Oct 27, 2023

Streamline Your Team's Work with DIY Internal Tools

We've all been there - spending way too much time on tedious manual processes or waiting days for simple internal requests. As a Demand Gen manager at a fast-growing company, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be when our work gets bottlenecked while waiting on developers to build us new tools.

I want to pull levers, not wait for coders to code.

That's why I was so excited to discover a clever way to create streamlined digital tools and processes for my team using Copy.ai Workflows. With just a bit of workflow automation knowledge, I can now digitize our manual processes and build self-serve options for common internal requests without any coding required.

Empower Your Team by Building Your Own Internal Tools

The key is using Copy.ai's workflow forms. Here's how it works:

First, I build out a workflow that automates whatever common process or request I want to digitize. For example, our social media team was constantly asking for help drafting posts to promote our webinars. So I built a workflow that:

  • Listens to the webinar recording
  • Determines which customer segments it's relevant for
  • Drafts initial social media posts for those segments

After thoroughly testing the workflow, I connected it to a form using the forms tab in Workflows. This let me customize the fields to capture the inputs needed for the workflow - like the webinar title, recording, target segments, etc.

Finally, I simply shared the direct form link with our social team.

Now whenever they need a webinar post, they access the tool themselves by filling out the form. The form runs the workflow, and automatically generates tailored social posts for them!

How Building Your Own Tools Will Change Your Work

Removing the dependency on developers to build our internal tools has been game changing. Some of the biggest benefits we've experienced are:

  • Streamlined manual processes - We've digitized things like our lead research process, saving hours of manual work each week.
  • Self-serve options - No more waiting around for simple requests like webinar posts or ebook graphics. Teams access tools themselves.
  • Faster turnaround on requests - Automated workflows complete tasks in minutes versus days waiting for someone to manually do it.
  • Improved productivity - Less time wasted on mundane tasks means more time for strategic work.

The ability to create tools like this yourself using no-code workflows is incredibly empowering. Our productivity and efficiency has skyrocketed since adopting this approach.

Take Control By Building Your Own Internal Tools

If you're still relying on developers or manual processes for internal tasks, it's time to unlock the power of no-code workflow automation for yourself.

Head over to the Copy.ai Workflows documentation to start learning how you can put workflows to work for your team.

The possibilities are truly endless when you embrace a "DIY" approach to your team's processes. No more waiting around - take control and start streamlining your work today!