February 16, 2024

Top Lavender.ai Alternatives and Competitors [2023]

What is Lavender.ai?

Lavender.ai is a quick and easy way to get started with improving your email communication—particularly sales emails. However, if you want to truly use the power of AI to automate emails and save hours of time, Lavender.ai's Personalization Assistant will only take you so far. Some of its key drawbacks are:

How Lavender.ai Falls Short as an Email Automation Tool

Lavender.ai is a quick and easy way to get started with improving your email communication—particularly sales emails. However, if you want to truly use the power of AI to automate emails and save hours of time, Lavender.ai’s Personalization Assistant will only take you so far. Some of its key drawbacks are:

  • The price is quite high for what it is: The Pro plan starts from $29/month, which could be quite expensive for early career sales professionals
  • It encourages endless tweaking of emails: Instead of simply getting emails written and sent, the wealth of suggestions from Lavender.ai makes it easy to carry on making little changes—potentially taking a lot of extra time as you summarize, expand, change intros, and so on
  • The AI needs to be given bullet points to get started: Some generative AI tools can get to work with just a short phrase or with pre-built templates. Lavender.ai requires you to write bullet points that it then crafts into a sales email. If you have writer's block about creating the bullet points in the first place, you'll need to use an alternative tool like Copy.ai or ChatGPT

Lavender Alternatives for AI-Generated Email Automation 

1. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is a powerful and highly popular generative AI Sales OS platform with a wide range of sales and marketing templates. It lets you easily write and personalize all kinds of emails, including cold emails, follow-up emails, outreach emails, plus emails for webinars, waitlists, and much more.

Enterprise companies like Gartner, Virgin Pulse and Stanley Black & Decker use Copy.ai to create sales and marketing content at scale, to automate their workflows, and much more.

Copy.ai Pros and Cons


  • The only AI Sales OS to automate your sales workflows end-to-end with AI
  • Unlimited Brand Voices so your tone is always aligned with your brand
  • Highest standards of security and compliance (Copy.ai is SOC 2 Type II Compliant)
  • Access to the latest LLMs (GPT-4 Turbo, Claude 2, etc.)
  • AI-powered content generator offers multiple options for each email campaign
  • Integrates with 2,000+ apps via Zapier


  • Limited to 2,000 words per month on the free plan
  • Users on free plans have limited access to the AI Sales & Marketing OS. Free users only get a one-time bonus of 500 credits

Top Features of Copy.ai

Copy.ai offers:

  • Advanced automation for sales and marketing teams. With Copy.ai, you can write all kinds of emails in seconds, including cold emails, InMail messages, sales intro emails, marketing emails, transactional emails, follow-up emails, and newsletters to subscribers—whatever you want to create, it's here
  • AI platform. Copy.ai's AI platform is model-agnostic, meaning they draw on not just GPT from OpenAI but other language models too—creating the best possible content for you. As well as helping with email marketing, Copy.ai can handle blog posts, social media posts, business plans, e-commerce content, product descriptions, and all your other content creation needs
  • Content optimization. Many of Copy.ai’s tools are designed to give you the best possible results, from SEO-friendly content to ad copy optimized to convert well

Automate your sales workflows with the AI Sales OS

Copy.ai lets you automate your sales workflows using the AI Sales OS—you can do this by simply describing the workflow you want. Here are just a few examples of what you can do using pre-built workflows:

  • AI Sales OS captures every call detail that matters. With non-biased, detailed, and accurate records, your CRM hygiene improves dramatically
  • AI Sales OS enriches and qualify your leads. Focus on the right accounts, and be ready with the data you need when it's time to make your move
  • Personalize cold outreach messages at scale, using AI-created workflows not just for emails, but also for InMail messages and more
  • Carry out competitor analysis, finding out their value proposition, pros and cons of their product, and more—based on their website and their G2 Reviews

2. Regie.ai

Regie.ai is a generative AI platform for sales teams, offering a range of tools to help with sales automation. These include an audience builder to help you discover quality prospects, personalized email messages using your value propositions and pain points, and an adaptive approach to nurture prospects.

Regie.ai Pros and Cons


  • Quick way to draft email templates and scripts
  • Expand, shorten, and rephrase features make it easy to edit text
  • Makes use of your CRM and sales engagement data
  • Can send emails for you
  • Integrates with Hubspot, Salesloft, Google Workspace, Outlook, and more 


  • Generated emails may sound a bit generic/robotic and need editing
  • User interface isn’t the easiest to get to grips with
  • Suggested rephrasing can be repetitive or occasionally nonsensical

Top Features of Regie.ai

Regie.ai offers:

  • Auto-pilot sales agents: Regie.ai’s AI sales agents can identify cold prospects (outbound marketing) and engage them, create LinkedIn connections and InMails, keep prospects warm, craft tailored and personalized messages, and more—saving your sales reps tons of time
  • Dynamic sequencing: The most engaged prospects will receive more follow-up touches to book a meeting. Prospects who aren’t engaging will be more slowly nurtured—until the time is right to sell to them. This should improve your open rates
  • A Chrome extension: The Chrome extension works wherever you are, helping you to craft better emails, offering personalized content, and giving you powerful tools to autocomplete and rework emails

3. Jasper

Jasper (formerly called Jarvis) is an AI writing assistant that can be used for all sorts of content, similarly to Copy.ai. It enables sales and marketing teams to create campaigns, write copy quickly, repurpose copy, and much more. Jasper can assist in creating full messages for email outreach, as well as email subject lines, with a wide range of email-related templates.

Jasper Pros and Cons


  • Can be used to create cross-channel integrated marketing campaigns
  • Huge range of different templates available
  • Includes blog writing and SEO optimization tools
  • Integrates with other tools like Zapier and Google Sheets
  • Also offers AI-powered art generation functionality


  • Limited brand voices (unless you pay for the most expensive plan)
  • More expensive than alternatives like Copy.ai
  • Creates content rather than coaching you to improve your existing content

Top Features of Jasper

Jasper offers:

  • Integrated marketing campaigns: Streamline content across email, social media, and more to engage your audience and make more sales
  • Brand knowledge and brand voice: Teach Jasper about your products so the AI can use that information in your emails—and train it on the tone of voice you want to use
  • Template library: Use templates based on industry best practices to create high-converting emails, as well as blog posts, ads, headlines, product descriptions, and more

4. Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business is the premium version of Grammarly, a tool to improve not just grammar and spelling but also writing style. Grammarly incorporates AI assistance and writing suggestions to help you perfect your emails.

Grammarly Business Pros and Cons


  • Doesn’t just correct spelling but picks up on subtle grammatical errors
  • Also provides stylistic guidance and recommends better word choices
  • Can be used anywhere online (via Chrome extension)
  • Incorporates brand tones to make real-time suggestions to stay on brand
  • Lets you add your own style guide


  • Generative AI addition is recent and doesn’t include templates like Copy.ai or Jasper
  • Occasionally flags up correct text and suggests (incorrectly) rewriting it

Top Features of Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business offers:

  • High standards of spelling, grammar, and style: Using Grammarly Business ensures every message your team writes will be polished, professional, clear, and engaging
  • Chrome extension, plus integration with Word and Outlook: You can use Grammarly Business wherever you write
  • Enterprise-grade generative AI: Grammarly now offers AI features to create text, not simply edit or rephrase existing text

5. Monday.com

Monday.com calls itself a "Work OS" and aims to improve and customize workflows, allowing you to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. With a range of automations and real-time notifications available, along with customizable dashboards for a high-level view, it's easy to make decisions. The Monday.com Sales CRM tool includes email syncing and tracking, plus sales pipeline and contact management features.

Monday.com Pros and Cons


  • Lets you capture and manage leads and contacts
  • Easy management of sales pipelines
  • Saves time by automating sales processes
  • Includes personalized email templates


  • Lacks the detailed generative AI abilities of other tools
  • Doesn’t have an AI editor to help you with writing tone & style
  • Can be slow if you have complex/large boards

Top Features of Monday.com

Monday.com’s sales CRM offers:

  • Automated sales processes: Assign leads, set reminders, receive a notification when a lead opens an email, and more
  • Personalized email templates: Use personalized email templates to save time when contacting leads
  • Feedback management: Easily collect ongoing customer feedback using a customizable feedback form template

6. Compose.ai

Compose AI uses autocompletion and text generation to help you write emails (or any content) faster. It’s a Chrome extension that works across the web, and it also offers a full AI generator that you can use in Google Docs and Gmail. As soon as you start typing, Compose AI will offer autocomplete suggestions. You can also edit and rephrase text simply by highlighting it and picking from the AI’s suggestions.

Compose.ai Pros and Cons


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Write full emails based on just a short prompt
  • Generate (relevant) email replies with a single click
  • Compose.ai learns and matches your writing voice
  • Range of price plans for different sized businesses, with a “free forever” basic version


  • Isn’t specifically designed for sales content
  • Relies heavily on GPT-3 so may not provide such strong AI content as tools using multiple models (like Copy.ai)

Top Features of Compose.ai

Compose.ai offers:

  • Full generation of AI text: Type // to write a prompt in Gmail or Google Docs to create text
  • Autocompletion of text: Whatever website you’re using, Compose.ai will offer autocomplete suggestions for your writing
  • Single-click reply to emails: Generate fast replies to prospects/customers, either to send as-is or to edit to your requirements

7. Phrasee

Phrasee lets you create enterprise-grade content at scale, matching your brand voice and maximizing customer engagement. The AI content optimization features let you A/B test your message variants and the software can adjust the distribution of these message variants to make sure the best-performing ones reach your biggest audience.

Phrasee Pros and Cons


  • Data-driven approach to optimizing your content
  • Integrates easily with your current tech stack, including all leading ESPs (email service providers)
  • Dramatically speeds up content output
  • “Magic button” creates best subject lines, CTAs, and more
  • All emails are automatically A/B tested


  • May be a little overwhelming if you just want email writing assistance

Top Features of Phrasee

  • AI writer trained on your brand guidelines: Produce content that matches your desired tone and style, with an in-built approvals process
  • Deep insights into metrics through Phrasee Score: Algorithm lets you discover which copywriting elements are working best for your audience—and apply these to your ongoing marketing efforts
  • Optimize your messaging: Phrasee’s content AI lets you optimize all kinds of email content, including abandon cart emails, welcome series, and emails to lapsed customers

Alternatives to Lavender.ai for Improved Customer Experience 

Want to give your customers (and prospects) a better experience?

Here are the best alternatives to Lavender.ai to use:

Copy.ai: Using Workflows in Copy.ai (available to Pro users) along with high-quality generative AI lets you quickly and easily create personalized emails at scale—reaching each prospect and customer with exactly what they’ll be most interested in at any given time.

Regie.ai: The AI sales agents from Regie.ai automatically keep prospects warm and craft tailored messages to them. The most engaged prospects receive more frequent follow-ups; less engaged prospects are slowly and gently nurtured.

Compose.ai: With Compose.ai, you can write better messages and emails anywhere—letting sales, marketing, and customer service teams connect easily with prospects and customers, always staying on-brand.

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