Mar 12, 2024

Personalized Campaigns with AI-Powered Lead Scoring

If you're like me, you know that marketing is all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

But how do you scale that kind of 1:1 personalization when you've got hundreds or thousands of leads in your funnel? That's where AI comes in.

In this article, I'm going to walk you through how to leverage AI to automatically score and segment your leads, then use that data to trigger hyper-targeted campaigns tailored to each lead's interests.

Trust me when I say this will take your marketing to the next level.

Step 1: Feed Lead Data into the AI

The first step is getting your lead data into a workflow in This should include any info you have on the lead like name, email, company, title, etc. Don't worry about enriching the data yourself - we'll let the AI handle that next.

For example, let's say you've got a lead named Nathan Thompson who works at All you need to provide is his name, email, and company to get started.

The AI will do the heavy lifting.

Step 2: AI Enriches Lead Profiles

This is where the magic happens. Once the lead data is in, the workflow will automatically enrich each profile with publicly available info on the lead.

The AI will scour the web to pull in data like the lead's job title, company info, recent news about their company, and more. Now you've got a 360-degree view of who this lead is and what they care about - all without having to do the manual research yourself.

For our example lead, Nathan, the AI might pull in that I'm the Senior Demand Gen Manager at who's interested in content creation and lead gen. This info helps us understand Nathan so we can personalize our outreach.

Step 3: Leads Are Scored and Tiered

With enriched lead profiles in hand, automatically scores each lead and segments them into tiers. The criteria can include things like:

  • Job level (entry-level, manager, executive, etc.)
  • Company size (SMB, mid-market, enterprise)
  • Industry
  • Engagement data (page views, email opens, etc.)

Leads are bucketed into tiers that make sense for your business. For instance, Tier 1 for high-value prospects, Tier 2 for solid leads, and Tier 3 for long-shot leads requiring more nurturing.

Now you've got leads automatically grouped based on their potential value and level of interest.

Step 4: Trigger Personalized Campaigns

This is where things get fun!

Using the tier data from, you can automatically enroll leads into hyper-targeted campaigns tailored to their interests and potential value.

A few examples:

  • Send VIP offers or high-touch sales outreach to Tier 1 leads
  • Invite Tier 2 leads to webinars and demos
  • Drip lower-value offers and content to Tier 3 leads to nurture them

The key is sending the right message to the right person based on their profile. The AI data makes this easy to scale across all your leads!

Step 5: Continue Optimizing

As new data comes in on lead engagement and activity, the AI will keep their profiles and scores updated in real-time. This allows you to continually optimize your campaigns over time.

You'll quickly learn what content and offers perform best for each tier. Use those insights to fine-tune your outreach and increase conversions.

The Power of AI-Powered Personalization

Leveraging AI to understand your leads is a game-changer for demand gen and marketing. With, you can easily build 1:1 personalization at scale.

The benefits include:

  • Targeted, relevant messaging based on lead profiles
  • Higher conversions from tailored outreach
  • Optimized marketing spend by focusing on high-value leads
  • Automated lead scoring without tedious manual work

The result? You send each lead exactly what they want to hear. And that is the key to driving more pipeline and revenue!

Want to learn more about our AI-powered Workflows? Check out the documentation here.