the newsletter name generator template and click on it.

After you select the newsletter name generator template, click the “Start New Project” button.


Next, take those keywords you brainstormed and type them into the newsletter name generator.


Then choose the tone of voice you want your newsletter’s name to convey.


Now click “Create Copy” to generate newsletter name ideas.


Within a few seconds, the tool will generate a newsletter names list for you.

To see even more ideas, click the “Make More” button at the bottom of the list.


If you want to copy all the names generated to another application (like Google Docs), click on the “Copy All Results” button to copy them to your clipboard. Then, paste the names into the application of your choice. You can also copy ideas one at a time by clicking the “Copy” button.

To save a single name idea you like, click the “Save” button below it. You can then click on the “Saved” tab at the top right of your screen to see all of your favorite names.


To remove ideas from the “Saved” tab, simply click the “Remove” button below it.

If you really like an idea and want to see similar names, click the “More Like This” button.


The “More Like This” feature is different from the “Make More” feature. “Make More” simply generates more ideas based on the initial information you provided. “More Like This” generates more newsletter names based on a specific idea.

Overcome writer’s block and brainstorm unique, creative newsletter names for your business or brand with these newsletter name generator features.

Grow your subscriber list with great newsletter content

Once you’ve decided on the perfect name for your newsletter, it’s time for the fun part—writing it!

You don’t have to be a professional copywriter to deliver engaging, share-worthy newsletters. Read our blog post on how to create newsletter content your recipients will want to read and share

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