Mar 12, 2024

The Future of Content is AI-Generated

Content creation is one of the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers today.

With so many new products, features, and updates to cover, it's become nearly impossible to produce enough high-quality, original content manually.

That's why I'm so excited about a new approach that leverages AI to automate content generation. In this post, I'll walk through a use case that shows just how powerful AI can be for content creation.

The Use Case: Software Product Content

Let's say you work at a company that offers multiple software products in categories like CRM, marketing automation, help desk software, etc. You have hundreds of products you need to create content for - everything from product pages to release notes, case studies, and more.

Doing this manually means endlessly writing the same type of content over and over again. It's not very efficient or scalable.

That's where AI comes in. With the right workflows, you can feed product websites into an AI system and have it analyze the sites to generate concise summaries, specs, comparisons, and other content formats. The AI is able to extract key information and write it up in a clear, engaging way.

How to Make It Happen

Here are the steps to set up AI-generated content for your software products:

  1. Gather a corpus of your product websites. This gives the AI examples to train on.
  2. Define the content instructions. For each product site, what type of content do you want generated? A 200 word summary? A features table? A comparison grid? Specifications? Provide clear instructions.
  3. Feed the sites and instructions into the AI system. I use which makes it simple to create workflows, upload data, and generate content at scale.
  4. Have humans review the content. This quality control step ensures only the best content gets published.
  5. Publish the approved AI content. On your product pages, release notes, comparison articles, etc.
  6. Continuously improve the AI. Feed human edits back into the system so it learns over time.

Rinse and repeat across all your products to create a content generation machine!

The Benefits of AI Content Creation

This use case highlights some major benefits:

  • Massive increase in content volume and coverage. No more writer's block or scrambling to cover hundreds of products. The AI acts like a virtual writing team.
  • High-quality content at scale. The AI sticks to the facts and generates concise, consistent content.
  • Free up writers for strategic work. Humans focus on high-level strategy vs. rote content creation.
  • Address content pain points. AI alleviates issues like manual writing at scale, inconsistent quality, and lack of coverage.

After implementing a system like this, your content creation process becomes automated, scalable, and augmented by human creativity.

Learn More About AI Content

If this use case excites you, I encourage you to learn more about AI content creation. The team at has put together great educational resources on how to transform your content with AI.

The future of content is AI-generated. With the right strategy, you can supercharge content creation, free your human writers, and tell your product stories at scale. Now is the time to start experimenting!