October 11, 2023

How to Use Copy.ai to Sell Notion Templates

Notion.so is a content management tool that allows you to create, collaborate on, and publish content. With Notion, you can easily create and sell templates based on your expertise and experience. If you’re here, you already know how to build a valuable template — but once it’s done, how do you promote it? Once your template is created and ready to sell, Copy.ai can help you quickly and easily create the marketing materials you need to sell your Notion templates.

Why do I need a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach your target audience. By creating content relevant to your target audience, you can build trust and credibility with potential customers. Content marketing can also help position you as an expert in your field, resulting in more leads and sales.

According to an article in Entrepreneur, "Content marketing has proven to be insanely effective, and can be integral to building the trust that inevitably leads to conversions."

What is a content marketing strategy?

A content marketing strategy is a plan that outlines how you will create and publish content that is relevant to your target audience. According to HubSpot, a content marketing strategy should include:

- The type of content you will create

- The channels you will use to distribute your content

- The topics you will cover

- The target audience you are trying to reach

- The goals you hope to achieve with content marketing

How can content marketing help sell my Notion template?

Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing content to attract and engage customers. This content can be used to build authority and trust around your brand, attract new customers, and generate leads.

When creating marketing content to sell a Notion template, you'll want to make sure that your content is high-quality, helpful, attracts potential customers, and converts viewers to sales. With its diverse range of templates and powerful artificial intelligence-driven technology, Copy.ai can help you seamlessly achieve all of these content marketing goals.

Creating marketing content with Copy.ai

AIDA - Attention-Interest-Desire-Action

An AIDA, or Attention-Interest-Desire-Action, is a marketing strategy designed to create a desire for a product or service. The ultimate goal of using an AIDA is to convert viewers into customers. Creating an AIDA is an oft-overlooked but incredibly valuable tool in any marketing strategy, as it will provide the basis for much of your marketing content. For example, here is an AIDA created by Copy.ai that can be used to generate your sales deck.

Attention: Every aspect of your day and life can be organized and managed with Notion.

Interest: Notion is home to all your best ideas, projects, and to-dos. It houses everything you care about and provides a single source of truth for all your concerns. And it’s beautifully designed, so you’ll never want to leave.

Desire: Your life will be easier and more productive with Notion.

Action: Try our All-In-One Lifestyle Assistant templates.

PAS: Pain-Agitate-Solution

According to Wizard of Sales, "Customer pain points are what drive sales. The entire first third of the sales process revolves around identifying and catering to pain points. In a business context, a pain point refers to a problem the customer has."

Copy.ai can help you identify the pain points your product solves, which you can later use to create your marketing copy. Here is one PAG provided by Copy.ai for this use case.

Pain: Managing every aspect of your lifestyle can be overwhelming.

Agitate: What if you could manage every aspect of your lifestyle with just a few clicks?

Solution: The Notion lifestyle management template. All you do is fill in the blanks and start tracking.

Product descriptions

A product description is a short, compelling piece of text that tells potential customers about your product and why they should buy it. You can put a product description on your website, in an advertisement, or on platforms like Etsy used to sell your template.

A good product description will include:

- The features of the product

- The benefits of the product

- Why the customer needs the product

- How to use the product

- The price of the product

Fortunately, Copy.ai can create this important piece of copy for you. In the left navigation bar of Copy.ai, choose “product description” from the list of templates. Fill in the requested information about the template, and Copy.ai will do the rest — the tool’s advanced artificial intelligence engine doesn’t require specific commands to understand what you are asking it to do, so you can chat with the AI as if it were a real person.

Once you hit "Create Copy," the AI generator will provide several related product descriptions. On the right side of the screen is a text editor — you can choose one of Copy.ai's generated descriptions or use the text editor to combine two or three descriptions and make any desired adjustments.

In this case, let's take two outputs and combine them.

  • "Notion’s All-In-One Lifestyle Assistant template is designed to help you achieve core aspects of your well-being: health, fitness, relationships, happiness, and more. This template includes pages for tracking your goals, habits, workout routine, health metrics, movies to watch, and books to read. It also includes a gratitude section where you can write down things you’re grateful for every day."
  • The All-in-One Life Assistant is here to help. This template gives you a daily summary of everything that’s going on in your life, shows you when people are expecting a response from you, and lets you track tasks for the day, week, or month. It also tracks your habits, goals, and ongoing projects. Use it on its own or as a companion to other Notion pages.

By combining the best parts of both suggestions, we can come up with a fantastic product description. "Notion’s All-In-One Lifestyle Assistant template is a starting point for your Notion system designed to help manage every aspect of your life. This template includes pages for tracking your goals, habits, workout routine, health metrics, movies to watch, and books to read. It also includes productivity features to track tasks for the day, week, or month, as well as ongoing projects. Use it on its own or as a companion to other Notion pages."

Brainstorm ideas

Use the Brainstorming Tools dropdown to select Viral Ideas — just fill in your product name and description, and Copy.ai will automatically generate some marketing ideas. Here are some ideas from Copy.ai to help get you started.

  • Launch a multi-week campaign highlighting a different page of the Lifestyle Assistant every week.
  • Interview a Notion user and mention some ways they’ve successfully used Notion to stay on top of things.
  • Post a blog article about your favorite productivity tools and how you use them every day to accomplish various tasks. Include screenshots of how you use the tool in your daily workflow.
  • Include an offer for a complimentary workshop to accompany your product launch.
  • Offer a notecard to every customer that says, “Share this card with a friend and get $10 off your next purchase.”
  • Give users the opportunity to share their weekly layouts on Instagram.
  • Make it visible on social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Reach out to accounts like Litographs, Literati Prints, and Potter Prints on Twitter or Instagram, who sell Harry Potter-themed page prints, and offer them the ability to customize their designs for book lovers everywhere.
  • Let users know you can use the template to manage the home-buying process from start to finish, from pre-approval paperwork to organizing closing details.
  • Write blog posts and guest articles that highlight some of the template's uses.

Social media

Copy.ai can turn the above ideas into marketing copy ready to post on social media. The website offers 16 different tools specifically designed to create effective social media content.

When we tasked Copy.ai with creating an Instagram Product Showcase for the All-In-One Notion Template, one of the options was "Introducing the All-In-One Lifestyle Assistant. ✨ A template that outlines your everyday life, including sections to track everything from goals and habits to sleep, workouts, and more. ❄️"

It can also create Instagram captions like, "Life is busy, we get it. Let us help you stay organized with the All-In-One Lifestyle Assistant."

It can even provide hashtags — "#lifestyle #lifestyleassistant #tracking #trackingmyprogress #lifehacker #productivity #trackingtool #workout #workoutroutine #health #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthylivingforme #selfcare #selfcarejourney #selfcareismypassion"

Add a quick graphic, and in less than five minutes, you have a compelling Instagram post.


Copy.ai also offers useful features like:

  • Add Emoji To List
  • Bullet Points
  • Carousel Post
  • Crazy Youtube Ideas
  • Hashtag Generator
  • Hook Generator
  • Instagram Captions
  • Instagram Product Showcase
  • Keyword Generator
  • Launch Your Product
  • Relatable Experiences
  • Short Text Hook
  • TikTok Brainstorm Topics
  • Video Call To Action
  • YouTube Description Intro
  • YouTube Video Title

Website copy

If you’re selling Notion templates on your own website instead of a third-party sales site, you will need compelling and informative website copy.

When it comes to website copy, you want to make sure you’re selling the benefits of the template, not just its features. You also want to make sure your website copy is high-quality and helpful.

Copy.ai can help with all of this. In the left navigation bar of Copy.ai, choose “website copy” from the list of templates. With several templates, Copy.ai makes it easy to write website marketing copy that sells and inspires.

Call to action

A call to action, also known as a "CTA," is a brief phrase telling the reader what to do next. This may mean adding a product to their shopping cart, visiting another site, or requesting more information from you. Using the product description we already created, the AI generator can suggest several calls to action.

Some of the suggestions provided by Copy.ai included:

  • Start living your best life.
  • Create your life in Notion
  • Start your year off right.

Event copy

Event copy is the text you use to promote an event. This may be on your website, in an advertisement, or on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn if you’re promoting your event there. An event can mean a sale, a live broadcast or demo, or anything else related to your product or brand.

Landing page hero text

The landing page hero provides immediate value at the entrance of your webpage. If you have a long landing page but know that some people will only read the first few lines, it’s important to make those few lines count. This is what’s known as “landing page hero text,” and it can boost conversion rates from your CTA.

Some of the Copy.ai suggestions for the landing page of this Notion template include:

  • Life in Notion Made Simple
  • Make Every Day Better
  • Your personal assistant for work, rest, and play.

Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are the snippets of text that appear below a link in search engine results. They are used to summarize the content of a page and help people decide whether to click on a result or not. Meta descriptions are also important for search engine optimization (SEO), as they can help improve a page's ranking in search engine results pages.

Copy.ai provided this meta description: “This template is an example of how you can use Notion to simplify your complex lifestyle. It includes pages for tracking your goals, habits, workout routine, health metrics, and productivity.”


Microcopy is the little bits of text you find in apps and websites — think "tap here" or “try again.” Microcopy often goes unnoticed by most users, but depending on how it's done, it can have a significant influence on your site’s user experience.

In this case, Copy.ai suggested:

  • Welcome to your Notion Life Assistant!
  • This is where all your goals, habits, and to-dos live. Drop everything in here, from your workout routine to what you want to watch on Netflix tonight.
  • Notion is a new way to organize your life.

Testimonial rewriter

Testimonials don't always arrive well-written or easy to understand. Copy.ai can help improve your testimonials without very much effort on your part.

By making some small adjustments like changing “site” to Notion and “product” to template in the text editor, Copy.ai turned "Great product. Easy to figure out. A+++++ buy it," into "I am new to Notion and I love it! It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. I would recommend this template to anyone." 

Blog content

Blogs are a great way to share your template's features, benefits, use cases, examples, and tutorials. Not only can Copy.ai help generate ideas for blog posts for your template, but it can also help you write the copy itself! In fact, Copy.ai helped generate some of the content for this blog post. Can you pick out which two paragraphs were generated entirely with Copy.ai's templates?

  • Blog Conclusion
  • Blog Ideas
  • Blog Intro
  • Blog Outline
  • Blog Title
  • Blog Title - Listicle
  • Bullet Point to Blog Section
  • Freestyle
  • Keyword Generator


One great way to keep customers coming back is with email marketing. Send a thank-you email to a customer after they purchase your template, or a welcome email with links to tutorials or blog posts to help them navigate and use the template. Send a follow-up email to find out how the template is working out for them. Send out a blast asking for new template ideas, or update previous customers on your latest template releases. There’s no limit to how you can engage with your audience via email, and Copy.ai can help you write all the copy you need.

Digital ad copy

Copy.ai can generate ad copy for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and general ad copy. For this template, one of the suggestions presented by Copy.ai was, "Whether you're looking to lose weight, improve focus, eat healthier, or find more time in your life, the All-In-One Lifestyle Assistant is here for you. It's a living document that gives you a quick overview of where your life stands at any given moment." Just like with the Instagram post we showed you above, you can use this AI copy to promote your template with Facebook ads — can you believe it was generated in seconds?

At the end of the day, Copy.ai is a powerful tool to help you quickly and easily generate marketing materials for your templates. Not only can it help you write your ad copy, blog posts, and testimonials, but it can also provide ideas for content that you may not have otherwise considered. With a little help from Copy.ai, you can seamlessly create all the content you need to sell your Notion templates.

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