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What is Typeform?

Typeform is an online form and survey builder designed to create engaging, conversational forms. Unlike traditional forms, Typeform presents questions one at a time, making the experience more interactive and user-friendly. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can quickly create forms, surveys, quizzes, and more.

This tool is particularly popular among marketers, researchers, and businesses seeking to collect data in a visually appealing way. It offers advanced features like logic jumps, conditional questions, and integrations with popular business tools. These functionalities make Typeform a versatile and powerful solution for data collection.

The Go-to-Market Challenges Typeform Solves

Problems Typeform Solves

Typeform tackles several key challenges that businesses face in data collection:

  1. Low Engagement and Response Rates
    • Traditional forms are often boring and off-putting, leading to low response rates.
    • Typeform's interactive and visually appealing forms keep respondents engaged.
    • Showing one question at a time reduces overwhelm and focuses attention.
  2. Lack of Flexibility in Customizing Form Logic and Flow
    • Many form tools offer limited customization options.
    • Typeform allows for logic jumps, follow-up questions, and hidden fields.
    • This customization enables deeper insights and more relevant data collection.
  3. Difficulty in Creating On-Brand, Professional-Looking Forms
    • Designing branded forms usually requires coding skills.
    • Typeform provides numerous customization options and templates.
    • Businesses can create pixel-perfect, on-brand forms without coding.
  4. Tedious Manual Work in Moving Data
    • Data collection is just the first step; it needs to be moved to other apps.
    • Native integrations with tools like Slack, Google Sheets, and Salesforce automate data syncing.
    • This saves time and effort in manual data entry and management.
  5. Lack of Insights on Form Performance
    • Understanding form performance requires analytics.
    • Typeform provides visual analytics on metrics like completion rate and drop-off points.
    • Teams can derive actionable insights to optimize their forms.

The Benefits of Typeform

Create Engaging, Conversational Forms and Surveys

  • Forms, surveys, and quizzes that feel like a natural conversation.
  • Use logic jumps, conditional questions, and various question types.
  • Embed images, GIFs, and videos to add visual interest.

Customize the Look and Feel to Match Your Brand

  • Choose from customizable templates or start from scratch.
  • Personalize fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more.
  • Add your company logo and imagery for a polished look.

Integrate with Your Marketing and Sales Tools

  • Connect with tools like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and Slack.
  • Automatically send responses to your CRM or email marketing platform.
  • Import leads captured in Typeform directly into your pipelines.

Gain Valuable Insights from Response Data

  • View individual responses and aggregated data.
  • Use the data to understand your audience and improve offerings.
  • Export data to CSV or connect to Google Sheets for further analysis.

Provide a Delightful User Experience

  • Mobile-friendly forms that look great on any device.
  • The conversational interface makes information collection simple.
  • Improve completion rates with user-friendly forms.

User Reviews of Typeform

G2 Reviews

  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5
  • Top Competitors: Jotform, SurveyMonkey, Google Forms

Positive Quotes:

  1. "Typeform is the best survey tool I've used. It's easy to use, has great templates, and makes data collection fun and engaging." [Roger W.][5.0][]
  2. "Typeform is a great tool for collecting feedback and data in a visually appealing way." [Ben M.][5.0][]
  3. "The user experience and interface are very user-friendly. It's easy to create forms, surveys, and quizzes with beautiful designs." [Merve K.][4.0][]


  • Limited customization options for styling/branding.
  • Pricing can be high for smaller organizations.
  • Limited integration options compared to competitors.

General Sentiment:

  • Positive Reviews:
    • Easy to use.
    • Visually appealing.
    • Great templates.
  • Negative Reviews:
    • Limited customization.
    • High pricing.
    • Fewer integrations.

Read more reviews on G2

Reddit Reviews

  • Overall Sentiment: Generally positive, with discussions on both strengths and limitations.

Relevant Resource:

Integrations and Compatibility

Typeform integrates with various tools and platforms to enhance its functionality. Here are some notable integrations:

  • Direct Integrations: Google Sheets, Slack, Mailchimp, Salesforce.
  • File Formats: Export data to CSV.
  • APIs and Webhooks: Available for custom integrations.
  • Platforms: Compatible with multiple operating systems and devices.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Supported for secure access.

Typeform Alternatives

Alternatives Based on Reddit Reviews

  1. JotForm
  2. SurveyMonkey
  3. Google Forms
  4. Formester

What to Use Typeform With

Here are some tools that pair well with Typeform to build a robust go-to-market stack:

  1. - The world's first GTM AI Platform.
  2. HubSpot - For marketing automation and CRM.
  3. Slack - For team communication.
  4. Salesforce - For customer relationship management.
  5. Marketo - For lead nurturing and scoring.
  6. Intercom - For customer communication.
  7. Amplitude - For product analytics.
  8. Google Analytics - For web analytics.
  9. Zapier - For workflow automation.
  10. Unbounce - For landing page creation.
  11. Hotjar - For user behavior insights.
  12. Ahrefs - For SEO and content marketing.
  13. LinkedIn Sales Navigator - For B2B prospecting.
  14. Drift - For conversational marketing.
  15. Octopus CRM - For data management.


What does Typeform do?

Typeform is an online form and survey builder that enables users to create engaging, conversational forms. It offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to design forms, surveys, quizzes, and more.

How easy is it to set up Typeform?

Setting up Typeform is straightforward and requires no technical expertise. Users can get started quickly by selecting from pre-made templates or building a form from scratch. Most users can create and launch their first typeform within minutes.

What makes Typeform different from other similar tools?

Typeform stands out for its focus on creating engaging, interactive experiences. Forms are presented one question at a time, like a real conversation. This makes the experience more user-friendly and can increase response rates. Typeform also offers advanced features like logic jumps and calculators.

Can Typeform integrate with other tools and platforms?

Yes, Typeform offers a wide range of native integrations with popular tools like Google Sheets, Slack, Mailchimp, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more. It also provides an open API that allows developers to build custom integrations and automate workflows.

What are the pricing plans for Typeform? Are there any hidden fees?

Typeform offers several pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: Limited features, 10 questions per typeform, 100 responses per month.
  • Basic Plan: $25/month, more questions and responses, custom thank you screen.
  • Plus Plan: $50/month, unlimited typeforms, logic jumps, payment fields.
  • Business Plan: $83/month, team collaboration, advanced integrations. There are no hidden fees. Users can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime.

Is there a free trial available, and what features are included?

Yes, Typeform offers a 14-day free trial of their Plus plan. The trial includes all the features of the Plus plan, such as unlimited typeforms, logic jumps, payment fields, and more. No credit card information is required to start the trial.

Does Typeform offer customer support?

Typeform provides customer support through multiple channels:

  • Help Center: A comprehensive knowledge base with how-to guides and tutorials.
  • Email Support: Available for all users, with priority support for paid plans.
  • Live Chat: Real-time support available for Plus and Business plan users.
  • Dedicated Success Manager: Personalized assistance for Business plan customers.

Who is Typeform ideally suited for?

Typeform is an ideal solution for businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to collect data in an engaging way. This includes:

  • Marketers: For lead generation forms, customer surveys, or event registration forms.
  • HR Professionals: For conducting employee satisfaction surveys or job application forms.
  • Researchers and Academics: For collecting data for studies or feedback.
  • Small Businesses: For an affordable yet robust form-building solution.
  • General Users: Anyone who wants to create forms that people will enjoy filling out.

This landing page provides a snapshot of Typeform's capabilities, benefits, and user feedback, offering a comprehensive overview for potential users.

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