October 11, 2023

Copy.ai vs. Rytr: Which Is Best for Your Needs?

In this review, we're going to look at both platforms through the lends of: 

  • Types of content created 
  • Model agnosticism 
  • Translation support 
  • Bulk content creation 
  • Tools and templates 
  • Pricing 

Before we begin, though, let's get clear on what both platforms are and why they're important. 

What is Copy.ai?

Designed to be more than just a simple writing assistant, Copy.ai is built to supercharge your entire content strategy, whether it's long-form blogs or short and snappy social media posts.

Here are some of the features that Copy.ai offers:

  • Brand Voice: Maintain a consistent voice across your entire organization, thanks to the Brand Voice feature. Tailor your writing style to reflect your brand's unique personality, values, and tone.
  • Infobase: Tired of copy-pasting context into each of your prompts? With Infobase, you can store and access important details to streamline your writing process. One centralized hub for all your reference needs!
  • Improve: This feature is your sidekick for instantly refining your prompts, essentially crafting pro-level content that's engaging and error-free.
  • Web Scraping: Copy.ai isn't just confined to your prompts and imagination. It can scrape the web for relevant data, helping you put together comprehensive pieces with rich, validated insights.
  • Workflows: This is where Copy.ai truly shines. While most chatbots (like ChatGPT) are good for one-off tasks, Copy.ai Workflows can multitask on all your content needs. This lets you build and scale your content unlike ever before.

We'll touch on these features a bit more in a later section, but for now, let's take a quick look at Rytr.  

What is Rytr?

Rytr.me can best be described as an AI writing assistant. Just like Copy.ai, it aims to automate your writing process and make creating content a breeze. 

With a range of features aimed at combating writer's block, Rytr is built to be a reliable tool for copywriters: 

  • Multiple use cases: From blog sections to emails and ad copies, Rytr covers a wide array of writing needs through its 40+ templates.
  • Scientific formulas: Rytr uses proven copywriting formulas like AIDA & PAS to churn out content that's both catchy and effective.
  • Rich-text editor: Craft, reword, and refine your content with their built-in editor, which also includes a plagiarism checker for added peace of mind.

So, with both platforms offering some amazing features, how do you choose which one is right for you? 

Let's dig deeper to help you decide. First, let's look at the types of content created. 

Sure, here's the revised section inserting the provided keywords:

1. Content generated

Most marketing teams need AI writing tools that generate content. They focus primarily on two types of content:

  • Long-form content
  • Short-form content

Generate long form content: The marathon of words


Rytr can assist with long-form content creation for materials like blog posts, but won't write them for you. It's more of a take-it-step-by-step tool, where you assemble your content section by section, like a jigsaw puzzle.

Despite slightly hampering the ease of longer content creation, it does accomplish the task but don't expect any red-carpet treatment from it regarding the output quality.

Instead, think of it like creating long-form copy through small batches of short-form content.


In contrast, Copy.ai offers a comprehensive solution to generate long-form content, far beyond simply helping with blog posts. It facilitates the creation of complex materials like white papers, ebooks, and sales enablement assets.

With Copy.ai, you're not building your content in fragments but constructing a cohesive narrative suiting your strategic targets.

Plus, Copy.ai Workflows takes content generation to new heights. Have a quick look at Workflows below:

This feature enables the automation of bulk content creation by seamlessly integrating with your Content Management System (CMS). Workflows can also enrich your blog posts with pertinent, referenced links, adding credibility to your content.

In short, Copy.ai lets you generate long-form content on a large scale, equipped with all the necessary tools and templates.

Short-form content: The sprints between the marathons


Rytr is a reliable tool when you need to generate quick content for a YouTube video description, meta descriptions, carousel posts, etc.

Rytr's AI-based copywriting makes use of tried-and-tested frameworks like AIDA and PAS to craft compelling content, showcasing its quality output.


When you're looking for a home run in short-form content creation, Copy.ai steps up with a variety of templates ready to get the job done and more.

Whether it's social media posts, Google ads, or catchy email subjects, you're not just ticking these assets off your to-do list—you're crushing them.

In other words, Copy.ai offers just as many short-form capabilities as Rytr and uses the same proven formulas to help your copy convert.

So, there you have it. Whether you're looking to tackle long-form content like a pro or you need those quick wins in the short-form game, now you know who's got your back.

2. Model agnostic 

"Model agnostic" might sound like tech jargon you'd rather skip, but trust me, it's the term you want to keep your eyes on. 

In the simplest words, AI writer tools that use multiple models are simply more powerful than those that don't. You're not tied down to one AI model; you get to cherry-pick from the best out there for any given task.

Rytr's approach

If you're using Rytr, you're essentially pulling from OpenAI's engine. Yep, that's the same family tree ChatGPT comes from. 

Don't misunderstand—OpenAI is solid, and it's got a ton of applications. Copy.ai pulls from OpenAI's GPT-4 as one of it's models, too.

But here's the kicker: if you're already using ChatGPT or anything similar, Rytr won't offer anything unique in terms of quality or cost. 

Put differently, you're not really expanding your horizons as much as you think you are.

Enter Copy.ai

Model agnostic? Absolutely. 

That means Copy.ai isn't limited to a single model. In fact, we pull from models like Anthropic, Claude, and many more. This translates to: 

  • Fewer downtimes 
  • Cheaper output 
  • More flexibility 

At the end of the day, it's always good to have options, and Copy.ai is the platform that gives them to you. 

3. Translation support 

Rytr's global footprint

Rytr does a decent job by offering 30+ languages. That's not bad, especially if you consider that it pulls its data from OpenAI's LLMs. To be honest, we suspect Rytr can support even more languages behind the scenes, but they simply haven't updated their pricing page. 

Most AI chatbots have become equally reliable with translations.

So, how does any one platform stand out above the rest? 

Copy.ai steals the show

Imagine this: You've just crafted an epic blog post, but you've got a global audience to reach. 

If you were working with most chat tools, you might need to translate the post into French, Spanish, and, let's say, Japanese. Doing so would mean entering the blog post into Chat one at a time. 

But what if you could do it all at once? 

That's where Copy.ai's Workflows come in. With just a few clicks, you can expand your message to the entire world in 95+ languages.

Ok, now let's push this a bit deeper. 

Say you're running a global campaign. Time is of the essence, and you can't afford to translate your cornerstone content one language at a time. With Copy.ai's Workflows, you can create, refine, and translate your masterpiece into multiple languages simultaneously

We're talking genius-level multitasking.

When it comes to translation, it's not just about the number of languages supported; it's about how you can leverage that capability to make your life exponentially easier.

4. Content creation in bulk 

The 'limitation game' with Rytr

Rytr is a solid player when it comes to generating individual pieces of short-form content. If you're looking for a trusty sidekick to whip up an email, ad copy, or even a blog post, it's got your back. 

But what happens when you're staring down the barrel of a content calendar that's just begging to be filled? Well, that's where things get a bit… tedious. 

You're back to the grind, churning out one piece at a time, and suddenly, your creative euphoria turns into a creative slog.

Meet Copy.ai's Workflows 👋

Copy.ai's Workflows are like having a whole content factory at your fingertips—one that's humming around the clock. 

Need 50 SEO-friendly articles? Check. 

How about personalized marketing campaigns targeting different customer segments? Double-check. 

And what about when sales asks for personalized emails written to 500 prospects based on their LinkedIn profile URL (oh, and you need to write the email in your prospect's native language)? Easy-peasy. 

In fact, here's the Workflow: 

With Copy.ai's Workflows, you're essentially giving yourself the gift of time (and who couldn't use more of that?).

5. Features

Working with Rytr

Rytr has a variety of features that will help you with short-form copy. They also offer three pricing plans: Free, Saver, and Unlimited. Since Copy.ai only has a Free and Pro plan (with everything unlimited in Pro), we'll compare which features come with Rytr's Unlimited plan. 

This includes: 

  • Unlimited words per month 
  • 40+ use case templates 
  • 20+ tones of voice 
  • 100 images/month 
  • Dedicated account manager 
  • Support in 30+ languages (though, again, we think this would likely be more now)

Again, this is a great plan for people needing one-off pieces of short-form copy. That said, this plan is $29/month.

For $7/month more, let's see what you get with Copy.ai.  

Working with Copy.ai

Unlimited Brand Voices

Rytr has 20+ tones, and that's cute, but how about a feature where your brand has its own voice, and it's not confined to just '20+' presets? That's right—unlimited brand voices.

Copy.ai learns your style, your tone, and your vibe for all your generated content.

It's like having an army of writers who've been in your company from Day 1.

Plus, you can incorporate many Brand Voices into your account, so you can alter the tone of messages depending on if you're building something for marketing, sales, or even that private novel you've been working on. 😉 

Unlimited Infobase entries

Infobase is a centralized repository where you can store key pieces of information, brand guidelines, and frequently-used templates for your organization.

Having all this data in one place ensures brand consistency across your content and streamlines the creation process, making it easier for team members to produce high-quality, on-brand content efficiently. 

That's because you and your team can quickly recall this information in your prompts with a simple hashtag (#). This gives more context to your input, which means you can expect higher-quality output as the result. 

This centralized approach not only saves time but also enhances collaboration among team members, ultimately contributing to more cohesive and effective marketing and communication efforts.

Instantly improve any prompt

Ever write a prompt and think, "Ah, it's good but not quite there yet?" That's what the "Improve" feature is for. It's like having a seasoned prompt engineer on standby, 24/7, ready to take your prompt from 'meh' to 'magnificent.'

Scrape the web

When we say Copy.ai is thorough, we mean it. 

This isn't about just drafting content in a silo; this baby can scrape the web to provide the most relevant, up-to-date information. So your content isn't just flashy, but it's also factual (pre-loaded with relevant external links to boost your SEO efforts). 

5 User seats in a Pro account

Collaboration is the name of the game. A Pro account comes with 5 user seats, so you're not in this alone. Get your team onboard and let the creative juices flow freely across departments.

While you'll have your personal workspace that friends and colleagues can't see, you'll have access to shared folders where teams can more easily collaborate together. 


Imagine a factory line but for content creation. Workflows are where you can auto-pilot tasks like long-form articles, email sequences, or even translating your latest blog post into 12 languages simultaneously.

Pre-built templates

And let's not forget the pre-built templates to help you draft quality content in no time. Whether you're looking to craft a crisp press release, a compelling whitepaper, or those bite-sized social posts that make people hit 'Like,' we've got a template for that.

6. Copy.ai vs. Rytr: Breaking it down price 

You want value for your investment, right? That's what we all want, whether it's ordering a double-shot espresso or selecting a generative AI platform.

So let's unpack these numbers, shall we?

Rytr's pricing

  • Free Plan: Generates 10k characters/month and gives you a taste of 40+ use-cases and 20+ tones. Not bad as a starter.
  • Saver Plan ($9/month): Upping your game a bit with 100k characters, and yes, you can even create your own custom use-case.
  • Unlimited Plan ($29/month): Generate unlimited characters and priority support are what you unlock in this plan.

Let's compare this with Copy.ai 

Copy.ai's pricing

  • Free Plan: You get 2,000 words, one user seat, and unlimited projects to explore. It's like dipping your toes in the water before you dive.
  • Pro Plan ($36/month): Hold on to your seat(s). You don't just get one; you get five user seats. Plus, unlimited brand voices, 95+ languages, and pre-built templates? This is how you go Pro.

Which is the best bang for your buck?

At the end of the day, Rytr's Unlimited plan comes out to $29/month, and Copy.ai's unlimited plan comes out to $36/month. 

While Rytr is a bit cheaper on paper, the amount of features that you unlock for a few dollars more is worth the investment, even if just to create longer-form content. 

We believe that between Brand Voices, Infobase, Improve, 5 user seats, and Workflows, Copy.ai is hands-down the best choice for your money. 

Copy.ai vs Rytr: The final verdict

Alright, let's bring it home. You've heard the specs, you've seen the features, and we've broken down the pricing. Now it's crunch time: Which platform should you choose?

Look, Rytr's got some cool stuff going on—no one's denying that. 

If you're looking for a solid AI content generator that can handle some of your content needs, then sure, give it a go. But here's the thing: Good isn't good enough when you can have the best.

So, why Copy.ai?

When it comes to generating long-form content, Copy.ai provides a seamless experience for content writing that allows you to craft entire blog posts, eBooks, and whitepapers in one go.

Unlike Rytr, which requires a piecemeal approach, Copy.ai is engineered to accommodate complex projects that necessitate more comprehensive content. 

Furthermore, while Rytr limits you to 20 tones, Copy.ai offers unlimited brand voices, enabling you to maintain a consistent and unique brand identity across all platforms and content types.

But that's not all. 

Copy.ai also incorporates advanced features like 'Improve' and 'Infobase' to take your content to the next level. 'Improve' allows for prompt refinement to ensure you're crafting content that not only meets but exceeds professional standards. 

'Infobase' is a unique offering that allows you to store, reference, and scale your content creation, giving you an unparalleled advantage in managing and deploying your digital assets. 

Choose Copy.ai for a robust, all-in-one solution that truly understands the nuanced demands of modern content creation.

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