All You Need To Know About Discovery Commerce

Jake Rheude
November 20, 2022
Image: Pixabay

When was the last time you shopped in a brick-and-mortar store? You have probably switched to online shopping like most consumers globally. The world of eCommerce is booming thanks to the shift to online shopping, which accelerated due to the pandemic. 

The eCommerce business model has allowed both large and small businesses to increase sales. Research shows that about two-thirds of shoppers today use social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram as part of their shopping strategy.

This has led more businesses to tailor strategies around social media. In addition, they have adopted strategies from traditional sales by targeting customers who don’t know what they want. ECommerce businesses are taking advantage of the fact that most customers are indecisive and tend to browse and shop on impulse.

Over the last few years, consumer shopping activity has been based on discovery, spontaneity, and novelty. Therefore, businesses have realized it’s possible to let their products find consumers with systems such as Discovery Commerce. This article will look at Discovery Commerce and why businesses use it.

What Is Discovery Commerce?

Discovery Commerce is an online sales system by Facebook. Powered by machine learning and data, this Facebook tool anticipates customer needs. It uses this information to match the products with the consumers that will most likely love and buy them. It's beneficial for customers because they can shop instantly, while marketers can use this to gauge product demand and grow the business. 

This Facebook platform is designed to increase sales, build branding and capture a greater audience. While eCommerce involves product searches and purchases through the website, Discovery Commerce is about anticipating customer needs and taking advantage of impulse buying.

How Does Discovery Commerce Work?

Discovery Commerce targets customers who don’t know what products they want but are open to suggestions. It’s where commerce meets advertising and is a powerful strategy for guiding buyers toward a purchase. Product suggestions are based on web searches, purchase history, and interests. 

This data is collected and harnessed using machine learning. Therefore, eCommerce can tailor the product to find the right target even if a customer has not expressed a preference for a specific item.

Discovery Commerce pegs its success on discovery shopping, where customers “window shop” without the intention of buying until they spot the perfect product. Therefore, if you are planning to start an eCommerce business or already have one, you should use this strategy to target audiences and increase demand for your products.

Why Is Discovery Commerce Important?

According to a Facebook report, 61% of consumers say they were motivated to buy electronics, apparel, beauty, or furniture products online because they came across these items unexpectedly when shopping online. Statistics also show that 39% of people weren’t intentionally shopping when they discovered a product on Facebook.

Image: Pixabay

Therefore, Discovery Commerce is necessary for your business because it leads to brand discovery. Consumers can discover your products, take an interest in your brand, and purchase more products. Additionally, this will bring in more customers and traffic to your website. 

For instance, if a customer is looking for electronics for their home, they can discover your line of fridges and come back to look for a washing machine or cooker. 

To keep the new customers, you can also introduce a referral marketing process to reward customers for sharing your products with their friends, family, and colleagues. This is a great opportunity to sell your products that usually go unnoticed.

Discovery Commerce is also important in today’s market because search engines struggle to connect customers to what they want. According to Baymard Institute, 46% of searches don’t provide relevant results when a query has a thematic element, such as “office chair” or “spring jacket.”

This is an issue for most shoppers because they get irrelevant or too few search results; therefore, they must spend more time retyping their wording. Because of this, most customers may believe that the products they are looking for are simply not available.

Many sites also have poor UX performance. Issues include not auto-directing users who search for an existing category or suggesting relevant categories. Additionally, products have less attributes and descriptions, making it hard for customers to discover them even when they use filters. 

Discovery Commerce solves this problem by ensuring that customers see the right products. Your business can easily generate targeted recommendations to encourage customers to make a purchase. Once you find your target audience, you can better strategize how to reach them using this system. 

Facebook Platform Measurements

Image: Unsplash

According to a 2020 GFK survey, more than 74% of people surveyed said they use Meta platforms to discover products or brands online. Facebook has built a powerful discovery engine to anticipate customer needs, create demand for products, and drive product discovery. Customers are introduced to products that align with their taste by the Discovery Commerce system, which increases business sales.

To operate a successful eCommerce business, you need to use A/B testing to increase conversions. For instance, when using Facebook’s Discovery Commerce, A/B testing allows you to change variables, such as audience, ad creative, or placement, to see which strategy performs best, and to improve future campaigns.

A/B testing is important if you need to measure your conversion funnel and return on ad spend. Once you choose a variable you want to test, Facebook divides your budget equally to each version and measures the performance of each strategy. You can create an A/B test in two ways.

  • From the Experiments tool: Create or duplicate ad campaigns to compare and choose a winning strategy. This tool is useful when you want to fine-tune your ad campaigns before starting your test, or when you want to use multiple existing ad campaigns for the test.
  • When creating a new ad campaign: You can use this option when you want to test a variable while creating a new ad campaign.

Facebook works with different partners on the Discovery Commerce system. When you are ready to begin, consider Facebook's marketing partners specializing in media campaign management, bringing creative assets to life, tracking and measuring campaigns, and helping businesses drive sales. 

By enlisting these partners to help with other tasks, you can free up your team to focus on innovation and strategy.

Why This Matters To Investors

Investors want to reap returns from their investments in publicly traded companies and privately funded eCommerce businesses. Discovery Commerce could be a tool that helps achieve this goal. Using it may help you with your existing or potential investors.

Existing audience metrics

Discovery Commerce uses AI and machine learning to collect data about customer behavior. Then, the eCommerce business has audience metrics that it can use to determine focus areas.

For instance, if the AI detects customers are more interested in a particular product, you can focus your advertising on this item. As more customers come in, you can develop a referral program to reward the existing ones for sharing more about your brand with others and increase the customer base.

This is important for investors because they can view what the eCommerce is spending on, as well as the returns, and decide whether the company is a good investment.

Built-in measurement and testing capabilities

With Discovery Commerce, businesses can test the impact of their ads. It becomes easier to track conversions and ROI, which comes in handy in choosing the best strategy. Additionally, A/B testing helps find the best approach. You can provide this information to investors to show how the advertising strategy is performing financially.

Creative elements and branding can be loaded to create standards or adapt

Discovery Commerce helps businesses study customers' motivation and use these findings to build a diverse set of creative elements. If your content is backed by a creative strategy, it can surprise and convert new customers. Investors want to work with a brand that has a growing customer base. You are more likely to attract more investors if you can use your creative elements to convert more consumers.

Rolling a new identity into an existing portfolio is simpler with visual identity options

Your eCommerce needs a solid visual identity. Your creative elements should have consistent fonts, colors, and logos. You can build a consistent visual identity to boost brand visibility if you already have an existing portfolio. This effort will increase the number of customers familiar with you and improve overall brand loyalty, which is important for investors looking to put money into a growing brand.

Discovery Commerce integration

When choosing a new system for your business, you need to get one that easily integrates with existing tools. Fortunately, Discovery Commerce integrates easily and works well with other business systems that integrate with Facebook. 

Therefore, if your eCommerce business has a system for order management and fulfillment, you don’t have to find different software to handle both functions. Discovery Commerce will integrate and make it easy for the business to manage customer orders across the entire supply chain. 

Beyond A Single Purchase

If your business uses Facebook to get potential customers, it's ideal to have a strong Discovery Commerce presence because it helps identify and understand lookalike audiences. The data gathered from AI comes in handy in providing information about the types of audiences purchasing specific products. Using this information, you can develop an advertising strategy and target it to specific consumers for better returns.

If you run multiple companies with different Facebook accounts, Discovery Commerce can help you consolidate these accounts. You’ll get detailed information about customer interests to help you determine your strategy. For instance, if you have two Facebook accounts selling different items, you can get information about whether it's ideal to link them and present a larger catalog of products to your customers.

Discovery Commerce will help you find solutions either directly or through Facebook Marketing Partners. If a certain strategy successfully builds your customer base, brings in more sales, and boosts brand visibility, you can add it to the next purchase. You'll understand your customers better if you are consistent with the system and how you present your brand.


The Facebook Discovery Commerce system can unlock unexpected audiences for your businesses, build lasting relationships, and provide seamless shopping experiences. Away from online storefronts, branded websites, and marketplaces, social media has become a key channel for product discovery. To reap the benefits of Discovery Commerce, use high-quality content such as videos and images to spark interest and introduce products to consumers.

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