About this webinar

Chat by Copy.ai gives you a simple interface that integrates all of our sales and marketing tools in one place. Teams can start with Chat to increase efficiency, then scale and automate tasks with Workflows (currently in beta). This week our team will show you how take an AI Native approach. Taking an idea and sculpting it in Chat, then scaling that idea through Workflows. We'll even show you how we used this method to build campaigns around this webinar. From there will dive deeper into the simple integrations that show just how powerful Workflows can be when connected to your tech stack. Overnight full blown email drip campaigns can be launched and automated when connected to platforms like Salesforce, Outreach, and Hubpsot.

What you'll learn

Learn tips and tricks on writing prompts for the best results.
Take your results from chat and input them into fully automated workflows.
Integrate your workflows into Hubspot, Salesforce, and Outreach.


Robert Moseley
Head of Implementation and Consulting
Shikhar Singh
Solutions Engineer