February 27, 2024
February 27, 2024

Generative AI for Sales: Tips, Tools, & Where to Start

Leveraging generative AI for sales lets you and your company take sales to new heights. AI (artificial intelligence) tools don't just crunch numbers and analyze data — they empower sales teams to drive incredible results.

AI’s powerful machine learning capabilities let you create content (including emails, sales scripts, chatbot scripts, social media posts and more), analyze data, automate tasks, and carry out all kinds of other sales tasks.

We’ll be taking a look at a range of key use cases, as well as running through what you need to know to choose the right generative AI tool for your sales team.

17 Ways to us Use Generative AI for Sales

We’re going to take a look at various use cases of AI across multiple areas, including content generation, data analysis, task automation, and more.

All of these tips will ultimately help your GTM strategies this year.

Sales Content Generation

When you think of generative AI, you probably think about content generation, perhaps by using AI prompts. You can use AI to create all kinds of sales materials, including:

1. Personalized emails

Write engaging email copy that uses tried-and-true tactics to win the sale, whether you’re emailing cold prospects or following up after extensive conversations.

Copy.ai has dozens of templates for sales emails to help you here, including a sales intro email template, warm lead email template, and many more.

2. Sales proposal slides

Create both text and images with AI to craft full sales proposals in a fraction of the time, personalized to your prospect. This is a great way to give your proposal the “wow” factor and win over high-level B2B prospects.

3. Sales chatbots

Chatbots can use generative AI to respond in real-time to prospects’ and customers’ questions. This frees up your sales team to come in on the most important conversations, e.g. stepping in when a prospect is almost ready to buy.

4. Sales scripts

Use AI to come up with multiple different sales scripts to suit different scenarios and audiences, empowering your sales team. Instead of working from just a handful of generic scripts that don’t really fit individual use cases, you can instantly generate new scripts that fully match up to what your prospects need.

5. Social posts

Create dozens of social media posts in seconds, increasing customer engagement through a constant stream of new content. You can also craft personalized social media outreach messages for a more direct sales approach.

6. Recommending products

Use generative AI to recommend the perfect product to suit any prospect’s needs, whether that’s through a chatbot, through automated upsells, or in an email.

Again, AI lets your team customize content precisely to individual prospects.

Data Analysis

Generative AI isn’t just for creating content.

These AI tools can extract valuable insights from your sales data, offering real-time feedback to your salespeople, and letting you make confident, data-driven decisions about the best strategies and approaches.

7. Real-time feedback

Give your sales reps specific feedback in real-time, letting them know what’s working and what’s not, for incredible sales coaching at scale.

This lets reps learn and grow faster, taking your sales metrics to a new high.

8. Lead scoring

Instantly figure out which leads to prioritize, based on who’s most likely to convert, boosting your sales team’s productivity by 30% or more.

AI can carry out lead scoring in seconds, freeing up time for your SDRs to carry out other tasks.

9. Customer sentiment analysis

Generative AI tools can collect and analyze data that lets you know how customers feel with lightning-fast analysis of the language they use.

This lets sales professionals quickly know when to push for a sale and when to jump in and resolve a problem (e.g. in a customer conversation with a chatbot).

10. Customer segmentation

Group together different customers based on their key similarities as analyzed by AI, dividing them up so you can easily create targeted sales campaigns that will improve customer experience and boost conversion rates.

11. Sales performance analytics

Sales leaders can leverage AI to get a clear picture of how the sales team as a whole is performing, along with measuring each rep’s performance.

It’s vital to stay on top of these figures and AI lets you do so without having to manually run endless sales reports.

12. Improving sales forecasting

AI can analyze huge amounts of unstructured data (such as sales interactions) to create more accurate sales forecasts, giving sales managers data-based projections to work from.

Task Automation

Generative AI also helps sales teams handle admin tasks, freeing up talented staff to instead focus on closing deals and bringing in new prospects. Just a few admin tasks that AI can handle are:

13. Organizing notes

AI can take notes based on sales calls and can also help organize those notes based on keywords, topics, customer sentiment, or any other factor you want. Cut admin time to a minimum and never miss an important point or reminder again.

14. Auto updating of CRM data

Many AI tools like Copy.ai can integrate seamlessly with your CRM to improve CRM hygiene, add contact enrichment, and more.

No more copying-and-pasting between tools or struggling to sort through outdated information.

15. Follow-up scheduling

Want to get a call booked in with a prospect, without half a day of email ping-pong as you try to find a time that works?

Use AI to handle the scheduling for you. You can even get AI to write a follow-up email to get that call on the calendar as quickly and easily as possible. 

16. Quote and proposal generation

AI can instantly come up with a detailed quote or proposal to fit a client’s precise requirements. For instance, you could use the digital marketing plan template in Copy.ai to come up with a full digital marketing proposal for a new client.

17. Lead generation

Generative AI can support your lead generation through the use of advanced tools like Workflows, as explained here.

Instead of carrying out painstaking research and taking a scattergun approach to outreach, AI tools can quickly extract key information from prospects’ profiles, analyze calls, and create sales enablement documents to address specific pain points. 

How to Choose Generative AI Tools for Sales

Picking the right AI sales tool for your sales team is essential. You want a tool that can support you at every stage of your workflow — without breaking the bank.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

1. Pricing

When it comes to price, don’t just go for the cheapest option.

Look for tools that fit within your financial constraints but that also offer good value for money. Don't compromise quality for cost — you need AI tools that deliver a solid return on investment while being affordable for your business.

Most AI tools will charge based on user seats and will also have a limit on how many words you can produce. With Copy.ai’s Pro plan, you get 5 user seats, can produce unlimited words in Chat, and you get 500 Workflow credits per month. 

2. Integration

Your generative AI tool needs to fit seamlessly with your existing sales tech stack. Look for tools that offer integrations with your customer relationship management (CRM) system, customer data platforms, or any other essential tools you use.

Compatibility is crucial for a smooth workflow and data interchange between different systems.

3. Customization Capabilities

Generative AI tools should adapt to your sales team’s unique needs.

Choose a tool that can provide customization capabilities, allowing you to tailor the generated content to match your brand voice, style, and specific customer segments. The ability to make adjustments and personalize content is key to creating a compelling experience for your customers.

4. Team Collaboration

The strength of your sales team will depend on the strength of your teamwork … and you don’t want your chosen AI tool to undermine that. Look for features that enable multiple team members to work simultaneously, facilitate communication, and streamline coordination.

In Copy.ai, for instance, the Workspaces feature lets you easily share work with other people on your Sales team. 

5. Content Creation

Look for a tool that can handle a wide range of content types: ideally, you want a tool with built-in templates so you can create everything from personalized LinkedIn messages to long-form blog posts, in just seconds.

Even better, you could opt for a tool that has both templates and a Chat feature, so you can opt for using templates or instead use prompts to create any kind of content you can imagine. Copy.ai offers both.

Different generative AI tools have their own unique strengths. Some are great for content creation while others are specifically geared up for the needs of sales teams. Choose a tool that best suits your team’s needs. 

Risks and Challenges of Using Generative AI for Sales

Using generative AI solutions isn’t risk-free … and it can pose some specific challenges for sales teams. Here are 4 risks you need to consider and mitigate.

Data Privacy and Security

When leveraging gen AI tools for sales, you'll be dealing with sensitive customer data. It's vital to choose reputable tools that prioritize data protection and comply with all applicable privacy regulations.

Look for an AI tool that employs robust encryption, adheres to stringent data handling protocols, and offers transparent data usage policies.

For instance, Copy.ai has a full SOC 2 report you can download, and doesn’t share or sell your data in any way (your prompts and information won’t be used as part of a dataset).

Quality and Relevance of Output (AI Hallucinations)

While AI algorithms are continually improving, there may be instances where the content generated by generative AI models isn’t really relevant to your needs or contains inaccuracies (sometimes called “hallucinations”).

Make sure you fine-tune the prompts you’re using to improve relevancy, educating the tool on your brand, products and/or services as much as possible. Copy.ai lets you do this through its Infobase feature.

You also need to make sure that AI content is reviewed and edited by a human, not just used blindly by your sales team.

Over-Reliance on Technology and Losing Personal Touch

Relying too heavily on technology can compromise the personal touch that sets successful sales interactions apart. 

Sales is ultimately about building relationships, understanding customers' needs, and providing personalized experiences.

Make sure AI doesn’t take over completely: give your sales representatives' expertise and relationship-building skills the chance to shine, too.

You can do this in conjunction with AI sales technology by using thoughtful edits to make your content more personalized, improving customer interactions.

Integration with Existing Systems

While some tools seamlessly integrate into your tech stack, others may require time and effort to ensure a smooth transition.

Make sure your chosen tool will work well with your CRM platforms, customer data systems, and other essential tools. Copy.ai, for instance, can be integrated with Salesforce

Be prepared for potential hiccups and make sure you allow enough time to test and troubleshoot: you don’t want to find out, months down the line, that critical prospect data isn’t being saved correctly.

Try Copy.ai

Generative AI will never replace your sales team. Instead, it’s a way to make every member of that team even more powerful and effective.

With its advanced content generation capabilities, Copy.ai empowers you to create compelling sales pitches, persuasive emails, engaging social media messages, and much more.

It also seamlessly integrates with your CRM and other essential tools: no more jumping between platforms or copy-pasting content.

With Copy.ai, you can save time and energy by generating content directly within your existing sales systems, streamlining your sales process, and maximizing productivity.

One of the standout features of Copy.ai is its ability to maintain a consistent voice and brand messaging across all your sales processes. With AI-powered suggestions and the ability to customize content, you can ensure that every touchpoint with your customers reflects your brand's unique tone and style.

Ready to learn more? Be sure to join our community to access more detailed guides and like-minded professionals excited about scaling their success with AI.

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