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Repurpose documents into press releases

Generates a press release from a document

Generates a press release from a document

About Generate Press Release Template

What you get

The Generate Press Release workflow streamlines the process of creating and distributing press releases. By automatically generating a polished press release from a document, it saves time and effort while ensuring press releases are consistent, accurate and reach their intended audiences.

Save time and effort with automated press release generation

This workflow takes the hassle out of writing press releases by automatically generating them from your provided content. Simply upload a document and let the AI do the heavy lifting, creating a polished press release ready for distribution. You'll save countless hours compared to manually writing releases, freeing you up to focus on other important communications tasks. The AI ensures press releases have an engaging narrative flow, proper formatting, and effective messaging tailored to your brand and audience. Press releases can be generated in a fraction of the time, allowing you to achieve your PR goals faster and more efficiently.

Quickly adapt press releases for different channels and audiences

This workflow allows you to easily customize press releases for different distribution channels and target audiences. Simply tweak the AI's outputs or provide new inputs to tailor messaging and content specifically for online, print, or broadcast mediums. You can also generate localized versions of press releases for international markets quickly and seamlessly. The AI handles the heavy lifting while you focus on strategic messaging and positioning. Get more mileage out of your content by adapting press releases for different channels and audiences with ease.

Automate press release updates and revisions

This workflow makes it simple to update and revise press releases over time. As new developments occur, you can feed the latest information back into the AI to automatically generate an updated version. The AI will seamlessly incorporate the new details into an revised press release. You can also produce multiple variations of a press release tailored for different stakeholders or publications. Automating press release updates saves substantial time compared to manually editing and rewriting. The AI handles the grunt work so you can efficiently produce press releases that are always up-to-date.

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