March 25, 2024

AI Sales Tools: How Modern Teams Streamline Results

What are AI sales tools and AI sales assistant tools?

AI sales tools are any type of software designed to handle repetitive tasks for sales teams and sales professionals, helping them become more efficient. These might be used to bring in more leads, schedule meetings, send follow-up emails, create drip campaigns, improve customer experience, assign tasks to sales representatives, and more.

These tools rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to find trends and insights in your prospects' data that humans would often overlook.

As a result, sales managers can help their teams increase performance by hunting, contacting, and closing better leads.

Plus, depending on the tool, AI sales software can often integrate with CRMs and marketing automation platforms, offering huge improvements in sales productivity and efficiency for sales and marketing departments.

Benefits of AI sales tools

AI offers more than content generation. You can use it to fill your sales pipeline faster and move potential buyers through it efficiently - all powered by machine learning algorithms.

Here are the specific ways that an AI sales tool can support your sales operations through automation:

  • Lead Scoring and Routing: AI algorithms assign scores to leads based on their likelihood to convert. They detect behavior patterns, segment customers, and extract key information from call transcripts and CRMs. They can also route leads to sales reps to ensure that customer relationships are nurtured right away. 
  • Data Entry and CRM Management: AI can automate mundane data entry tasks by connecting with your CRM and other sales analytics tools. This ensures your data points are up-to-date.
  • Email and Calendar Automation: Let AI sales assistants automate email communication and calendar scheduling to save valuable time and connect with customers efficiently. 
  • Opportunity Insights and Next Step Recommendations: Use AI as a sales analytics tool that provides real-time insights into the sales pipeline, identifies opportunities for upselling or cross-selling, and suggests the best actions to move deals forward.
  • Coaching and Best Practices Suggestions: AI enables sales coaching to help sales agents boost their performance metrics. AI can analyze sales scripts, call transcripts, and messages. It can create personalized coaching recommendations and repurpose existing training material. 
  • Improved Forecasting and Reporting: Let AI analyze historical data such as past customer interactions, market trends, and other metrics, AI can help sales teams make accurate sales forecasts and generate insightful reports for effective decision-making.

AI will unlock the full potential of your sales efforts as it streamlines workflows and automates routine tasks. You’ll channel your energy into strategic relationship building, continuous learning, and other tasks demanding creative and emotional intelligence. Only now you’ll have the time for these high-level jobs. 

Best AI sales tools

1. is the first ever GTM AI Platform on the market. It offers powerful AI features that automate the sales process from end to end using Workflows. Let's take a closer look at's core features:

Chat's chat feature provides an interactive experience where you can ask it to perform various sales tasks on a one-off basis. These tasks include scraping information from the web, creating outreach sequences, and gathering competitor insights.

Create simple prompts that provide clear instructions to get the best results. For example, ask it to ‘Find the name, email addresses, and phone numbers of the decision makers in’ You’ll instantly get the information you need - it’s also highly accurate. 

Similarly, ask Chat to create a week’s worth of social media posts, a call script, or any other material you need to carry out your sales activities. 


This feature goes a step further and lets you 10x your productivity by automating complex sales workflows from beginning to end.

To begin, explore’s Workflow library for pre-built workflows. For example, you could create personalized emails for thousands of potential customers in a flash. Connect to your CRM with Zapier and enrich your customers' profiles automatically. Or carry out lead scoring, extract MEDDIC information from a transcript, and more.’s Workflow Library, where you can use ready-made workflows or customize one to meet your needs. 

You can even build your own workflows to achieve any sales goal. Use normal language and instruct to build a workflow for you. 

When you run a Workflow, it will carry out a series of steps based on your instructions. For example, you could use Workflows to repurpose call transcripts into sales enablement material or analyze your competitors' blog content. 

Better yet, run the same Workflow thousands of times using Tables. Upload a CSV with relevant data points or connect your CRM to, and it will carry out tasks for each data point based on your instructions. 

Let your sales professionals lean on to drive sales effectiveness, improve productivity, and maximize your sales performance.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce is a comprehensive CRM tool that incorporates sales, marketing, commerce, and IT functions, breaking down barriers between different departments for easier data sharing. 

With customer information all sorted as a single shared view in Salesforce’s suite of products (Customer 360) incorporating AI plus real-time data insights to empower the sales team, it’s easier than ever to close deals.

It works as a sales platform for almost any sales task you can imagine. From simple lead management to customizable workflows and a developer sandbox for your tech team, the power of Salesforce is unlimited. 

There are over 3,000 third-party integrations available, including Slack, Calendly, LinkedIn, HubSpot, and more.

Some of the key Salesforce features for sales teams are:

  • Auto-assignment of new leads to specific team members, based on rules that you set up in Salesforce
  • Customizable reports—for instance, you can view a sales activity report broken down by sales rep
  • Pipeline management through Salesforce’s Sales Cloud dashboards—this lets you easily visualize the sales pipeline to see exactly what stage different deals are at
  • Mass emailing tools where you can easily email a customized list or campaign

A couple of limitations are:

  • Salesforce can take considerable time to set up—and you may need to pay extra for expert help
  • The interface isn’t as user-friendly as it could be

Learn more about Salesforce today.

3. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a sales-focused CRM that helps sales teams streamline operations and improve productivity. With a wide range of features, it lets you manage the full process from lead generation to closing deals—all in one place. 

Sell can automate all sorts of routine tasks, like lead capture, order processing, and follow-up emails. With advanced reporting and analytics, it gives your team real-time insights so reps can make data-driven decisions.

Zendesk Sell’s key sales automation features include:

  • A user-friendly interface so that reps can get started with the platform straight away
  • Email integration so that you can use Sell along with your email account 
  • Specialized sales engagement tools, letting you build targeted prospect lists and create automated follow-up sequences customized to each
  • A detailed log of all calls and texts: you can send and receive texts directly within Sell
  • Trigger-based actions to improve your workflow and eliminate annoying admin tasks

A couple of limitations are that:

  • It costs more for the advanced features
  • The focus is purely on sales automation: there aren’t extra tools like marketing automation tools

Take a look at Zendesk Sell here.

4. Hubspot Sales Hub

Hubspot’s Sales Hub is a powerful sales automation tool that helps support growing sales teams, enabling better connections with prospects and customers, and increased productivity. 

With HubSpot’s sales engagement tools, reps can easily stay organized and efficient, engaging with prospects and closing more details, faster.

Key sales automation features include:

  • Lead management and prospecting, plus deal pipelines – all in a personalized workplace
  • Automated, personalized emails and follow-up tasks to keep nurturing customer relationships
  • Built-in AI tools to draft emails and create compelling CTAs
  • Sales team playbooks, including scripts, competitor battlecards, positioning guides, and more
  • Quote software to collect and send sales quotes, get signatures, and take payment

A couple of limitations are that HubSpot Sales Hub:

  • Can quickly get expensive if you want to have multiple sales reps and a large number of leads
  • Requires mandatory onboarding, which is pricey too

Find out about Hubspot Sales Hub here.

5. Salesloft

Salesloft is an AI-powered platform that’s designed to get your sales team to enhance customers’ experience at every stage. It aims to increase revenue by helping close more details and eliminating churn, and it offers deep insights to provide reliable growth.

If you’re looking to improve workflow, get actionable insights from data, and bring everything together for your sales reps in a single platform, then Salesloft could be the perfect tool for you.

Salesloft’s key automation features include:

  • Bi-directional CRM sync, letting you send customer data to and from your chosen CRM
  • “Cadences” – pre-configured series’ of touchpoints to give reps a consistent and scalable way to engage with customers (think of these like a recipe)
  • Reporting and analytics to help reps take actionable insights from detailed revenue and engagement data
  • Tools to help predict revenue and replicate your top sales reps’ success across your whole team

One potential limitation is Salesloft’s built-in “cadences” system, which some users found was complicated to get to grips with or didn’t fit well with their company’s sales setup.

Learn about Salesloft here.

6. Outreach

Outreach is a sales execution platform that’s designed to help your sales team create and close more pipelines. It’s designed to be a single platform to streamline sales activities into an intelligent sales workflow, helping the team drive more revenue while lowering costs.

Outreach’s key features include:

  • AI capabilities to predict whether a deal will close (the “deal health score”)
  • Sentiment analysis of buyer emails to help sellers overcome objections
  • Integrated A/B testing of messages and workflows so you can get real, actionable data on what works
  • Real-time call transcription with automated speech recognition
  • Smart email assist to respond quickly with auto-generated, personalized messages straight from the inbox within Outreach

A couple of limitations with Outreach are that:

  • Some users say that Outreach’s customer service is poor
  • The user interface may be a little overwhelming or difficult to get to grips with

Find out all about Outreach here.

7. Clari

Clari is a sales automation platform designed to help sales teams stay in control of the revenue process. It has a wide range of features, including a CRM to capture all emails, contacts, meetings, downloads, and interactions, cleaning up that data automatically.

With Clari, sales reps can quickly see the status of each deal—letting them focus on moving forward to achieve sales success, with real-time coaching and sales forecasting from the system.

Clari’s key features include:

  • Automatically capturing and cleaning up all key data, eliminating the need for manual data entry or data cleansing
  • Detailed insights through revenue analytics, giving you a highly accurate view of historical performance, current pipeline health, plus future revenue projections
  • Automatic revenue forecasting for each quarter—this is 95%+ accurate by week 3 of the quarter
  • Revenue conversation coaching to help reps out live during each call —giving sales leads the ability to quickly see which reps may need extra help

A couple of limitations with Clari are that:

  • It’s a complex tool that can take a while to get used to
  • You need to pay separately for the various features

Learn more about Clari today.

8. GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing tool that helps all kinds of businesses convert contacts into customers. With built-in AI tools and a visual campaign builder to put together email campaigns, it lets you easily nurture subscribers. 

When it comes to selling, GetResponse integrates with leading ecommerce platforms. There’s also a free popup creator to make popups, banners, and more for your website.

GetResponse’s key features include:

  • AI email generator to create engaging emails and boost your open and click-through rates
  • AI campaign generator to create a landing page, welcome email, newsletter, and more in just minutes
  • Ecommerce integration with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magneto, and PrestaShop and more
  • Landing pages with signup forms, SEO-optimization, customizable templates, and A/B testing
  • Ecommerce features like transactional emails, promo codes, abandoned cart emails, and product recommendations

A couple of limitations with GetResponse are that:

  • Some users find the drag-and-drop editor is difficult to work with
  • A few users reported that customer service was hard to contact

Try GetResponse today.

9. Gong

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that helps sales teams turn customer interactions into insights, letting reps win more details. It’s AI-powered, with smart guidance to help coach under-performing reps so that they can turn things around. 

The AI-backed insights offer specific tips, such as contact recommendations based on historic win/loss data, AI-generated call briefs, outcomes, and action items to improve the sales process.

Gong’s key features include:

  • Capturing a comprehensive set of customer interactions: video calls, phone calls, emails, SMS, and more
  • Delivering personal guidance to sales reps, highlighting risks and recommendations
  • Integrating with 100 other products, including Salesforce, Zoom, Cognism, LeadIQ, and many more
  • Showing deal health and funnel movement in real-time

A couple of limitations with Gong are that:

  • Onboarding may take some time
  • The transcriptions produced by Gong aren’t the best quality

Find out about Gong here.

10. ReachOut.AI

Today, sending videos to prospects is a popular sales tactic as it helps you stand out from the competition.

However, creating personalized videos can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. This is where ReachOut.AI shines - a unique lead generation and prospecting tool that uses AI to create customized videos for each prospect on your contact list.

You can clone yourself and your voice to a high degree of accuracy in videos. Reachout.AI also offers 5,000 AI avatars and lets you create videos in 50 languages.

Just upload a CSV with relevant data and create thousands of personalized 1:1 videos addressing your prospects in minutes. You can also integrate ReachOut.AI with popular CRM and email marketing platforms to deliver relevant video content to the right prospects.

Overall, ReachOut.AI's video prospecting feature is sure to boost your conversion rate, as video is the most highly engaging content format.

11. Drift

Drift is an AI-powered conversational platform that merges conversational marketing and sales tools for better sales results. Its key features include:

  • Chatbots: Identify and engage website visitors based on audience needs, intent, and past behavior. These intelligent bots answer FAQs and direct leads to appropriate sales representatives.
  • Playbooks: Easily create playbooks with AI-assisted content creation through drag-and-drop functionality, ensuring users receive relevant materials during website or app interactions.
  • Integration with CRM and MAPs: Connect Drift with CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms to utilize demographic data and target customers automatically with relevant marketing materials.
  • Meeting Scheduling: Enable qualified leads to schedule meetings within the chatbot window on any page at any time.
  • Personalized Video Messages: Empower sales teams to send personalized video messages and GIFs via chat, email, or LinkedIn to enhance engagement.

Drift delivers personalized experiences to optimize sales outcomes. While not entirely AI-driven like, it stands as a robust sales engagement platform for boosting customer interaction.

Learn more about Drift here.

12. Apollo is a sales intelligence tool that helps sales professionals tailor their email outreach efforts and improve conversion rates.

Apollo is unique because it's a centralized sales platform where you can find leads from a database of 275 million people, craft personalized emails, and launch email marketing campaigns from a single place.

OpenAI now powers the platform and helps generate 'hyper-personalized' emails with zero manual effort. This means that you'll not only find your ideal buyer from the platform itself but can also create automated email responses and follow-up plays that match the prospect's sentiments in your replies.

Learn more about Apollo here.

13. ChatGPT

You likely know about and use ChatGPT by OpenAI to generate content. But you can also use it to help your sales teams enhance their customer interactions and improve sales conversions.

The key to making ChatGPT work effectively is understanding and using prompt engineering to enable your sales strategies.

Here are ways to use ChatGPT to automate tasks and create further sales engagement:

  • Do research on your industry by asking ChatGPT, 'What are the major trends in [your industry]?' or 'List the top companies in [industry/field].'
  • Help sales teams improve outbound sales efforts by generating personalized messages for each prospect. Create a prompt like 'Draft a cold email for [prospect name] in [role] and [industry]' and let ChatGPT generate a unique message for each prospect.
  • Integrate ChatGPT with your CRM or use one of the many CRM platforms available that have added AI features already. You can also use this integration to create personalized sales materials for follow-ups.

These are just a few ways you can use ChatGPT to support every aspect of the sales cycle.

What’s the best AI sales tech stack?

To get the most out of sales platforms, we recommend a tech stack that includes along with a CRM such as Salesforce. 

With’s detailed and proven sales content templates and advanced AI capabilities, you’ll be able to quickly create all the sales enablement content you need for a wide range of channels. And adding this to a CRM tool lets you send exactly the right message to the right prospect at the right time.

Start bringing in more leads, improving your pipeline, and closing more deals today. Sign up for your free account to create high-quality sales content in just minutes.

Implementation Tips (How to Integrate AI Tools With Your Sales Processes)

The key to integrating AI into your sales efforts is choosing the right AI tool. Our best recommendation is, as it's intuitive, has a shallow learning curve, and integrates with other tools easily. Let's look at other implementation tips to ensure that transitioning to AI sales tools is easy.

  • Assess your current processes. Check your existing sales processes and tech stack to identify areas where AI can enhance efficiency, such as automating customer information lookup.
  • Plan a phased implementation. Gradually introduce AI tools through a phased approach, starting with pilot tests in specific areas before scaling usage across the entire sales team. Conduct training sessions to ensure the sales team understands how to effectively use AI tools.
  • Foster change management. Communicate changes in workflows, roles, and responsibilities, addressing feedback and resistance to facilitate a smooth transition to AI-powered tools.
  • Measure ROI. Define key metrics to measure the impact of AI integration on sales performance, considering productivity, revenue generation, and other crucial metrics.
  • Continuously adapt and improve. Stay updated on AI tool developments, evaluate performance regularly, and gather feedback from the sales team to make improvements and maximize benefits.

These implementation tips will help your business transition to using AI for sales faster and more effectively. Take it step-by-step, and you’ll reap the benefits of AI to grow your business. 

Final Thoughts

You're missing out on a world of opportunities if you're not leveraging AI in your sales processes. AI will transform your business; the key is using the best tools for your sales operations. 

Get started by using today and scale your sales operations right away. Learn more about what can do to automate your sales campaigns by signing up for our webinars!

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