October 11, 2023

How to Use a Press Release Generator to Write One That Gets Noticed

Press releases are often labeled as being old-fashioned and unnecessary. The reality is they remain one of the absolute best public relations tools companies can use to make professional announcements.

A press release is a document with newsworthy brand announcements—from product releases to recent investments to new hires.

Journalists count on press releases to find newsworthy topics and story ideas to write about. Your job is to write one that stands out in the sea of pitches that inundate reporters (and bloggers) on a daily basis.

A press release that's strong enough to pique the media's interest can lead to more than a mention or a social media share. It can help secure newspaper or magazine features, podcast invites, television interviews, and other significant media coverage and exposure.

Whether you’re a seasoned public relations pro or writing your first press release, don’t be afraid to use different writing methods and tools to help yourself stay creative and try out different angles. A press release generator is a fantastic tool that can do just that.

Here’s how our press release generator works:

Step 1: Describe your company/product and the press release’s purpose

Launch the Copy.ai application and go to the “Tools” list on the left. Click on “Writing Tools,” and then find and click on “Press Release Intros.”


The press release generator interface will open. Enter your company name and what the press release is about. Our generator will use this information to create possible introductions for your press release.

We recommend including as much information as possible in the “What is the press release about?” section. The more data the press release generator has to work with, the more varied and creative its suggestions will be.


Don’t forget to pick a tone, too. Choose one that reflects your brand personality and the feeling you want the release to evoke.


Once you’ve set your tone of voice, click the “Create Copy” button to fire up the press release generator.

Step 2: Browse the ideas that have been generated

It only takes a few seconds for the generator to create a bunch of press release intros based on the data you provided.


With our tool, you're not limited to one round of suggestions. To get the generator to produce more press release intros, scroll down to the end of the list of generated ideas and click the “Make More” button.


Need to move your press release intros elsewhere? Press the “Copy All Results” button (below the “Make More” button) to copy all of the created suggestions to your clipboard. This feature can come in handy if you’re collaborating with others on the press release and want to share the generated text with them.

Step 3: Save the press release intros you like

If you think one of the generated press release intros might be a good start, save it for later by clicking the “Save” button below the text. The text you like will automatically be sent to the “Saved” section of the press release generator.


Click on the “Saved” tab to look at all of your saved press release intros whenever you want. It’s located in the top right corner.


If you fall out of love with a saved suggestion, click on the “Remove” button to remove it from your “Saved” section. There’s also an option for copying all saved results to your clipboard by clicking on the button below “Remove” (shown above).

Step 4: Use your favorite press release intros to generate new ideas

Use the “More Like This” feature to create additional press release intros based on generated text that you particularly like.

This feature is distinct from the “Make More” button, which can be found at the bottom of the originally generated list of ideas. It creates more ideas based on the initial information you entered into the press release generator. The “More Like This” button generates new text based on one particular intro. Here’s how it works:

If you’re still in the “Saved” tab, click back to the “Create Copy” tab and find a press release intro you think has promise. Now click the “More Like This” button to generate “spin-off” suggestions based on that intro.


Use this feature to generate other potential intros or even supporting text to transition into the body of the document. The image below shows some of the “spin-off” intros that were created using the “More Like This” feature.


We recommend spending some time playing around with this feature. The more you use it, the greater the chances it’ll generate fresh ideas to make your press release intro really jump off the page.

Step 5: Develop your ideas further using these press release best practices

Our generator is a great tool for getting the wheels turning and brainstorming angles for your press release intro. Once you’re set on the intro, use these best practices for writing an effective press release that jumps off the screen.

Write a succinct, attention-grabbing headline: Journalists get dozens of press releases in their inboxes daily. Make them stop and click on yours by writing a headline that’s short and to the point. Try to keep it under 10 words, and be clear on what your news release is about. “Company X Secures $50 Million Funding to Expand Product Line,” for example, succeeds in both.

Get the lead right: A great lead covers the “Five Ws”—what, when, who, where, and why in the first paragraph. Present the press release’s need-to-know information, and set a foundation for the supporting points.

Add an interesting quote, ideally from an authority—top company executives, investors, stakeholders, or industry experts. It should also sound natural. Read it out loud to see if it sounds like something a real person would say in a conversation and not a string of confusing buzz words.

Use hard numbers: Provide strong support for why your announcement should interest others by using data and statistics. For example, if the press release is directed toward investors, highlight the company's valuation and growth trajectory.

Keep it short: Your entire press release shouldn’t exceed one page in length.

Include your contact information: Include the name, email address, social links, and phone number of your company’s media contact so reporters can reach out. To make sure the contact information is easy to find, place it at the top of the press release.

Use a press release generator to hammer home your key points

It’s easy to veer off on tangents when you’re writing about your company—especially in exciting times when you're announcing a new product launch, investments, or important hires.

A press release generator tool can help you stay focused on the topic at hand. Feed the tool with all the key points to generate suggestions that nail down your announcement’s main points and provide an interesting angle.

The better you explain why media outlets and news outlets should care about your press release, the likelier it is they will.

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