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What is Fullstory?

Fullstory is a behavioral analytics platform designed to capture every user interaction on your website or app. By providing detailed insights into user behavior, Fullstory enables teams to understand how users navigate, what they click on, and where they encounter issues. This comprehensive data collection helps in identifying opportunities to optimize and improve the user experience.

Fullstory's unique autocapture technology records interactions without manual tagging, making it easier for teams to gather valuable data. With features like session replay, heatmaps, and conversion funnels, Fullstory offers a complete picture of the user journey, allowing you to make informed, data-driven decisions.

By integrating with other tools like Salesforce, Slack, and Jira, Fullstory fits seamlessly into your existing workflows. It provides a centralized view of user experience data, fostering collaboration across teams and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

The Go-to-Market Challenges Fullstory Solves

Problems Fullstory Solves

Fullstory helps companies solve critical problems related to understanding and optimizing the digital customer experience, such as:

  1. Lack of visibility into user behavior and sentiment
    • Traditional web analytics only show what pages users visit and what they click on.
    • Fullstory captures hundreds of detailed user interactions to provide a complete picture of behavior and sentiment.
      • Interactions like rage clicks, thrashing cursor, error clicks, and more indicate user frustration.
      • Seeing exactly how users navigate through a site or app exposes opportunities to streamline journeys.
  2. Inability to proactively identify and resolve user pain points
    • Without seeing how real users interact with a product, it's difficult to know what's causing drop-off or churn.
    • Fullstory enables teams to:
      • Proactively detect signals of user struggle in real-time.
      • Watch session replays to investigate the root cause.
      • Make data-driven UI/UX improvements to remove friction.
  3. Disconnected customer data across tools and teams
    • User data often lives in silos, making it hard to get a 360-degree view of the customer.
    • Fullstory can combine its rich behavioral data with data from other tools to build a more complete user profile.
      • Example: Merge Fullstory data with Salesforce data to understand how a user's on-site experience impacts sales interactions.
  4. Lack of insights to drive personalization and optimization
    • One-size-fits-all digital experiences don't meet the needs of different user segments.
    • Fullstory provides the granular user insights needed to:
      • Build tailored experiences for high-value user segments.
      • A/B test and optimize UX changes based on user impact.
      • Trigger real-time engagements based on user behavior.

In summary, Fullstory helps solve the problems of understanding user behavior, proactively improving user experiences, unifying customer data, and driving personalization and optimization. Its unique autocapture and analytics capabilities provide a powerful solution for digital experience intelligence.

The Benefits of Fullstory

Understand User Behavior and Optimize Experiences

  • Fullstory captures every user interaction on your site or app, allowing you to see exactly how users navigate, what they click on, and where they get stuck.
  • Powerful search and segmentation let you filter sessions by user attributes, events, frustration signals, and more to uncover insights.
  • Session replay and event-based analysis provide a clear picture of the user experience so you can identify opportunities for optimization.

Improve Conversion and Reduce Churn

  • Quickly diagnose issues causing users to abandon their journey or churn by watching session replays and analyzing user behavior.
  • Identify points of friction or confusion in the user experience that are impacting conversion rates.
  • Make data-driven optimizations to remove blockers, streamline flows, and improve conversion throughout the funnel.

Enable Collaboration Across Teams

  • Fullstory provides a centralized, shareable view of user experience data that enables better cross-functional collaboration.
  • Product teams can share key user insights with engineering to fix bugs faster and with marketing to optimize campaigns.
  • Customer success teams can use session replay to troubleshoot issues and provide more personalized support to customers.

Integrate with Your Existing Tool Stack

  • Fullstory integrates with popular tools like Salesforce, Slack, Jira, Zendesk, and more to fit into your existing workflows.
  • Push user data into Fullstory to add context to sessions and enable deeper analysis based on user attributes and segments.
  • Automatically populate support tickets or bug reports with relevant session data for faster resolution.

Ensure Privacy and Security

  • Fullstory provides robust privacy controls so you can protect user data and ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR.
  • Mask or exclude sensitive data fields to avoid capturing personal information.
  • Manage user consent and data access with fine-grained controls and the ability to delete user data on request.

User Reviews of Fullstory

G2 Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Top 3 competitors: Hotjar, Mouseflow, Smartlook

Positive Quotes:

  1. "FullStory has totally transformed how we understand and improve our user experience. The session replay feature is amazing for seeing exactly how users interact with our websites and apps and the sky is limit for finding opportunities to improve your platforms when watching real customers navigating on it." [CR][4.5/5][]
  2. "FullStory makes my work efficient in ways I would never have imagined. The investigation is a big part of my work process and spending up to 5 times a day in FullStory helps me find small details of the customer journey which I would have never found out myself. The ease of use and fast load speeds are some of the other factors that make FullStory worth it for me." [DE][5/5][]
  3. "FullStory is a great tool for tracking and analyzing how our customers use company's web app. We use it to see exactly how users interact with features like adding carrier rates and navigating the orders section. The session replay feature lets us watch their journeys, helping us understand where they might be having trouble or what they love." [SF][5/5][]

Concerns about this tool:

  • Learning curve
  • Session management
  • Data inaccuracy

General Sentiment: The general sentiment on G2 is highly positive. Users appreciate the detailed insights and session replay features. However, some mention a learning curve and issues with session management.

Positive Reviews:

  • Detailed insights and session replay
  • Ease of use and fast load speeds
  • Valuable for understanding user interactions

Negative Reviews:

  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • Occasional issues with session management
  • Some data inaccuracies reported

Link: G2 Reviews

Reddit Reviews

Overall Sentiment: Reddit reviews show a generally positive sentiment. Users praise Fullstory for its comprehensive data and ease of use. However, some mention the cost as a potential drawback.

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LinkedIn Activity

Top URLs:

  1. Crafting Frictionless Signup Flows
  2. David Rhodes Profile
  3. Sales Development Manager Job
  4. Product Analytics Article
  5. Usability Testing Tools Discussion

Analysis: The top content on LinkedIn related to Fullstory focuses on SaaS onboarding, product analytics, and usability testing tools. Users discuss best practices for improving user experience and optimizing onboarding processes.

Fullstory LinkedIn Page: Fullstory

Integrations and Compatibility

Fullstory integrates with several platforms to enhance its functionality:

  1. Ecommerce platforms:
    • Shopify integration
  2. Mobile apps:
    • Native iOS and Android app support
    • Jetpack Compose support for Android
    • Does not support hybrid mobile app platforms like Flutter, Cordova, Xamarin
  3. Analytics platforms:
    • Segment integration for sending data to Fullstory
  4. Other SaaS tools:
    • Dynamic Yield connector for using Fullstory insights to optimize Dynamic Yield campaigns
  5. Code integration:
    • JavaScript code samples and integration examples provided on GitHub
  6. Data import/export:
    • Only supports data import through Segment integration
    • Lacks direct data import capabilities

In summary, Fullstory has good compatibility with native mobile apps, Shopify for ecommerce, Segment for analytics, and provides code samples for custom integrations. However, it lacks support for hybrid mobile app frameworks and has limited data import options.

Fullstory Alternatives

What to use Fullstory with

Based on Fullstory's capabilities and common use cases, here are some other popular B2B SaaS tools to build out the ultimate go-to-market tech stack in 2024:

  1. For generating marketing copy, content ideas, and personalizing messaging at scale.
  2. Salesforce: The leading CRM platform for managing customer relationships, tracking interactions, and enabling sales workflows. Fullstory data on prospects can provide valuable context.
  3. HubSpot: For inbound marketing, content management, marketing automation to attract, engage, and delight customers. Use Fullstory to optimize content and conversion paths.
  4. Marketo: Marketing automation and account-based marketing platform to drive demand gen. Combine with Fullstory for campaign optimization.
  5. Intercom: For customer messaging, onboarding, and support. Use Fullstory to understand where users need help and to enable proactive outreach.

This combination of tools spans marketing, sales, product, customer success, and data/analytics - enabling end-to-end optimization of the customer journey and unlocking growth. The key is to integrate behavioral data from Fullstory across the stack for a complete view of the customer.


Frequently Asked Questions About Fullstory

What does Fullstory do?

Fullstory is a behavioral analytics platform that captures rich, detailed data about how users interact with websites and applications. It offers session replay, heatmaps, funnels, and other tools to help product, engineering, and UX teams understand user behavior, identify issues, and optimize the digital experience.

How easy is it to set up Fullstory?

Getting started with Fullstory is relatively straightforward. After signing up, you install a tracking snippet on your site which will begin capturing user data immediately - no manual tagging required. Most customers are up and running within a day.

What makes Fullstory different from other similar tools?

A few key things set Fullstory apart:

  • Autocapture collects the most comprehensive dataset, indexing every user interaction for instant searchability and analysis.
  • Fullstory captures rich details like mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, window resizes, and more for pixel-perfect session replay.
  • Fullstory's Data Direct allows you to sync behavioral data with your data warehouse for advanced analytics and modeling.
  • Fullstory offers a wide range of integrations with tools like Segment, Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, and more.
  • Fullstory has a team of dedicated data privacy experts to ensure compliance with GDPR and other regulations.

Can Fullstory integrate with other tools and platforms?

Yes, Fullstory offers a wide range of integrations to fit into your existing workflows. This includes integrations with popular tools for analytics, product management, customer support, and communication. Fullstory also offers an open API for custom integrations.

What are the pricing plans for Fullstory? Are there any hidden fees?

Fullstory offers three main plans:

  • Business: Starting at $849/mo, includes core features like autocapture, session replay, and heatmaps.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, includes advanced capabilities like Data Direct, SAML SSO, and a dedicated CSM.
  • Enterprise Plus: Custom pricing, includes additional services like data migration, custom integrations, and training.

Pricing is based on the volume of data captured per month, measured in sessions. There are no hidden fees - the monthly subscription is all-inclusive.

Is there a free trial available, and what features are included?

Yes, Fullstory offers a 14-day free trial that includes access to all core features like autocapture, session replay, heatmaps, and more. No credit card is required to sign up for the trial. Fullstory also offers a free "Starter" plan for small sites with limited monthly sessions.

Does Fullstory offer customer support?

Fullstory provides support via email and an online help center with documentation, guides, and training videos. Enterprise plan customers have access to phone support and a dedicated customer success manager. Premium support options are available for an additional fee.

Who is Fullstory ideally suited for?

Fullstory is best suited for product-led companies that want to leverage detailed user behavior insights to optimize digital experiences and make data-driven decisions. This includes:

  • SaaS and web-based application companies
  • Ecommerce and retail brands
  • Travel and hospitality businesses
  • Media and publishing sites
  • Financial services and insurance firms

Fullstory serves product management, engineering, UX/UI design, and customer support teams who want a comprehensive view of the user experience to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation."

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