February 28, 2024

How to Use AI for Sales Prospecting in 2024

Key Takeaways

  1. Efficiency through Automation: AI (Artificial Intelligence) significantly enhances sales prospecting by automating sales processes like lead discovery, research, and personalized messaging tasks. Leveraging AI sales tools like Copy.ai allows for streamlined processes, saving time and effort.
  2. Personalized Outreach at Scale: Personalized messaging is crucial for effective sales prospecting. AI tools simplify outreach efforts by generating personalized content at scale, increasing the likelihood of response and conversion.
  3. Maximizing ROI Through Proper Implementation: Integrating AI tools into the sales tech stack requires careful consideration. By identifying areas where AI can address pain points and following best practices, you can maximize the benefits of AI in sales prospecting. 

How AI Enhances Prospecting

Prospecting plays a vital role in cultivating a robust sales pipeline. It entails a marathon of manual tasks to find, understand, and engage your potential customers.

From doing research and identifying ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles) to closing deals, the process is time-consuming and repetitive.

At least, traditionally. 

But this is where AI comes in to streamline and automate repetitive tasks, helping sales teams focus on building relationships with customers. Imagine entering a few inputs and clicking a few buttons. Your CRM is automatically updated with hundreds of prospects' details, or you get an accurate score for the most promising leads based on customer data.

Keep reading, and you'll learn all about the practical ways to apply AI to improve sales prospecting.

1. Automated Discovery and Research

The faster a sales representative can identify and engage potential customers, the greater the chances of converting those leads before competitors do.

However, the discovery and research phase of prospecting is time-consuming.

You need to sift through tons of data to find the right prospects. Next, you need to do comprehensive research before you start a conversation with them. 

Platforms like Copy.ai make it possible to automate discovery and research, allowing you to pinpoint ideal prospects and gather key insights with a simple workflow setup.

Here's how it works:

You head to Copy.ai's dashboard after signing up and click on Workflow Library or Workflows if you want to build a custom process.

Choose 'Find Prospects at Company' and input the company website, ICP definition, and number of leads you want to pull.

The machine learning platform will scrape the site and extract the data you need to fill your pipeline.

The real magic happens when you use the Table feature with Workflows.

This is where you can add multiple rows, asking the sales AI tool to run your workflow for hundreds or thousands of websites at once. You can upload a CSV file with data or integrate Copy.ai with your CRM to gather data automatically.

You no longer have to manually search for prospects or spend hours researching companies and leads. Copy.ai is your sales prospecting tool that does all the work for you, providing more accurate data to support your efforts.

2. Prospecting at scale

After discovery and research, you need to turn your data into actionable insights. Here's how an AI assistant like Copy.ai helps analyze various data points to manage your prospects and reach out to them more effectively.

Segmentation and Efficient Targeting

Connect your CRM or any other sales intelligence platform to Copy.ai.

You can build a custom workflow where the AI will segment your leads based on various criteria such as industry, company size, location, and more. This feature is especially useful for businesses with multiple target audiences or niche markets.

Lead Enrichment

No more adding details by hand to your lead database.

With Copy.ai, you can automatically enrich your leads with data such as company information, social profiles, etc. This helps you personalize your outreach at later stages. Moreover, a sales AI tool can work both ways - add inputs CRM or extract data from it into your Workflow.

Lead qualification

Let AI distinguish between MQLs (Marketing qualified leads) and SQLs (Sales-qualified leads) so your sales and marketing teams can focus on catering to prospects at the right time and the right stage of the sales funnel.

Instruct Copy.ai to evaluate leads based on predefined criteria.

For example, identify prospects who've shown interest in the past three months or highlight budget-conscious leads. You’ll focus on more promising leads and know how best to approach them.

Lead scoring

One of the biggest ways a sales professional wastes time is by pursuing leads who are not ready to purchase.

The AI will analyze data such as engagement, behavior patterns, and intent signals to determine which prospects are most likely to convert into customers. In this way, a sales rep can prioritize high-quality leads with clear buying signals.

We'll explore ways AI can help sales professionals prospect at scale and score more deals with personalized content outreach.

3. Personalized Messaging and Outreach

Crafting a personalized sales pitch, cold email, or call script is critical but time-consuming. Fortunately, with AI, you can build customized sales scripts for the business owner you want to sign on as a new customer and your app or website visitors in one go.

Copy.ai's Workflows make it possible to automate your messaging and outreach efforts with hardly any learning involved.

Head to Workflows and tell the AI what you want to accomplish.

Make sure you upload a CSV with relevant data like the industry, audience profile, and other information to the Tables section.  Or connect your CRM to integrate with a large dataset of prospects.

Run the workflow, and the platform's AI algorithms will create personalized messages for each recipient, carefully considering your input. Let's look at specific ways you can craft personalized information and boost customer interactions:

  • Launch cold emails that sound like they're written by a human, considering the recipient's industry and company goals.
  • Create custom outreach messages for LinkedIn InMail.
  • Generate tailored call scripts for your sales team based on data points of your prospects' social profiles or industries.
  • Contact website visitors with personalized messages in live chat conversations that help you identify high-quality leads.
  • Write email subject lines based on historical data that capture attention and increase open rates.
  • Repurpose sales script into a blog post, training material for sales reps, or posts for social media platforms.

From the subject line of an email to sales proposals, AI can craft content that resonates with every prospect.

Automate routine tasks like following up with hundreds of leads while maintaining a personalized touch.

4. Thorough Deal Analysis

You’ve successfully converted a lead, and the deal is on the table. But how do you analyze whether it fits your business correctly?

Use AI to analyze your deals by uploading the details to Copy.ai. The AI algorithms will analyze data for crucial factors, including deal size, industry, location, etc. It can identify potential red flags or highlight areas that need improvement within the deal.

It can generate data-driven insights from sales conversations to understand sentiments, keywords, and preferences. You can also use the AI tool to highlight important notes from sales calls with your target audience to support closing deals effectively.

Finally, AI will help your sales team track patterns and trends in your deal pipeline, allowing you to adjust your sales strategies accordingly.

Close more deals while protecting your business by scaling this process, too. Copy.ai's Workflows is capable of thorough deal analysis in a flash.

5. Better Sales Forecasting

Studying past trends and data to forecast sales trends and other outcomes is critical in sales prospecting.

Sales professionals relied on manual data entry, subjective projections, and guesswork to learn about future trends. And many struggle to leverage data correctly and process it to get useful information. 

With AI, forecasting becomes more accurate and less time-consuming.

Copy.ai can help analyze your sales data, including past deals, current pipelines, and market trends, to generate forecasts for future revenue. Your team can identify industries or regions with high growth potential. Or which products or services will be in demand based on factors like seasonality and lead buying signals.

To get insights and forecasts, create a simple Workflow by instructing the tool to identify potential sales opportunities by analyzing the given data.

You can upload a CSV with multiple data inputs to Tables or connect your workflows to a sales intelligence tool to extract data automatically. Test the Workflow and ask the AI to consider different parameters like deal size, industry, or buyer sentiments.

Try a few different scenarios until you find actionable insights you can use.

Copy.ai will help your sales reps easily identify areas to increase revenue and conversion rates. It can also highlight factors that contribute to successful deals, helping you replicate those strategies in the future.

Using an AI tool in this way will help you plan your resources effectively to meet your goals. 

Best Practices for Implementing AI in Your Sales Effort

Getting the best out of AI for sales prospecting is possible when you integrate the technology into your existing sales process effectively.

The following best practices will help you and your team get started seamlessly.

Integrate AI Tools into Your Sales Tech Stack

Today, any sales and revenue intelligence platform will likely include AI functionalities - making it easy to start using AI for sales.

So, audit your current subscriptions and learn which tools have AI features available. You don't have to make any changes if they're already integrated into the platform.

Some sales enablement tools will charge more for AI add-ons, and this is the opportunity for you to upgrade them or remove them from your tech stack.

An easy way to add AI to your sales software is to use Copy.ai. You can integrate it with thousands of apps, like Salesforce, Slack, and Hubspot, through Zapier.

Once you connect Copy.ai with other tools, you can use it for any prospecting purpose, like creating personalized outreach content, automated data entry, or sales coaching.

Train AI Models Properly

Most AI sales platforms use LLMs or Large Language Models to process data. LLMs can identify topics, summarize text, and carry out reasoning functions. AI platforms, like Copy.ai, use them to carry out generative and automation tasks for sales. 

But unlike many other platforms, Copy.ai will never use your information to train its AI to create better results or share data with third parties.

If you want interesting outputs, you can switch between AI models on our platform to get different results.

And what if you want to build your own AI application for sales? You'd need to build a large dataset and work with data scientists to create a tool to improve sales productivity.

This can be complicated and expensive; you're better off using an existing AI-powered platform.

Measure the ROI of Your AI Investments

Link your AI implementation to your return on investment (ROI) to understand the key benefits generative AI tools can create for your business.

The following metrics will help you apply AI better: 

  • Assess how much time you save by letting AI handle manual data entry and other tasks. You can use the time saved to strategize sales outreach that drives multifold returns.
  • Evaluate the number of leads successfully converted when you start using personalized, AI-generated messages and workflows. Compare the number to previous metrics - you should see an increase.
  • Keep track of the quality of leads you generate using AI sales tools. With AI-powered tools analyzing data and enabling lead scoring and personalized messaging, there is a higher chance of converting prospects to buyers.
  • Monitor customer feedback to measure the effectiveness of AI tools in improving satisfaction levels. You'll connect your team with the right prospects at the right time and deliver personalized experiences that boost sales engagement.

You'll know you're implementing AI effectively when you see higher conversion rates and better customer experiences. Take it step-by-step to transform your sales efforts!

Create a Competitive Advantage by Transforming Sales Prospecting With AI

Leveraging AI for sales prospecting can be a strategic evolutionary stage for your business.

Work with Copy.ai to transform your sales processes by making AI a part of your everyday sales activities.

We've shared several ways you can use AI for sales prospecting: gather data easily, identify patterns in customer behavior, get a lead score for potential customers, and more. And you can carry out these complicated tasks by giving Copy.ai simple instructions in natural language.

We can help you get the most out of Copy.ai for your sales prospecting.

Ready to learn more? Be sure to join our community to access more detailed guides and like-minded professionals excited about scaling their success with AI.

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