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"Beats the rest... has an easy-to-use interface, templates that make thinking about what to write easy, plus it's simple to use. It also has high-quality outputs compared to many other AI writing tools I have used. It also has many other unique features like passive to active voice, tone changer, and many others that have helped me as a writer and a brand. It's my go-to tool. I use it for everything."

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Monica O.
Freelance Content Writer

"A must have arsenal in your writing deck!

"CopyAI is a marketing writer's dream. It's like having a ghostwriter, but without the expense and the hassle of having to hire and manage someone else to write your content. The AI is so good, it really feels like the work of another human being. You get to see all their writing suggestions, so you can be sure that what they're recommending is on-brand and hitting the right tone."

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Sangeetha A.
Freelance SEO Content Writer

"Absolutely brilliant copywriting tool!

I love how easy the tool is to get started, and how there are several handy templates to choose from."

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Marketing Manager

"The best AI tool for copy! outputs natural-sounding text so much so that a naive reader would not know it was written by a computer. It's my go-to tool to help break through an episode of writer's block."

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College Student

"A tool to save hours of work.

The tool is constantly evolving with new, high-quality features being added regularly. The recent update brought around the First Draft Wizard tool which works like magic for writing content such as blog posts."


" has made writing content faster, easier, and more fun.

This allows you to choose the tone or enter a custom tone. Many times I use the same input and choose different tones to see the outputs."

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"Excellent tool - great for everything on content writing.

The structure and the freedom. It has well defined categories which work well for me. I copy content from one category to another and get what I need to get done. After all its AI and you need to play around to get what you want."

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Tushar M.

"What a product - game changer!

The "First Draft Wizard" is a game-changer. The fact that it literally writes the blog for you and writes a good one at that is amazing. I don't see how anyone would ever go back to not using it as a starting point. Is it perfect, no, but is it amazing... Yes and it is just a beta. I mean, I used lots of these tools, but is outstanding! I can't wait for more templates, more wizards..."

Bill D.

"Writing is no longer a challenge for me.

I am a busy entrepreneur and I need to get a lot done in a short period of time. In the past, I've hired some writers who didn't always do a good job. I'm thankful to have discovered It helps me with all the copywriting tasks I have to do, from emails to landing pages, from articles to testimonials. I can now draft a blog post in less than 10 minutes and the quality is amazing!"

HR Specialist

"Best free copywriting tool available.

There would be a lot to list down, some of them are: 1. Ability to create projects and workspaces to keep related documents together and organized. 2. Free to use (obviously) 3. Various templates available using which you can design a professional-looking document"

"Must tool for any businesses. has been a game changer for my agency because it allowed me to create copies for social media, ads, website, and a lot more with a simple description of copy I want to generate. It allowed me to create copies that I couldn't possibly think on my own, which has helped me generate better results for my business."


"Best AI content generation tool for writers and marketers.

CopyAI is an ingenious tool for your business. It's very easy to use and is a great investment for any company or brand that works in marketing or content writing, I use CopyAI as my creative writing assistant daily. The templates and tools are perfect for getting you unstuck and for getting the words in your head and into a coherent structure on the page."

"The best writing partner I've ever had.

Out of all the GPT-3 programs I've tried, has had the most realistic copy. Of course it needs editing but you'll never have blank page syndrome again. It's more efficient than any competitor."

"Best AI writer I've tried for the quality, price, and features!

I've tried pretty much every AI writing tool on the market and I have to say is one of the best ones. I was impressed by how easy it was to use the tool, and how much of the hard work the tool does for you.

Carol H
Small Business Owner

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