Oct 27, 2023

Creating Radio Ad Variations with AI

As a marketer, I know how challenging it can be to come up with multiple creative variations of radio ad scripts for customers. You want to provide options for them to choose from, but writing unique scripts from scratch each time is tedious and time-consuming.

That's why I was excited to discover how AI can help automate the radio ad creation process. With the right workflow set up, AI can generate tons of on-brand script variations for customers to review and select their favorites.

Why Customer Choice Matters

Giving customers options is crucial. When you only provide a single radio ad script, customers feel constrained. Even if the script aligns with their brand, they want to feel involved in the creative process.

By generating multiple variations instead, customers get to actively participate in choosing the ad copy. This empowers them to select the script that truly resonates with their target audience.

Having choices also leads to higher customer satisfaction. When customers get to decide on the final ad creative, they feel more invested in the outcome.

How AI Generates On-Brand Variations

So how does AI actually deliver so many on-brand variations? It all comes down to the initial creative brief.

When setting up the workflow, customers first provide details like:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Target audience
  • Campaign goals
  • Brand voice examples

This gives the AI assistant the information it needs to understand the customer's brand.

From there, the AI reviews the brief and generates anywhere from 5-10 different 30-second radio ad scripts aligned to the brand voice. It ensures the variations stay on-message while providing fresh creative options.

Giving Customers Decision Power

Once the AI generates the initial variations, it's time to hand the reins to the customer.

The different scripts are presented to the customer for review. This allows them to see multiple options tailored to their brand.

After evaluating the variations, the customer selects their 1-2 favorite scripts. This signals to the AI assistant which options best resonate for that customer.

Now that the AI understands the customer's preferences, it uses this to further refine and customize additional scripts. These new variations are even more tailored to what the customer is looking for.

Continual Improvement Through AI Learning

The great thing about AI is that it continually learns and improves over time. With each new customer, the AI gets smarter.

Every time customers provide input by selecting their preferred scripts, the AI assistant trains on these choices. It learns what copy resonates for each unique brand voice.

This means output gets better and better the more the AI is used. It adapts to each customer to generate scripts they love.

Over time, the AI can deliver radio ad variations tailored for any brand in a fraction of the time.

Transform Your Radio Ad Process with AI

If you're ready to elevate your radio ad creation workflow, AI is the perfect solution. It eliminates the grunt work of writing multiple scripts manually, letting you focus on strategy.

Customers also get the creative control they crave with on-brand options to choose from. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

To learn more about integrating AI into your radio ad process, be sure to check out Copy.ai's Workflows product. The documentation provides everything you need to get started leveraging AI for customer scripts.

Let the AI assistant take care of the busywork while you focus on big-picture impact. It's time to transform radio ad creation.