Oct 27, 2023

How to Generate On-Brand Content at Scale with AI

As a content marketer, one of my biggest challenges is producing a constant stream of high-quality, on-brand content. Our company website has hundreds of pages that need to be kept up-to-date and optimized. Manually writing all of that copy is time-consuming and difficult to scale.

That's why I was so excited to discover a clever use case for AI content generation - automatically creating on-brand website copy tailored to our customers' unique brand voices.

In this post, I'll walk you through exactly how to leverage AI to effortlessly generate branded website content that saves time and drives results.

Gather Examples of Your Brand's Voice

The first step is to collect examples of content that represents the customer's brand voice. This gives the AI model a clear sense of their tone, terminology, and style to inform the content it generates.

Ideally, you want to gather:

  • Website copy
  • Blog posts
  • Marketing materials like brochures
  • Past ads or campaigns
  • Brand guidelines if available

Look for samples across different content types and formats. The more examples the better, so the AI has sufficient data to learn from.

Train the AI on Your Brand Voice

Next, you need to feed those brand voice examples into Copy.ai to train a custom AI model.

Within the platform, create a new model and upload or copy/paste your content samples.

Make sure to name the examples by content type so the AI can understand the differences between say website copy and a print ad.

For example, you might name one Brand Voice “Copy.ai Website Copy” and another “Copy.ai Print Ad.”

Then click “Analyze Brand Voice” - the AI will analyze all the examples and learn the nuances of the brand's voice. This takes just minutes to complete.

Now you have a tailored model ready to generate completely new on-brand content.

Generate Fresh Website Copy

With the AI model trained on their brand voice, you can have it automatically generate custom website copy optimized for different pages or use cases.

Simply provide the model with the topic, content type, and length. For example:

  • Blog post on our company culture (500 words)
  • About page describing our mission and values (300 words)
  • FAQ on common customer questions (250 words each)

The AI will return fresh, unique content that closely matches the brand's tone and style.

Review and Edit Before Publishing

The last step is reviewing the AI-generated content before publishing it live. While the quality is generally very high thanks to the customized model, it always helps to have a human editor polish and refine the copy.

Look for any inaccuracies or opportunities to add your own flair and improvements. But the bulk of the hard work of writing is already done for you by the AI.

The Benefits of Automated On-Brand Content

Leveraging AI to produce branded website copy provides some major benefits:

  • Massive time savings - AI can create content exponentially faster than writing manually. This frees you up for more strategic work.
  • Consistent brand voice - With AI tailored to their style, you don't have to worry about tone or messaging deviating.
  • Scales easily - You can generate as much custom content as needed for every page on your site.
  • Error and plagiarism free - The AI creates 100% original content optimized for your brand.

Generating branded website copy with AI is a game-changer for content production and brand consistency. You can fill a whole site with engaging, on-brand content in a fraction of the time as writing manually.

To learn more about how Copy.ai's Workflows can automate content creation for your business, check out our documentation. The possibilities are endless!