Apr 15, 2024

How I Automated My Entire Sales Process with Copy.ai Workflows

My name is Nathan and I'm the Senior Demand Gen Manager here at Copy.ai.

In my role, I'm tasked with generating high-quality leads for our sales team. As you can imagine, this requires coordinating many different moving parts - content creation, campaigns, events, and more.

It can be a lot to juggle.

Recently, I started leveraging Copy.ai's Workflows to help streamline my process and free up more of my time for strategic tasks. In this post, I'll walk through how I automated some of my most tedious and time-consuming responsibilities using Workflows.

The Problem: Manually Documenting Every Sales Call is a Drag

A big part of my role involves supporting the sales team by documenting their calls and meetings with prospects. This helps me track lead progress and capture vital information to inform future outreach.

The problem was, I had to manually read through every call transcript and pull out the key details myself. This was a huge time suck! I'd easily spend 3-4 hours each week just combing through transcripts to capture basic info like:

  • Key discussion topics
  • Questions asked
  • Prospect objections
  • Next steps

It was getting out of hand. Given the power of AI and our workflows, I knew there had to be a better way.

The Solution: A Workflow to Automatically Parse Call Data

Workflows allow you to automate multi-step processes using natural language prompts. I realized I could create a Workflow to automatically parse call transcripts and pull the info I needed.

Here's an overview of the Workflow I created:

  1. Call transcript gets passed to Workflow via API integration when call ends
  2. Workflow summarizes key details from transcript
  3. It extracts key discussion topics
  4. It identifies any objections raised
  5. It pulls any questions asked
  6. It lists agreed next steps
  7. It posts a summary with all extracted info to our team Slack channel

Instead of reading full transcripts, I could now just review the automatically generated summary.

The Workflow freed up over 150 hours/day (yeah, I can get through 50 of these in just 2-3 hours now) and allowed me to focus on more impactful work.

Step-By-Step: How I Built the Call Summary Workflow

If you're interested in building a similar Workflow for your team, here's a step-by-step look at how I set mine up:

1. Integrate with call recording platform

The first step was integrating with our call recording platform, Gong.io. Gong provides call transcripts via an API that I configured to pass to Copy.ai after each call.

This automatically pipes call data to my Workflow as soon as the call ends - no manual work required.

2. Create the Workflow

Next, I opened up Workflows and created a new Workflow using natural language:

"Given a call transcript, summarize the key details including topics discussed, objections raised, questions asked, and next steps."

Copy.ai generated the initial Workflow based on my prompt with steps for summarizing and extracting key details.

3. Customize and refine the Workflow

From there, I was able to customize the Workflow by editing the prompts and output formatting.

For example, I configured the "summarize transcript" step to focus on just the prospect's voice and ignore the sales rep's comments.

I also formatted the Slack post output as a neatly formatted message tagging me and the rest of the team with the summary.

After a bit of tweaking, my Workflow was ready to go.

4. Run it for each new call

Now the Workflow runs automatically each time a new call transcript comes in, saving me hours of manual work. I just review the auto-generated summaries on Slack to stay up to speed.

The whole process only took me about an hour to set up, though Rob Moseley IV (Head of GTM) definitely helped with the integrations. If we were a boy-band, he'd be the "techy" one.

And it's been a massive time saver ever since.

The Impact: More Time for Strategic Work (and My Sanity)

Automating this tedious process with Workflows has been a life saver for our team.

I've saved hours each week that I can now spend on more strategic initiatives like content creation and campaign planning. It's done wonders for my productivity -- and sanity.

The sales team also loves having an auto-generated recap of each call. It makes it much easier for them to review notes and follow up efficiently.

Overall, Workflows have streamlined our post-call documentation process and freed up a ton of time. I highly recommend giving it a try for any repetitive tasks you need to automate!

To learn more about building your own Workflows, be sure to check out the Copy.ai Workflows documentation. The possibilities are endless!