October 11, 2023

5 About Us page best practices (+ how to use an About Us generator)

All too often, corporate About Us pages are bland resources. The company thinks the page needs to be stiff and “professional,” so they miss a valuable opportunity to connect with its audience.

Don’t make this mistake—invest in your About Us page to build trust and connect with your customers. Translation agency Tomedes, for example, saw a 13% increase in conversion rates overnight after refreshing its About Us page.

What makes a good About Us page? Couple these five best practices with our advanced About Us generator to turn your page into a helpful, powerful company resource that engages customers.

1. Define your story

Your About Us page should be about the problem you solve for your customers, how you solve it, and why you are the best at solving it.

The best way to get that information across is by telling a story. Look at your About Page as an opportunity to create an interesting and inspiring narrative:

  • Introduce the characters and setting: Your founding team (or the company itself) is the protagonist in this story. The setting is usually a description of the status quo in your industry that you and your target customers recognize needs changing.
  • Define the plot and conflict: Introduce the problem that your company has set out to resolve. Explain what drew you to the issue, and hone in on how the problem affects you and your customers.
  • Find the resolution: Share how your business is tackling the problem. Explain the milestones that you’ve hit and the impact that you’ve had.
  • Look toward the future: Remember, your story’s not fully written. Discuss how you envision the future and how you expect your mission and goals to evolve.

Tell your story to show the human, emotional side of your brand and help customers relate to your business.

2. Use numbers and hard data

Illustrate your brand’s progress with clear data. To quantify your business’s impact:

  • Don’t just say you’re an international company. Tell the reader how many countries you are active in.
  • Don’t just say you’re VC-backed. Give details on how much money you’ve raised over how many rounds.
  • Don’t just say that customers are embracing you. Display data that shows how many customers you have and how quickly your customer base has grown.

When you sprinkle impressive figures into your narrative, you’re providing proof of progress. The numbers confirm that your company does more than just talk a good game; it achieves actual results.

3. Let others speak for you

People seek reassurance from their peers. According to a Canvas8 study commissioned by Trustpilot, 89% of consumers check reviews online before making purchases.

Use this tendency to your advantage by including customer testimonials on your About Us page to demonstrate your impact and build trust.

  • If you’re a B2B company, include a direct quote from a company representative and add their photo and contact information if possible (like a link to their LinkedIn profile) to show sincerity.
  • Include logos of some of your most prominent and recognizable clients.
  • Highlight awards your company has won, trust ratings from review sites, and press mentions.

The more believable your customer testimonials are, the better.

4. Incorporate different media types

Your About Us page should be more than a wall of text. Include engaging visuals to keep site visitors interested.

Studies conducted over the last 15 years by the Nielsen Norman Group show that most people don’t read webpages; they scan them. The studies also show that readers often fixate on visual elements like comparison tables, pull quotes, and user-generated content (like reviews).

Mix various forms of media into your About Us page.

  • Use team photos to show the human side of your brand.
  • Tell your company’s story with a video. According to a study conducted by Wyzowl, 94% of companies believe that videos help customers understand their products or services better.
  • Use a timeline to highlight milestones and achievements.
  • Create a roadmap to show your company’s trajectory and future goals.
  • Show your international spirit by making a map that shows where your customers live or, if you’re a distributed team, where your employees are located.

Use a variety of visuals to keep your audience interested as they skim your About Us page.

5. Include contact info and a call to action (CTA)

Your About Us page is a starting point for building brand awareness. Provide a variety of ways for visitors to contact you and continue their customer journey from the About Us page.

  • Create a contact form and CTAs for email list and newsletter subscriptions.
  • Link to prominent product pages.
  • Provide links to all your social media accounts.
  • Highlight your blog.
  • Link to your company careers page.

Turn your About Us page into a customer gateway with clear calls to action that encourage and enable further interaction and discovery.

Use an About Us generator to brainstorm ideas

Even when you know what you want your About Us page to look like, getting the ball rolling isn’t always easy. An AI-powered About Us generator can help spark your creativity.

Let's look at how you can use Copy.ai's About Us generator to brainstorm ideas.

First, open the Copy.ai app. Head over to the menu on the left and click on “Templates.”


Here you’ll see a variety of templates you can use to create content. Scroll down to find the About Us Copy template at the end of the fourth row and click on it.


Once you’ve selected the About Us Copy template, click the “Start New Project” button to open the About Us generator.

Now, enter the main points you want to cover on your page. The template already provides you with popular talking points: your product/brand/service name, target audience, and mission. Provide as much detail as possible (up to 1,000 words).

Don’t forget to choose a tone of voice that best corresponds with your brand.


Now, click “Create Copy” to generate ideas.

2022-04-01 09_33_08-2022-04-01 Untitled.png

It takes just a few seconds for the tool to generate a list of long-form About Us ideas for you.


If you want to see even more ideas, click the “Make More” button at the bottom of the list.

2022-04-01 09_52_41-2022-04-01 Untitled.png

You can also click the “Copy All Results” button (see above) to add all the ideas to your clipboard and paste them into another application, like a Google Doc.

If you love a generated idea, click the “Save” button below it to send the idea to the “Saved” section. Click on the “Saved” tab to see all of your favorite generated ideas.


Remove ideas from the Saved tab just as easily by clicking the “Remove” button below it, or add ideas to your clipboard by clicking the “Copy” button.

2022-04-01 09_57_29-2022-04-01 Untitled.png

You can also use the “More Like This” feature to generate new ideas based on one that you really like.

The “More Like This” feature differs from the “Make More” feature. While the “Make More” adds more ideas to the originally generated list, the “More Like This” button generates additional copy based on a single idea. Here’s how it works:‍

Click on the “Create Copy” tab and find an idea you think sounds good. Now, click the “More Like This” button below it to generate additional copy based on that idea.

2022-04-01 10_04_32-2022-04-01 Untitled.png

Use these About Us generator features to break through your writer’s block. Brainstorm possible angles and directions, and you’ll be on your way to writing unique, powerful About Us copy.

Keep your About Us page updated

A great About Us page that builds trust and improves conversions isn’t static. It evolves along with your company.

Reevaluate your About Us page at least once a year to add new information—updated product/service goals, major accomplishments, C-level hires—and never stop experimenting with its format and content. 

Test and assess different approaches and designs to find a sweet spot that works best for your company based on the goals you want to achieve (generate leads, improve time-on-page stats, increase newsletter subscriptions, etc.).

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