March 13, 2024

[Press Release] Launches First-Ever GTM AI Platform Launches First Ever GTM AI Platform

Surges Past 15 Million Users

Transforming the way companies run their go-to-market org with its generative AI solution

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -, a leader in generative AI, has surpassed 15 million worldwide users. The milestone comes with the launch of their industry-first GTM AI Platform, which unifies data, workflows, and tooling for go-to-market teams to achieve sustainable revenue growth and increased profitability. 

“We have the best, most innovative customers. They’re on the leading edge of driving business value with AI,” said Paul Yacoubian, CEO and co-founder of “They’re coming to us with a huge problem. They see and feel the bloat problem all around them, and they know there has to be a better way to run their go-to-market organization. They’re committed to solving the bloat problem with our platform.”

The last two years have been rocky for software companies. points to GTM Bloat–the accumulation of underperforming investments in go-to-market technology, resources, and processes–as the biggest problem companies are facing in 2024. 

“You can see it in public metrics,” said Yacoubian, a former CFO. “Customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, payback periods, valuations. Companies are upside-down, and investors and operators are desperate for a fundamentally better way of executing GTM strategies.” promises to eliminate GTM Bloat by automating repetitive, mundane tasks for sales, marketing, and operations teams. This frees up precious time for people to think strategically and creatively, and execute in a high-velocity, high-performance environment. 

“Your AI strategy can’t be restricted to point solutions with bolt-on AI capabilities that only solve one workflow,” said Chris Lu, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. “You have to think holistically and ensure you adopt an AI-native solution that has extensibility and use cases for everyone inside your GTM organization. Otherwise, you’ll create an inefficient environment with bloated application sprawl.”

This is what a GTM AI Platform delivers. Out-of-the-box capabilities to power go-to-market use cases, as well as an intuitive user experience that allows its users to invent their own use cases and solve problems unique to their business.

“The creativity of our customers is inspiring,” added Lu. “They’re solving problems with our platform that we had never even considered. They’re full of amazing ideas, which feeds the flywheel of product innovation and customer innovation.”

Most popular applications of

  • Content creation and localization
  • Pipeline generation and outbound prospecting
  • Deal management and seller guidance based on sales transcripts
  • Creating learning and development programs
  • Systems integration and data management

For more information, be sure to join our GTM AI launch event and see how to future proof your team's go-to-market.

About is the industry's first GTM AI Platform, automating tasks and solving use cases across the entire go-to-market organization. The company's mission is to empower people to be strategic and creative with AI, so their businesses can achieve velocity, growth, and profitability.

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