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Scrape websites for public data
Generate personalized copy for sales outreach
Summarize YouTube videos into key bullet points
Learn how prospects engage on LinkedIn
Chat by is the only AI Chat platform you’ll ever need.

Real-time data

ChatGPT is only trained with data up to 2021. That means all your responses are over two years old (ask ChatGPT who won Super Bowl LVII, for example). But in today’s world, things change fast. That’s why Chat by delivers the most up-to-date responses by pulling from real-time data.

Inline doc editor

Chat by gives you an intuitive dashboard to help you deliver higher-quality content in less time. On the left, you have a layout that looks and feels similar to ChatGPT. And on the right is an inline doc editor that allows you to cut, copy, paste, and polish your way to long-form content in minutes.

Prebuilt prompts

Increase the quality of your output by working with Chat by’s prebuilt prompts. This helps you guide our software to better content and copy from your first draft. Prompts include helpful commands for creating personalized sales emails, SEO-friendly blog posts (long-form), content repurposing, and pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Built for teams

There’s no such thing as a silver-bullet solution in business - but Chat by is dangerously close. Our goal is to help teams collaborate on higher-level problem-solving that leads to sustainable growth for your business. To do that, we developed Chat by to provide everyone with the information, data, and relevant resources they need to thrive. In other words, getting Chat by is like gifting a genius personal assistant to each team member. 


Are you a small fish in a big pond? Or a big fish hoping to test new waters? Either way, our platform helps get you started without the risk. You can implement an AI-driven workflow on our forever-free plan. After that, if you want to upgrade, you’ll be charged a flat rate of $49/month for unlimited access. No strings. No asterisks. Just the tools you need to hit your goals.

What can Chat by do?

Summarize LinkedIn Profiles into bullet points
ChatGPT Can't:

Scrape and summarize website data from URLs

Chat by Can:

Scrape, and summarize data from any public URL. This makes our Chat’s output much more accurate when you ask it to run tasks like summarizing LinkedIn profiles into bullet points. With this data, you can learn more about your target audience, better prepare for product demos with new leads, or have the information you need to create highly personalized sales copy for your outreach efforts. 

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Find the latest posts from any LinkedIn URL
ChatGPT Can't:

Access the content of external links or websites, and won't be able to find the latest posts from any LinkedIn URL.

Chat by Can:

Access any public URL. Chat by is like being plugged directly into LinkedIn’s database. This helps create meaningful ice-breakers and connections with new leads, prospects, or colleagues in your field. Simply enter someone’s URL into Chat by, and it will break down who this person is and how they’ve engaged on the platform. From there, you can find common interests and have a better shot at getting a reply. 

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Write a detailed content brief from a single keyword
ChatGPT Can't:

Grasp the difference between a “content brief” and a “blog post outline.” ChatGPT also can't access the SERP to give you valuable real-time data.

Chat by Can:

Generate a content brief that tells you where the post should be positioned in your funnel, the target audience, secondary keywords that should be included, word count targets, and much more. Then you can use this to automatically generate an outline that’s higher quality than ChatGPT’s output. 

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Summarize YouTube videos into bullet points
ChatGPT Can't:

Access YouTube URLs and resorts to making up summaries for the URLs you submit. And that’s dangerous for your brand.

Chat by Can:

Pull data from YouTube videos and break them down into accurate bullet points. This can help you create further marketing/sales assets, generate onboarding materials for new employees, or simply summarize content you think your team would find valuable.

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Personalized Cold Emails From a LinkedIn URL
ChatGPT Can't:

Generate personalized emails using up-to-date information about your prospect, so the message won’t resonate with them.

Chat by Can:

Analyze your recipient’s LinkedIn profile and create a personalized pitch at the click of a button. That way, you can have anyone on your team write high-converting cold sales emails in seconds (just imagine what your seasoned sales pros could do). 

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Head of Sales

You’ve got some large goals looming over your team this quarter with limited time and resources to hit them. Leverage generative AI to standardize your team’s sales outreach and improve messaging for underperformers. Then, build an automated workflow to achieve faster growth at a larger scale.


Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your cold outreach strategy. Write personalized email/InMail copy in seconds and strike up more meaningful conversations with new prospects. This helps you demonstrate value to the company and puts you on track to become a top-performer. 

Head of Marketing

SEO has never been more competitive than it is right now – and it’s not getting easier. You’re feeling pressure to increase your team’s output while keeping quality a top priority. With, create a robust multi-channel marketing strategy and 10x content production to drive more potential customers to your website. 

Content Marketing Teams 

Long-form blog posts, landing pages, content from social media… let’s face it: you’ve got a lot of assets to write, and your audience is hungry to read it. Create and ship better content in a fraction of the time for all of your marketing campaigns. This will help your team build brand awareness, drive organic traffic, and blow past your competition.

Online Retail

Out of necessity, many retailers treat their product descriptions like an afterthought. But with, your team can generate hundreds of detailed and compelling product descriptions in just a few minutes. This lets you showcase your products in the best light from the very first interaction with your customer. 

Recruiting Teams

Find the right addition to your team with personalized recruiting emails. Just add some information about the role you’re looking to fill and insert your prospect’s LinkedIn URL. In seconds, you’ll see a persuasive and engaging message generated in your dashboard. Check the copy and send your message to start conversations with top talent in your field. 

CRO Team Lead

Any CRO specialist knows that when a piece of content or copy gets shipped, the job is only half done. After, you still need to test it. helps CRO team leads create testing options for landing pages, headings, email subject lines, PPC ads, and more. Streamline experimentation to achieve fast but sustainable growth by generating multiple versions of all your short-form copy. 

How to use Chat by

Select Chat from your dashboard

Did you think stepping into the world of AI would take years of technical training? Think again. Just log into your dashboard and select Chat from the main menu. And just like that, you’ve started working with AI.

Start a chat by hand or with a prompt template

Here, you can interact with Chat by the same way you would interact with ChatGPT – with one major exception: the output you receive will be current.

Unlike ChatGPT, Chat by returns fresh, relevant results with accurate citations. It’s like combining all the power of Google’s search with the generative AI of ChatGPT. 

Add content to your doc editor

One of the best features of Chat by is the doc builder in your dashboard. This allows you to create long-form content with up-to-date sources, conduct original research on current affairs, or just build a list of jokes you find funny (what you do in your free time is your business).

However you use it, Chat by makes long-form content easy.

Keep chatting! 

And look at that—you’re now working with artificial intelligence to enhance your human creativity. Where do you go from here? That’s for you to decide, but if you’re feeling stuck, just ask Chat by

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