December 20, 2023

Unleash More Productivity with and Zapier Integration

We're thrilled to announce a new integration that's set to skyrocket your productivity! now integrates with Zapier, a tool that connects with thousands of the most popular apps. This new integration enables you to automate your work and concentrate more on the task that matters most—without the need for any programming skills.

The Power of Automation with and Zapier

Zapier has established itself as an essential tool that gives busy people the power of easy automation. It seamlessly moves information between your web apps, so you can truly allocate your focus on your most important work.

Now with the integration, your workflow involving our AI assistant can be significantly automated—boosting efficiency and freeing up your time.

Getting More Done

Here's a snapshot of what this powerful integration allows you to accomplish:

Seamlessly Add New Blog Posts to Webflow: You can now automate the process of adding new blog posts created with straight to Webflow. Write your content and let the integration do the rest.

Automatic Publishing on WordPress: Craft brilliant blog posts using and configure your Zap to update your WordPress site directly.

👉 View our tutorial and start publishing directly to your CMS in minutes!

Weekly Slack Updates on Competitor Blog Posts: Use to monitor your competitor's content and receive weekly notifications delivered straight to your Slack.

👉 See how uses Workflows for competitive intelligence

Deepen Insight into Salesforce Leads: Employ to enrich new Salesforce leads, adding layers of detail and insights to your CRM entries.

Generate Newsletters for MailChimp: Simplify your weekly MailChimp newsletters via content generated with Set the schedule and let automation take over!

Transform SEO Briefs into Blogs: Easily transform SEO briefs stored in Notion database items into well-crafted blogs with

These are some of the many ways you can use this integration to automate tasks and save time. Yet this is just the beginning! There are thousands of apps waiting to be connected with through Zapier. The possibilities are virtually endless!

👉 See how's Zapier integration unlocks limitless possibilities.

Getting Started with on Zapier

Connecting to Zapier

  1. Acquire your API Key: Log into your account, click on "Workflows" in the left sidebar, select "All Workflows," then choose the desired Workflow. If you don't have a Workflow, create or add one first. Then click the "API" tab and copy the "WORKSPACE API KEY."
  2. Authenticate your account on Zapier: Follow Zapier’s instructions to connect your account, and provide the API Key when required. To learn more about authenticating your account on Zapier, visit this guide.

Important Information about's Integration on Zapier

  • Plan Requirements: No specific plan is required. All plans include some Workflow credits to start for free. Additional Workflow credits can be purchased separately. Check's plans here.
  • Account Permissions: No special account permissions are needed.
  • Usage Limits: New workflow runs will fail if an account/workspace runs out of credits. Error code: WORKFLOW_CREDIT_LIMIT_REACHED
  • Custom Fields: Custom fields are supported.

Get started today and harness the power of automation with the new integration on Zapier!

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