Mar 12, 2024

Finding the Perfect Image to Reinforce Your Content

Sourcing high-quality, relevant images to pair with your content can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

As a content creator, you want visuals that align with and reinforce the messaging in your articles and journeys. But searching manually through stock image sites to find the perfect photo for each piece can drain your time and energy.

I know the struggle all too well.

In my role as a content designer at a health and wellness company, my team and I create tons of educational journeys and articles aimed at improving people's lives.

But digging for suitable images to accompany each step in a journey or section in an article got old fast. There had to be a better way.

That's when I discovered how AI could help automate the image sourcing process. Here's how leveraging AI is transforming the way I find visuals for content.

The Problem: Manually Searching for Images is a Drag

My team helps a company create multi-step journeys around health topics like managing stress, eating healthy, quitting smoking, and more. These journeys walk users through lessons day-by-day to build healthy habits over time.

We also help them write tons of articles diving deep on specific wellness subjects. The goal is educating people to live healthier, happier lives.

But a key part of crafting effective educational content is pairing it with relevant visuals. The images need to align with the topic and messaging for maximum impact.

Searching manually for pictures for each step in a journey or section in an article was eating up too much time. And even after extensive searching, we didn't always find photos that perfectly matched the content.

Clearly, scrolling aimlessly through stock image sites wasn't the most effective approach. There had to be a better way to source good images tailored to our content.

The Solution: Let AI Find Relevant Images for You

Rather than manually digging for photos, I realized we could use AI to automate the image search process. AI tools like allow you to set parameters and guidelines for the images you need. Then the AI searches stock image libraries and returns a selection of options that match.

We configured a workflow with steps to:

  • Take in the content we've created
  • Identify keywords and themes based on the content
  • Search stock image libraries for photographs that align to those keywords and themes
  • Filter results based on guidelines like natural lighting, diversity, image style
  • Output a few options for each piece of content to choose from

Now instead of aimlessly browsing for pictures, we provide the content and let the AI find options for us to pick from. It's a hands-free way to get visuals tailored to the messaging in our content.

The Benefits: Saving Time and Getting Better Images

Leveraging AI to automate image sourcing provides some great benefits:

Huge Time Savings

Having the AI search for relevant images based on our content saves tons of time. We no longer have to manually dig through stock photos one by one. The AI does the heavy lifting and returns a curated selection of choices.

Streamlining this formerly manual, time-intensive process lets us focus energy on creating engaging content instead of administrative tasks.

Higher Quality Images

In addition to saving time, the AI often returns better image options than we could find on our own. By searching millions of stock photos instantly based on our guidelines, the AI can dig up great visuals we may have otherwise missed.

Seamless Alignment Between Images and Content

With AI-sourced images, there's no more guessing whether a picture actually reinforces the messaging in our content. The images directly align with the topics and themes in the accompanying text. This creates a cohesive experience for the reader.

Transform Your Content with AI-Powered Image Search

If you're spending too much time manually digging for stock images to pair with your content, consider leveraging AI to automate the process. AI tools like make it simple to configure workflows that find and filter images based on your specific needs.

The benefits are huge:

  • Massive time savings
  • Higher quality image results
  • Seamless alignment between visuals and text

Automating repetitive tasks like image sourcing allows you to focus your energy on creating stellar content that educates and engages readers. AI can handle the busywork while you do what you do best.

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